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Updated on June 1, 2012

What is Nuigurumi?

Nuigurumi literally means 'sew and wrap' in Japanese - but refers to rag dolls and stuffed animals!

 This lens will contain links to things nuigurumi!  Be sure to check out my other lens Making Soft Toys for lots of other links about making dolls and toys!

Nuigurumi Explained

some definitions online!

How to get the books

You can find books on nuigurumi at Amazon Japan - but it is much easier to get them at Kitty Craft or at certain sellers on Ebay because of foreign exchange rates! I'll link those shops below.

The other great resource (although you have to convert here) is Aranzi Aranzo's site (he has wonderful characters!) Which is also linked below!

Other terms to search for would be 'mascot' (tiny felt toys) and 'softie' patterns!

Interesting book

I've seen this book recently and it has really great depth. The patterns are simple, yet different for many different little dogs. It is worth a look!

Nuigurumi Shops - those strange toys out there

Whether they are monster dolls, or just a little strange - you've seen them out there. I'll link to some of the shops that are selling unique and different nuigurumi toys.

Japanese sewing, embroidery and omiyage - omiyage - the art of giving gifts in Japan

Some other great books found on American Amazon. Most of the craft books are on Amazon Japan, but use Ebay for them - unless you read Japanese!


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