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The Poetry of Architecture

Updated on October 12, 2014

My Poetic Thoughts on Architecture

I write poems about the world around me including the angular and arced designs of man. Thus, these are poems about architecture.

I invite you to explore the vast world of Architecture through Original Poetry. Enjoy this whole new way to look at architecture and design from ancient to modern.


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with Permission

A Window on Beautiful Architecture - Tuscan and Andalusian Reflections - Beautiful Homes Inspired by Old World Architecture

Please Join Me on a Tour of Architecture Through Poetry

List of Poems on Architecture

  • The Curved Facade
  • Pyramids and Towers
  • This House
  • Little House
  • Haiku on an Atrium
  • On Skyscrapers
  • Take a Compass, Take a Square
  • Taj Mahal
  • On a Mega Interchange
  • Designing a Park

The Curved Facade

The curved facade draws the eyes

To angles that assault the senses

That one can juxtapose such lines

Is one of architecture's recompenses

Classic Architecture or Modern Architecture

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Pyramids and Towers

Pyramids and towers heavy and high

Of massive stones that made men cry

To last for ages, for eternity

As the Rulers desired they would be

Sweat equity means different today

For the slaves of old held no sway

On what they built with calloused hands

In long gone kingdoms of other lands

Learn More About the History of Architecture

This House

This house designed for daily use

For a family or a couple

The plans the architect did produce

Were accommodating and supple

The cellar is beneath the floor

The attic storage is above

The pantry's by the kitchen door

The patio off the far alcove

The bedrooms, two, are in the back

With golden, eastern, morning sun

A fireplace with chimney stack

Keeps warm when winter has begun

An architect is needed to make sure walls are straight

And all the rooms are right-sized at your dream estate

Little House

Inspired by the classic children's book, "The Little House" by Virginia Lee Burton

There was a little house I knew

A perfect, pretty, place; a home

A wrecking ball came close to

Leveling it to vacant loam

The lot was slated for office towers

And the little house was in the way

But those who held the powers

Said the house could stay ...

But only for a tiny while

To lift it up from its foundation

The house would be moved in style

To a more suitable location

Far out in the countryside

A green hill stood alone

It would well this house abide

For years to come, a quiet zone

The Little House

First the Book

Then The Disney Cartoon

Then a true-life similarity

Haiku on an Atrium

Looking straight up

The curved mezzanines

Skirt the airy atrium

On Skyscrapers

Grey steel girders hoisted high

To right the obelisk in the sky

Paneled in squares of heavy glass

Mega-tonnage is this lofty mass

Designed to stand straight, impressive

So quake and wind are not regressive

For elevators to carry up the execs

The builder must follow architect's specs

Aside from strength and such as clearances

Embellishments like gargoyles make appearances

Curlicues etched into the decorative columns

Remove the aspect austere and solemn

Take a Compass, Take a Square

Take a compass, take a square

Draw a line from here to there

A workable design is our objective

Remember not to lose perspective

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, India
Taj Mahal, India

I like the design of the Taj Mahal

Although I've never been there

The Palace of Versailles enthralls

As other Chateaux everywhere

Should you be blessed with lots of time

Take some of it to tour around

Walk up the hills with steady climb

And marvel at the structures found

On a Mega Interchange

Amazing feat, ten road decks high

Arching in gradual curves

The Interstate interchange in the sky

One drives with steely nerves

It's OK to Return to the Drawing Board

Designing a Park

The beautiful parks of notoriety

Were laid out with a master plan

To benefit the poor and high society

With loving strokes of pen began

The arcing paths and flower beds

The lawns for games and lazing

Lakes and fountains with serpent heads

Or an observatory for star gazing

The planting of a thousand trees

Of shrubs and bushes of the clime

A golf course with requisite tees

And lighting for lessening crime

On these details and decorations

An architect would truly heed

To design a park for generations

Is a feat of engineering indeed

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Thank You for Visiting - I hope this lens is edifying

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