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Paint Chip Crafts

Updated on September 30, 2014

Crafting with Paint Chips

When life gives you paint chips, make paint chip crafts.

Have you ever come home from the hardware store with a slew of paint chips thinking you were going to paint the living room? And maybe, if you get ambitious, you actually choose a color from all of those little swatches and paint that living room!

If so, hooray for you! Now, instead of throwing away the paint chips, make paint chip crafts!

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

Make Bookmarks with Paint Chips

Make Bookmarks with Paint Chips
Make Bookmarks with Paint Chips

Make Paint Chip Bookmarks

One simple paint chip craft is to make bookmarks.

Let kids decorate the front (the colored side)

with stickers or stamp the paint chip and

add a pithy phrase like this one:

"This is where I fell asleep."

Include one in books you lend

or books you give as gifts.

Ideas for Crafting with Paint Chips - Paper Crafts Made Fun!

Craft punches transform paint chips.
Craft punches transform paint chips.

You Chose the Paint Chips

So Use Them

Paint chips are beautiful, especially the ones you take home with you. Otherwise, you wouldn't have chosen them, right?

So, take advantage of that sturdy paper and beautiful colors and get crafting. Here are just a few examples of how to use your paint chips:

- make bookmarks

- make a colorful banner -- sew or glue triangle shapes to string or yarn

- make thank you cards or notes

I made the circles with ribbons by punching paint chips with two craft punches: a round one and a ribbon shaped punch. Then I glued the ribbon shape to the circle shape. These can be used as confetti on a table, as tiny gift tags, or in scrapbooking, to name just a few ideas.

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

It's usually okay to take a few paint chips

(5 or 10) from the hardware store.

If you want more, ask first.

The paint guy or gal will probably say "Sure!"

But it's still nice to ask.

Craft Punches Come In All Sorts of Fun Shapes

Craft Punches Come In All Sorts of Fun Shapes
Craft Punches Come In All Sorts of Fun Shapes

Craft Punches - for Paint Chip Crafts

The paper that paint chips come on is nice and sturdy. Use a craft punch to make embellishments for cards, invitations, scrap booking, and more with the colorful heavy duty paper!

Paper Crafts -- Books Full of Ideas - Save Paint Chips for Crafting

Paint Chip Craft Ideas

Paint chips explained: sizes, brands, textures, dimension, and techniques for crafting with them.

Make Greeting Cards with Paint Chips

Make greeting cards with

the larger sized paint chips.

When stamping the colored side of paint chips,

be sure to let the ink dry or it might smear.

Make Thank You Notes

Make Thank You Notes
Make Thank You Notes

Give the paint chips to the kids to punch shapes

with a hole punch.

Then they can glue the shapes onto

construction paper to create a masterpiece.

Paint Chip Crafts

Paint Chip Crafts
Paint Chip Crafts

Rubber Stamps and Ink Pads - for Paint Chip Crafts

One of the easiest ways to craft with paint chips is to stamp them. Stock up on rubber stamps for holidays to make:

- your own gift tags for Christmas

- Jack 'O Lantern faces

- place cards for Thanksgiving dinner!

Affiliate Disclosure

This author, Peggy Hazelwood, participates in Amazon, eBay, All Posters, and other affiliate advertising programs. When you click an advertising link on this page and make a purchase, I receive a small percent of the sale. Thank you for reading this far!

Do you sometimes bring home paint chips? - Will you try some of these paint chip crafts?

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    • Pam Irie profile image

      Pam Irie 

      6 years ago from Land of Aloha

      Yep. Sometimes its really hard to decide which paint to use on what wall, so having these paint chips is super helpful. :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love paint chips! I have a whole collection in a drawer. Cool ideas!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      6 years ago from Central Florida

      I picked some up recently to make bookmarks. There are a lot of fun ideas for paint chips floating around Pinterest. Great and timely topic.

    • puppyprints profile image


      6 years ago

      you are very creative! very nice


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