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Origami Forms

Updated on April 20, 2016

Beautiful Origami Forms

There are many different projects you can create when folding origami, including amazing origami forms. Some of these forms are just beautiful to look at, and some are actually toys you can play with.

Other shapes like stars or flowers are popular. The ideas are endless. Here you can take a look at some origami form creations that may inspire you.

I've actually used origami forms to make Christmas decorations. Very fun.

5 Point Star
5 Point Star

5 Point Star

By Tomoko Fuse

Well, in the tradition of loving everything that Tomoko creates, I worked on this star. It takes 10 pcs of paper and you really have to hold your face right to get it all in place but it's well worth it. This comes from her book 'Home Decorating with Origami'.

Hexagonal Star A

In addition to unit origami are other beautiful forms. From stars to pinwheels, all sorts of shapes can be created. Foothills Origami Guild (the group I'm a member of here in Calgary) decorated an entire tree for a Christmas charity. It was filled with 5 different models duplicated many times.


This is a beautiful toy that you can manipulate to create a kalidescope-like action.

Frisbee or Frame?

This is a very simple form to fold, but I cannot find the instructions, or who designed it. I will research further until I find it. Then perhaps I can do some nice ones in great colors. This one I did with photocopier paper, and it's quite solid.

Magic Star/Frisbee - by Bob Neale

This one could be considered a toy. It changes from the star or pinwheel shape and opens into a circular frisbee type model. Easy to fold.

Somekinda Star

Unfortunately I don't know who designed this star, but will look further to find it. I used a combination of some map paper and origami paper. It's great to use different papers. In this model I was able to incorporate some maps in the fold.

Ten-Point Star - by David Collier

This unit can be found in the book The Encyclopedia of Origami by Nick Robinson.

Please leave me a comment, I like to hear if I'm doing a good job on this site or not, or if there are things that I can do to improve my information.

I Appreciate Your Comments

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    • karenbiko profile image

      karenbiko 7 years ago

      @anonymous: I'm not really sure who the original designer is, but I will take a look through my books and look for the directions. It's such an easy one, and very solid. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Your site has beautiful models and helpful information and links.

      Can you tell me the creator or source of the multi-colored ring at the top of your "origami forms" page?