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Oodles of Droodles

Updated on January 10, 2013

Welcome to Oodles of Droodles!

Who says art isn't amusing? Just take a peek at all those daffy drawings by Roger Price who also came up with a nice named for them, "Droodles".

What is a droodle? Well according to its creator, "A Droodle is a borkley looking sort of drawing that doesn't make any sense until you know the correct title."

And, for those have two left feet, sing off-key, and are all thumbs, why not take up droodling and make new friends. What do you mean you don't do fun?*! Dare to Enter the delightful Den of Droodledom!


Image Credit: Front cover of "Oodles of Droodles" by Roger Price

Who is Roger Price? - The genius behind all those delightful doodles

"Price used his droll wit on radio and television in the 1940s and 1950s. The simple line drawings he called 'Droodles,' first published in the early 1950s, became the basis for a quiz show in 1954. He was master of ceremonies, and panelists included Marc Connelly, Carl Reiner and Denise Lor, who would try to guess what the strange sketches or 'doodles' represented. Home viewers also submitted their own odd renderings that were worth $100 if they stumped the panel."


Source: Excerpt from the obituary of Roger Price who died on Halloween, (October 31, 1990), in Los Angeles of respiratory failure.

Never in the history of illustrated art has so much been owed to so little.

What the heck does that doodle mean? - Parallel Lines That Finally Meet

"A map is like a Droodle - learning to find the hidden meaning in a map."

Quote from "Putting Interpretation on the Map: An Interpretive Approach to Geography" by Heidi Bailey.

C'mon I Dare You To Draw A Droodle

It's a whole lot easier than connecting the dots, crossing the t's and dotting the i's!

Drawing For the Doomed

Title of the Droodle by Roger Price: Man in Tuxedo Who Stood Too Close The The Front Of An Elevator (and you probably don't want to know what the final droodle looked like do you).

I spy with my little eye (and with the help of my handy dandy theodolite), a polka dot tie! - No silly, it's looking at a giraffe through a second floor window!

No It's Not a Blockhead, a One-Armed Bandit, Or a Paper Clip Caught in a Book.

Man Playing Trombone in Phone Booth

If you identified this one, it shows you are artistic.

The alternate title to this Droodle is found by turning the drawing upside down. It then becomes:

Midget Playing Trombone in Phone Booth

If you turn the picture on its side, counterclowise, it is subject to a third interpretation:

Deceased Trombone Player

Not only is this an extremely clever Droodle but it affords you a certain amount of exercise which you probably need.


Source: Droodles, Roger Price, Price/Stern/Sloan Humor Classic, Los Angeles, California, 1987, p. 4.

Not Another Darn Doodle?

What the heck is that?

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"If you got any of the titles correct give yourself 20 points. If you understand any of the titles after seeing the correct answer give yourself 10 points. If you think any of them make sense give yourself 5 points. If your total score is 2 or over you are ready to start making your own Droodles."

-- Roger Price --

Dig These Droodles!

THE HO HO HO HOLIDAY POLL - I dare you to guess!

Okay, so what's this droodle all about?

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Giggles, Gaffes & Guffaws - For those who can't draw worth a hoot.

Tell me the truth my dear, have you ever been bored twiddling your fingers?

Have you ever gone bonkers gazing at your navel?

Did you ever take a walk on the wild side, satisfy your creative urge, or dared to draw a Droodle?

Feedback from Fun-Loving Folks

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    • Markstuffnmore profile image

      Markstuffnmore 5 years ago

      I used to doddle all the time, maybe that's why I didn't do well in school!

    • efcruzarts profile image

      efcruzarts 6 years ago

      good place for oodles exhibit

    • profile image

      poutine 6 years ago

      No, I've never taken a walk on the wild side, but I certainly have done a lot of droodles.