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Painted Polka Dot Jar Craft

Updated on September 27, 2014

Painted Jar Craft - Polka Dots

Here is a fun, easy and colorful mason jar craft project that will add a fresh decorating look. Gather your recycled jars and with a quick spray of paint and some round stickers you can change your jars into a colorful polka dotted decoration. Have fun filling your polka dot jars with flowers, pencils, utensils and more! Make some jars for your next event or give them away as gifts.

Supply List

This easy project only requires a few materials.

  • Clean jars - Any size or shape
  • Round Stickers - Any size
  • Spray Paint - This project requires two different colors.
  • Newspaper to set your jar on for spray painting
  • Optional - Acrylic Paint and an artist paint brush

clean jar
clean jar

Start your project with a clean jar

For this project I purchased some generic canning jars. You can purchase canning or Mason jars or have fun recycling jars from items you have around the pantry. If you are recycling a jar make sure to remove all the glue from the labels. If your labels are sticking to the jar, try spraying some WD40 on the label to help remove it from the jar. Make sure that your jars are thoroughly cleaned so you will get good adhesion from the paint.

Color Tip

When painting it is usually the rule of thumb to apply light colors first and then you cover with a darker color. You might want to test your color combinations on some test paper before applying your paint to your jars.

painted jar
painted jar

Paint Your Jar - Base Color

For this project I wanted yellow polka dots so I first spray painted the jar yellow. I placed the jar upside down on a piece of newspaper as pictured in this photo. I then applied the first base color to the jar. After the jar was dry, I turned the jar right side up and spray painted a second coat of yellow paint.

Add some fun color to your jars!

For this project I used spray paint. This project could also be done with acrylic paints. You can try using the stickers for the polka dots OR dip the stick end of an artist paint brush into some paint and dot your jar with the stick end to make your polka dots on your jar.

paint a mason jar with polk dots
paint a mason jar with polk dots

Add Your Polka Dots

Now that your base color is thoroughly dry you will add stickers to your jar to create a stencil effect. You could also use vinyl cutouts in place of stickers. For this project I used round stickers but you can use any shape sticker or vinyl cutout.

Have fun placing the stickers to create your own unique designs. Make sure stickers are firmly in place so that the paint wont seep underneath your sticker.

Remember this is a hand made project and if you do have a little paint leak underneath the sticker it will add to the uniqueness of the design. You can also try spray painting a little touch up paint onto a paper plate and use an artist paint brush dipped into the paint to touch up any blemishes.

Tip About Putting On Your Stickers Or Vinyl

Make sure that your stickers or vinyl is firmly attached to the jar. Do not remove the stickers or vinyl until the paint is firmly dry.

Paint your top color

Now that you have your stickers or vinyl cutouts firmly applied you can spray paint your top coat of color. Use the same techniques that you used when applying your under color. For my second color I placed the jar upside down on some newspaper and then spray painted it. After the jar was dry I turned the jar right side up and spray painted a second coat of blue paint as shown in the photo.

Let your jar thoroughly dry before your remove your stickers or vinyl stencils.

polka dot jar
polka dot jar

Finished Polka Dot Jar

Now that my jar has completely dried I have removed the stickers from the jar. I added some water to the jar and then added sweet peas from my garden to make a fun and festive table display.

Have fun creating your own jars and filling them with flowers, pencils, pens and more.

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    • Art Inspired profile imageAUTHOR

      Art Inspired 

      5 years ago

      @tfsherman lm: Thanks for sharing your great ideas and tips. Make it a great day!

    • tfsherman lm profile image

      tfsherman lm 

      5 years ago

      Oh, these are very pretty. They would make very cute topiary bases with branches stuck in them. Oh, and here's a hint for Brandi below: when removing stickers, use a hair dryer to soften the paint so the dots come away more easily.

    • Art Inspired profile imageAUTHOR

      Art Inspired 

      5 years ago

      @anonymous: To do touch up work spray a small amount of the paint onto a disposable plastic lid, or the plastic top of the spray paint can or paper plate. Use a small artist style paint brush dipped into the paint to touch up the areas that need it. Sometimes you can do touch up work with just the end of the paint brush or a pencil and just dot on a bit of paint and work it around with your finger, brush or the pencil. When removing stickers peel back slowly. If you feel that the paint is going to tear away from the sticker, you might want to use an exacto knife to cut around the sticker where the paint is sticking.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I tried this tonight and when I removed the stickers some of the spray paint came completely off the jar. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great idea for all my saved jars. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very cute idea. I like to find ways to recycle food jars.


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