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Paintable Ceramic Gnomes

Updated on March 21, 2012

Paint Your Own Ceramic Garden Gnomes

My name is Mama Gertie and I'm a traditional style garden gnome. I love to spend my time with Papa Bertie and my son Lil Bertie. I carry Lil Bertie in one hand and a broom stick in the other hand. I stand 16" tall and 9 1/2"wide and I weigh around 2.5 pounds. I'm here for your own creativity and I'm ready to be painted. Be your own creative artist as I'm a great activity for individuals, groups or parties. I'm suitable for children, adults and seniors of all ages who dare to bring me to life. Inexpensive indoor and outdoor water-base acrylic paints are readily available at all craft stores.

Garden Gnome Nod Looking For an Artist
Garden Gnome Nod Looking For an Artist

Garden Gnome Ceramic Art

Get your Paint Brush and Bring Us to Life.

The gnome has been a garden favorite for many years and continues to bring joy and laughter in many hearts year after year. The garden gnome comes in array of colors, positions, and sizes. Maybe you even have garden or yard gnome in your landscape setting. Gnomes are made as statues, sculptures, ornaments and decorations. Have you ever thought about creating and painting your own special gnome? The easiest way to bring some excitement from the gnome craze is garden gnome ceramic art. This is where you can create and paint using acrylic stain paints on ceramic bisque sculptures, figurines or statues. What makes this such a fun activity is you can put your own spin on the legend of the gnome. Whether you want your gnome to wear a red, blue, or green hat and maybe a brown, blue or green coat your in total control of your own color scheme. Whatever your gnome fancy is it's a pretty good chance that you will find a gnome that's sleeping, carrying a lantern, hiking stick, rock pick, watering can, shovel or pushing a wheelbarrow or even sitting on a wooden throne. This ceramic craft is enjoyed by people of all ages and is a super group activity. One recommendation is stain paints tend to fade from the sun so a shady place in the landscape is perfect. The best news is that once in a while a touch up of paint is all that is needed to keep your gnome colors vibrant. It's time to paint and have some good garden fun.

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Unique garden gnome art, statues, ornaments, sculptures, figurines and decorations for painting.

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Ceramic Garden Gnome Crafts - Looking for artist of all ages.

Blinkin Garden Gnome Needs an Artist
Blinkin Garden Gnome Needs an Artist

Garden ornaments, decorations, sculptures and statues are an excellent way in bringing your yard and gardens to life. Garden gnomes have been bringing laughs and enjoyment to gardens for many years and happen to rank number one in our garden. What about doing your own ceramic garden gnome craft with adding your own personal gnome colors for your enjoyment pleasures.

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Create Your Own Unique Garden Gnome! - Looking For Artist of all Ages

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