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Office clean up turned into beading necklace

Updated on November 4, 2014

Makeing Jewelry by hand is so much more fun and cheaper than buying!

Well, I decided to start cleaning my office..we all know where that leads, bead finds! I found a huge lot of this style of bead, they were so beautiful and the design was just there, popped right into my head! I've made many necklaces using slider beads, with this same technique, but it still fascinates me on on how easy it is and, in my opinion, how beautiful they turn out, with just a couple of sliders and filler beads I have laying around.

Come on, I know I am NOT the only beader with a "few" beads laying So off I went, yep, the office is still a mess, it'll be there next week, as I take time to write this as well as our newsletter for the week..hope we can get all this writing in one day!! But, felt I had to share my new creation. It was unlike me, I went the extra mile to NOT do a pattern, oh that's hard for me, but I think it turned out gorgeous. The pendant is a slider bead found at but this technique is so easy and I just wanted to share how to use it.

On the website we do have many project ideas , feel free look around, get some inspiration!!

So here we are staring our new necklace bead design

Oh'll only take a few minutes total, promise, it's that easy to bead!

First choose a slider bead design that you like and just stand out for a perfect pendant or focal bead. There are many to choose from!!

The criss cross technicque for slider beads

This allows the beads to connect with various hole directions and lay flat

I love to use this technique, no matter which way the holes go, this technique takes out the guess work. Here I am using 2 of the same sliders beads, which are mentioned above, but this can be used literally for any bead, just add a few fillers into your string, elastic, wire, whatever you prefer and and link. I used elastic and thought we'd offer a few places to purchase elastic, but wire and such would work just as well!! I have found that the criss cross technicque works well to keep the beads from flipping and allows them to lay flat when wearing. With this design, due to the size of beads, I used only a few to link together, this tends to keep costs down.

And now for stringing a necklace with slider beads as focal beads

Slider beads are amazing focal let's get stringing!

Again, this was HARD for my Engineer brain, yes, I have an Engineering degree and I bead, go But, I forced myself to NOT do a pattern look, meaning one bead of this and then 2 of that and 1 of this, which is what I always end up doing and I wanted to be more unique this time! So, I just started stringing up from the "stash". I can't resist buying beads, it's a problem I don't care to!

The finishing touch-the clasp!

Fold Over Magnetic Clasps are my personal favorite...but I'm partial

At the end of this simple project I finished it off with a fold over magnetic clasp, these come in a variety of metal tones and designs. For this project, the clasp was a single strand and we used crimps to finish it off. I did the best I could to get a picture of the crimp, they were small!

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