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Acrylic Painting Made Easy

Updated on December 14, 2017
one of my seascapes
one of my seascapes | Source

Don't Give Up!

I grew up in the beautiful mountains of the Pacific Northwest of Oregon. I have always loved painting, and always admired Bob Ross. By a turn of events i ended up moving to Florida, in coincidence just two towns away from not only the birthplace of my artistic hero, but home of his gallery and workshop.It was by far the most moving experience I've had as an artist to be face to face with the masterfully painted pieces of art. I recommend going to whoever has the opportunity. Most the tips I've picked up have been because of Bob Ross. He truly was a great teacher to many. and if this helps someone, i give credit to him.

I find one of the biggest struggles with painting and art in most forms, is after the artist is done they are displeased with what they have made. However as my greatest inspiration Bob Ross always said, "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents". So don't be discouraged by your final product. With practice and time you will be creating masterpieces.

A Pacific Northwest painting I just completed.
A Pacific Northwest painting I just completed. | Source

Don't Quit, Try Something New

I've always tried painting in the past, however I was never happy with my final product. I would always give up, but this is when we need to look deeper into our art. For me it wasn't until I tried to follow along with a Bob Ross program that I figured it out. I watched him make mistakes just like I did, but unlike me he stayed positive. He made it work for him. He also would say how you can use anything to paint, and any technique that works for you.

so my first tip, Don't give up, believe in yourself. Everything in life takes time and practice, art is no different. Start slow find basic items or landscapes to paint. As you gain skill and tricks add things to your work, another tree, a mountain, or even a crashing wave on your ocean paintings.

Also if you can't get the results you want, a new way may be just the trick. Using a fan brush to make evergreens instead of your slanted brush. Not mixing your colors all the way so you have a marble look to produce more shadow and light spots. You can paint whole painting with the same brush, or even no brush at all. If you find something that works for you, do it.

My tips to try

So the few tips i have to offer you are simple, however made a big difference in my paintings.

  • Dont fully mix the paints. Rather allow them to mix on the brush and the canvas. It will give a "Marbled" effect, which does occur in nature more than you think.
  • Use a darker color to silhouette what you want to paint. It really helps what you are painting have more depth. With a use of proper highlights, and shadows it will really make it pop!
  • Highlight and shadow. First off they do not need to be lighter or darker, just different colors. For some of my trees I use a red for my highlight color and a blue for shadows. Doing that over the dark brown silhouette of the tree makes it look allot more realistic.
  • Think about what the farthest thing back your eye will see and start there. One thing to add a realistic look is to be realistic. In nature when you look at a scene there is a layer effect. You see the mountain poking up in front of the horizon, so start with the sky, then mountains/horizon, then slowly move up the painting. Picture that you are walking along your painting.
  • Imagine what your painting. It does help, but I'm not thinking just picture it in your mind, no be the painting, touch it in your mind. Unless you are up close in nature painting at your scene, its the best way I've found. It will also allow you to think about dimensions. Without that it will always look 2D in stead of 3D
  • Try a different brush. Sometimes a different brush can give you a different grip on the problem. I started making evergreen tree with a 3/8 inch angular brush, until i used a fan-brush.
  • Blending on canvas, using a dry brush or even the brush you are using after its out of paint. Using a dry brush or even the one you are currently painting with, you can blend the highlights and shadows, or even just the color change so much smoother than trying to paint the fade between colors. You will be moving and working the colors together. Starting at the boldest point going around the bolder point of color.
  • Finally, just don't give up. you will get it. You have to believe in yourself. I know how can do it. I believe you are capable of great things, all of you.

Your Thoughts

What is your favorite landscape to paint

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Parting Thoughts

The few things i leave you with, that if you take anything away from this, its this. Painting can bring happiness to you when you are in a dark place, or even just want to do something fun to pass the time. Dont make it so its not fun. enjoy it. If you enjoy using your fingers, do that, nobody can tell you that its not the right way or professional. These are just ways i have found to work for me, however do take in to account that everyone is different.

Also just remember everything about all art is its 100% up to the artist, no right or wrong answers. Just keep practicing, keep good thoughts, and keep in your mind, you are amazing and wonderful in many ways, you are capable of whatever you set your mind to. You really can Make grand and astounding things with your own two hands.

© 2017 Albert hagi


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