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Online Snowman Coloring Page Printables

Updated on August 1, 2015

Snowman Printables

There are a lot of snowman printable coloring pages on the Internet which come in a variety of designs and ancillary subject matter.

Some are made to cut out and build your own snowman, while others are built to fill in a blank snowman figure. We have one of those in this article to download, print out, and use.

Most of the snowman printables are designed as coloring pages though, and that's mostly what we'll look at here. While there are those that are blank snowman to fill in and create your own design, even there you will have elements in the illustration which will be for coloring in besides the snowman included.

Since children are the most interested in printables, most of these snowman coloring pages include children in the picture. That helps children to project themselves into the drawing to feel even more part of it.

Snowmen are a big part of our childhood during the cold winter months, as we all can remember how we couldn't wait for the right type of snow to come so we could begin our own giant snow friend. We can all recall how we would think of things we could add to our snowman to make him more realistic.

How many times did we attempt to persuade our parents to allow us to use a hat or jacket we were sure was a must for our snowman. After all, we didn't want any of our neighbor competition to have a better snowman than we did.

So while our own children or grandchildren wait for that right snow moment, providing them with snowman printable coloring pages is a good wait to help assuage those desires until they can get out and build their snowman.

Snowman, Children and Dog Coloring Page

This first snowman printable is one that could be used for beginning and intermediate little artists. There are parts that are large and easy to color so little children could do those without needing to color in the harder parts such as the scarves and parts of the hats.

On the other hand, more advanced children would enjoy those more challenging parts of the illustration, making it not too easy to do for them.

For a coloring page of a snowman, this is actually a pretty well done illustration, with a lot of detail and wonderful, smiling faces on all the characters to generate a happy feeling.

Besides the more detailed hats and scarves, there is also that nice looking broom which is sure to become a fixture on the snowman when the children leave him. The holly on the hat of the snowman also looks great.

My favorite part of all of this picture is those small buttons used for eyes and a button. The illustrator took care to be sure that is what was being used for that part of his creation. Most children would be sure to enjoy looking at and coloring in this nice snowman printable.

snowman printable
snowman printable | Source

Snowman Fill In Printable

Printables like this snowman that was made to be filled in by the person coloring in the overall pictures serve a dual purpose. The child can create their own snowman with the preferred look the desire, and from there they can color in the rest of the coloring page.

That's helpful because anything that can engage a child more helps them a little more in their development, as well as their interest in performing the activity. Anything that helps expand the attention span of a child is good for their development.


Snowman Being Built by Little Boy

This freckle-faced little boy is sure having a good time putting the finishing touches on this friendly snowman. He saved the biggest snow button for last, which from the smile on the face of the snowman, he heartily approves of.

Most children could color this in and still enjoy it. There are enough places to use some different colors to make it look nice, such as the hat of the snowman, the ribbon on the hat, the scarves of the boy and snowman, and the tree branch in the hand of the snowman, among other things. That's important when such a big area of the snowman is colored all white.


Coloring Page of Snowman Built by Elmo

Children who know who Elmo is should get an extra boost out this coloring page of Elmo about to finish off his snowman creation by planting the carrot into the face to complete it with the traditional object used to make the nose of a snowman.

It's pretty funny to see the snowman without a nose, which a lot of younger children will be sure to ask about. Fortunately the answer to that minor riddle isn't too difficult to find.

Including Elmo is a nice touch so when children grow tired of seeing other children to color, they can have something different to fill in with their crayons or colored pencils.


Two Boys Building Snowman

I don't know if you noticed, but this is a snowman design and illustration style from some time ago. You can see the design of the snowman, his hat and clothes, along with the look on the face of the boy looking at us. Also confirming that is the hat styles worn by the two boys.

All of this could generate a little more interest than usual from an observant child, whom may ask some questions concerning why they look a little different.

Whether they do or not, this is a good snowman printable in general, and for some children that may fight for equal attention it can be used to say they are both in the picture; assuming there are two children involved.

Also nice is the old-time wooden sled the boy with his back to us is sitting on. You can of course still buy those sled styles, but there was a time when that was the only sled you could buy.

snowman coloring pages
snowman coloring pages | Source

Snowman Coloring Pages and Printables

Snowman seem to never go out of favor with children, and printable coloring pages are terrific ways to keep the children in your life engaged until the opportunity comes to build a real one outside.

Choosing printable snowman illustrations like those in this article with children in them is a good way to get children even more engaged, as they imagine themselves to be those that are building the snowman as they color in the picture.

Whenever children are a little bored, you may just want to try to get them interested in some snowman coloring pages to get them perked up and excited about the time when building one becomes a reality. It definitely will attract their attention and interest.


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