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One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects To Knit

Updated on November 29, 2012

My Review

"Do you need a reason to buy just one of two skeins of a new, irresistible yarn?" When ever I travel, I love to pick up a new skein of yarn that is local to the area. The problem? When you buy yarn without a project in mind, it sometimes ends up sitting in your stash for a long time. I have reviewed a number of "one skein" books since I started blogging about knitting. So many projects require multiple skeins of yarn, and it is refreshing to see patterns that only require 1 or 2.

This is not a book for you if you don't know how to knit. It is standard in many books to give some basic knitting instruction, but frequently they fall too short to actually help someone. (I'm not complaining here, just trying to give a good description) This book contains instructions for some more specialized techniques, which are things that you could pick up if you already know hot to knit (Icords, felting, etc). This is a book you should pick up purely for the patterns, as it is not a reference text.

The patterns are separated into four main sections: Put it on, Dress up Baby, Take it with you, and Make Your House a Home.

Ultimately, it is hard to articulate how I feel about this book. A lot of the patterns are simple, and don't have details or whimsy to inspire you or make you rush to pick up your knitting needles. After a lot of fluctuating between feeling intrigued and bored by the patterns, I realized that I liked some of the design elements IN the patterns, just maybe not the patterns themselves. This book would serve well to inspire you on a category you would like to knit, so for that it is worth flipping through.

One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects To Knit

My thoughts on the patterns are mixed. I fluctuate between intrigued and bored by the patterns.

The Patterns

What can you make from this book?

  • Put It On: Fingerless Gloves, Top-Down Earflap Hat, Linen Cap, Felted Cuff, Rosette Stitch Cowl, Horizontal Rib Scarf, Circle and Stripe Scarf and Cravat, Jewelry Trio

  • Dress Up Baby: Baby's Britches, Nash's Garter-Stitch Baby Sweater, Sadie's Capelet, Drawstring Hemp Shorts, Karen's Mohair Kimono, Baby Legwarmers.

  • Take It With You: Mini Gift Bags, Summer Satchel, Wickerwork Accessory Bag, Felted Bag, Silk Gelato Clutch, Connected Squares Felted Handbag

  • Make Your House a Home: Bastille's Ball (cat ball), Hot Water Bottle Cover, Heated Lavender Pillow, Pencil Sketch Washcloths and Mitt, Albers Stash Blanket, Basic Pillows, Pleated Vase Sleeve, Petite Vessels (small felted bowls), Mikus Linen Placemats, Serving Tray.

The best line ever:

Do you need a reason to buy just one of two skeins of a new, irresistible yarn?

What do you think about this book?

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One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit
One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit

âTwo needles and one (or one more) skein of yarnâthe possibilities never cease to amaze me,â writes Leigh Radford in the introduction to her new book. Radfordâs fascination with the creative potential of these raw materials is evident throughout One More Skein, where she melds the alternative approach to knitting and felting she introduced in AlterKnits and AlterKnits Felt with the magic she worked with a single skein of yarn in the bestselling One Skein. One More Skein features 30 diverse projects that can be completed with one or two average-sized skeins of yarn or multiple bits of leftover yarn. Projects include an earflap hat sized for the whole family; fingerless mitts; sweaters, britches, and capelets for baby; hemp jewelry embellished with jump ring âbeadsâ; a felted, pleated sleeve to dress up a vase; and a multicolored blanket worked from assorted stash yarn. All of them are quick and relatively easy to make, without sacrificing beauty or ingenuity.

AlterKnits Felt: Imaginative Projects for Knitting & Felting
AlterKnits Felt: Imaginative Projects for Knitting & Felting

Thereâs something magical about felting knits: You start with a piece of fabric that looks and feels a certain way and, by exposing it to water and agitation, finish with one that looks and feels completely different. This fascinating transformation is what led author Leigh Radford to begin felting years ago, and has kept her intrigued by the process ever since. Now, in AlterKnits Felt, Radford pushes the boundaries of traditional felting, as she did with traditional knitting in her earlier book, AlterKnits. Through 30 colorful, vibrant projects, she shows readers how to knit and then felt their own handiwork, as well as how to create gorgeous felted objects from recycled knits and unspun fiber. An introductory chapter on felting basics explains everything you need to know to make the fabulous clothes, accessories, and home decor that follow.  The projects range from a quick and easy circle coin purse, to a shibori bag, to a reverse-appliqué rug, each unusual in its own way, distinguished by a special surface texture, an innovative mix of techniques, or a quirky combination of yarns. AlterKnits Felt provides every crafter with the tools to exploreÂand expandÂthe art of felting.

One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit or Crochet
One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit or Crochet

These knitted and crocheted fashion accessories and decorative accents for the home vary in their required levels of skill, but all can be completed quickly and require only one skein of yarn. The stitch patterns and clear instructions make it easy for even procrastinators and the less-than-diligent to create a ruffled cravat, a drawstring bag, a tank top, cozy scarves, arm and leg warmers, lace wristlets, fingerless gloves, a mohair pillow, and even a sweater for a baby. Several projects do not require any new yarn at allâinstead projects such as the Felted Striped Tote or the Labyrinth Circle Rug are designed using up a skein's worth of leftovers from other projects. A guide to terms and techniques, a resource directory, and a bibliography are also included.


Do you have any good one skein project ideas? - Comments, suggestion and misc. feedback.

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    • NausetViews profile image

      Kristen 6 years ago from Boston

      I love to pick-up yarn when I travel as well. It's a great way to remember a trip or special location. I agree that this book is a great way to get some ideas for using your yarn. Was there a particular pattern or design in the book that you liked?