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Origami Ninja Patterns

Updated on July 28, 2017
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Marie (aka CraftyMarie) has written hundreds of craft pages across the Internet. She writes many fun tutorials mostly for adult crafters.

Origami Paper Folding Instructions for You to Master!

Searching for some cool Origami Ninja tutorials, diagrams and instructions? Here's a brilliant resource page which features masked characters you can fold from paper, stars or Origami Shuriken and all kinds of weaponry that can be folded and made from sheets of paper and just a little bit of skill!

Become a Ninja master by creating some of these amazing origami designs. Fans of Naruto, Ninjago, Supah Ninjas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more should enjoy folding these superb projects.

Shuriken ninja star paper folded origami designs
Shuriken ninja star paper folded origami designs | Source

Origami Foils Look Great for these Projects

For projects that you have folded before and you really like, try using origami foil sheets for a really different and unique look. Foil papers can be tricky to fold with and show up mistakes more - so you really need to practice the patterns first. For projects that need more than 1 sheet of paper, try mixing a shiny foil with matte paper to achieve a unique look.

An Idea of the Projects You Should Aim to Make

Weaponry is quite diverse because these skilled warriors can use a wide range of weapons including swords such as the katana or ninjato, throwing implements, blow darts, smoke bombs and spikes. But the most important weapon that this person actually has is intelligence. There's no such thing as a dumb Ninja!

I've included lots of cool items including paper folded knives, swords, spears and arrows that you can fold to master your origami techniques. Hope you have lots of fun. You can also find the stars and other items to make below too.

About Throwing Stars

Ninja Stars are also known as Throwing Stars or Shuriken which is a Japanese word that literally means sword hidden in the hand.

Stars look good in all kinds of colors and patterns for which 6 inch size colored origami sheets are ideal.

Shuriken are not always star-shaped weapons although a lot of them do take on a star shape which gives them great abilities for throwing. You can get these Stars with different numbers of points.

If you make these stars from paper, you still need to be careful if you're intending to throw them as even paper can be sharp enough to cut. Aim towards a target like a tin can or bottle - not a real person!

The Stars are real fun to make and I've included the best versions here for you to impress your friends with. They work best in strongly contrasting colors of origami paper.

Dark Assassins Laid Bare

So you fancy folding the stealthy assassin that is this character from paper and creating your very own Japanese warrior?

Ninjas in popular movies, books and TV are often portrayed as being clothed head to toe in black with just their eyes showing behind a mask. That's not actually how it was in history because real ones would camouflage themselves to blend in with whatever surroundings there were so they stood less chance of being seen. It's no good wearing black in the middle of a desert or in snow where you'll be spotted a mile off!

However, when making your paper versions, other people are more likely to recognize what you've made if you use the traditional colors and shades of red and black.

© 2012 Marie

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    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      @laurenrich: And thank you for your visit to my Origami Ninja page, Laurenrich :)

    • profile image

      laurenrich 5 years ago

      This is a craft which is new to me, but I enjoyed it. It is beautiful. Thanks