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Panel Skirt Free Sewing Pattern

Updated on May 19, 2014

Sewing Direction For Panelled Skirts

Panel skirt is one of the most gorgeous skirts that any woman can wear. As a dressmaker or you can get a fabric and give them to a dressmaker to sew a panel skirt for you.

It depends on how many panels you would like your skirt to have. You can have from four panel skirt to 12 or 16 panel skirt or more. Some dressmakers call this gored skirt, although there is no much difference in the sewing techniques between the two.

The materials that you can use to sew a skirt with panel sections are many. You can use leather or suede fabric to bring out a better effect.

You can tell the dressmaker to finish the panel seams by using any kind of decorative stitching. Remember that you will need a sewing pattern that you can use to follow the cutting and sewing instructions.

You will need two colors of thread, one contrasting thread and the other matching thread.You will also need interfacing, preferably lightweight. Zips and other fasteners such as hooks and eye and other sewing materials.

How To Cut Out Panel Skirts

You should follow the sewing pattern for the panel skirt instructions and cut out your required size, making sure that you check if the pattern has a seam allowance or not. Mark all the dots and notches as you cut out the pattern paper.

You should make sure that you place the pattern on the fabric and pin. After cutting the pieces of fabric, transfer all the pattern markings on the fabric. Depending in how many panels you want on the skirt, you should cut the required number of skirt panels. Remember to cut out the waistbands and the interfacing for the waistband. You can lengthen or shorten the skirt depending on how you want the skirt to look on you.

Making Up The Panel Skirt

Many people prefer decorative stitches on the panel seams. Where decorative stitching is not available, you can use top stitching to create a decorative effect on the panel skirt.

  • You should snip through the left side of the skirt on the seam allowance from the dot
  • Tack the zip's right side to the left side of back skirt on the wrong side. Make sure that the zip teeth center and the side seam line lies together in line. From the fold, machine stitch using straight stitch.
  • You can attach a strip of fabric to the seams to form facings and then using contrasting thread for decorative stitching.
  • The sewing pattern will show you how many inches of centimeters you will have to use on each area. The left side of the front panel should be placed over the left side of the back skirt panel. Tack to the facing the remaining side of the zip in place. Use straight stitch to stitch the zip.
  • Attach by tacking the left side of the front over the left side of the back skirt of the side seam allowance that was remaining. Make sure it overlaps by the required cm, check your sewing pattern for the inches you will prefer. match the notches as you use the decorative stitching on the right side working from the edges.
  • tack and stitch decorative stitching as you overlap the seams of the right side of the front skirt and the right side of the back skirt. Do the same to the other remaining sides of the skirt, making sure that you match all the notches.

Attaching Interfacing To The Panel Skirt

On the wrong side of one of the waistband, tack the interfacing to it. as you place the wrong sides together, begin to stitch the ends. Trim the seams and clip into the corner edges as you turn to the right side.

Match the right sides of the center back and center front, stitch to the skirt, the edge of the waistband that you interfaced. Tack and stitch the waistband facing into place. You can turn the hem of the skirt under to the wrong side and tack.

Attaching Fasteners To The Panel Skirt

You should get two hooks and two bars fasteners. On the wrong side of the skirt, stitch the two hooks and on the right side of the back side of the waistband, stitch the two bars, make sure they match the hooks.

How To Sew Panel Skirt Video


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      That will be a great idea to customize your old blue jeans into panel skirt. Thanks for the comment.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for this look at making panel skirts. The video shows an easy way to make those paneled denim skirts. You've made me want to go repurpose some bluejeans! :)