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Paper Flower Tutorials - How to Make Beautiful Paper Flowers

Updated on May 16, 2017

Paper Flowers Are Fun to Craft!


I've always loved floral crafts. Recently I fell in love with making paper flowers. They are fun, easy, and quick, and the result is always awesome! Moreover, paper flowers are inexpensive to make. You can easily make them with any cheap paper like crepe paper (paper with wrinkles in it), chart paper, tissue paper (for delicate flowers), or just newspaper! Yes, I've seen many paper flowers made of good ole newspaper but still they look awesome with a unique vintage touch.

Here is my compilation of ALL great tutorials for making paper flowers. You'll see how easy they are to make and look extremely pretty (none less than flowers made of other materials). I love to craft a new flower each day, and I hope you'll love crafting them too.

Wall Flowers

Make these simple flowers to decorate any flower in your house. Even kids can make these!

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Japanese Flowers - For an Asian Feel!

This amazing tutorial teaches how you can make these easy, fun Japanese flowers with origami techniques of folding.

Check it out HERE.

Coffee-Filter Roses

These pretty roses are made with coffee filters but can be easily made with crepe paper.

Check out the step-by-step tutorial HERE.

Bright Roses

Make these fun, easy roses to brighten up any room. I personally love these and am sure that you'll find them easy to make.

Check out the tutorial HERE.

White Flowers

These creative paper flowers make use of coffee filters and sewing pattern paper. You can also use old magazines instead of pattern paper for a brighter color palette.

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Giant Paper Rose

Make this statement rose for your room to bring in elegance and more color.

Check out its tutorial HERE.

Easy Paper Roses

Make these amazingly simple roses with old novels and newspapers for a vintage touch. Or you can make them with other types of paper.

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Chinese Lanterns

In the mood for these pretty lantern plants in your home? Why not make some for your room? These will give a sophisticated touch to any corner with their delicacy and beauty.

Learn how to make these HERE.

Giant Poppy

Make this awesome giant poppy with colored card-stock paper. Can be a fun activity for kids as well!

Tutorial HERE.

Blue Paper Hydrangea

These pretty crepe paper hydrangeas are a treat for every occasion, and they look beautiful in every room!

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Pretty Crepe-Paper Flowers

Learn how to make these pretty flowers at Martha Stewart's site, HERE.


This pretty magnolia is made from paper plates, and you can try the same method with cardstock too.

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Crepe Paper Bouquet

Don't miss this amazingly pretty crepe-paper flower bouquet. Elegant and simple!

Check out the step-by-step tutorial HERE.

DIY Paper Poppies and Peonies

Martha shows how to make pretty paper peonies and poppies the easy way. These look so elegant and delicate.

Learn how to make these HERE.

Crepe-Paper Poinsettias

HERE is another Martha Stewart tutorial, this time for colorful poinsettias.

Paper Hyacinth Flower

This awesome tutorial teaches you how to make these pretty flowers with tissue paper easily. You're sure to love these!

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Tissue Paper Flowers

These pretty white flowers are made from tissue paper and can be put in any vase or arrangement.

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Paper Protea DIY Tutorial

Want to make pretty place cards with artichokes?

Learn how to make these HERE.

Cute Paper Flowers

Make a cute bouquet with these simple paper flowers.

Learn how to make these HERE.

Cute Cherry Blossoms

Though these cherry blossoms are made with coffee filters, you can make these with simple crepe paper. They give an Asian feel to your home and look very pretty and delicate.

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Washi Tape Flowers

Have some washi tape at hand? Why not make these beautiful white flowers with it.

Check out how to make these HERE.

Paper Gladioli

These delicate flowers look so pretty anywhere in your house. You can use any light, delicate paper to make these.

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Paper Roses

Use some card stock, or any kind of paper, to make these easy roses. I'm sure you'll love making these as much as I do!

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Three Types of Flowers

This brilliant tutorial teaches how to make paper peonies, rosebuds and poppies with coffee filters. Love these!

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Paper Hydrangeas

These pretty hydrangeas will make a great centerpiece for your dining room table.

Check out the tutorial HERE.

More Paper Flower Tutorials

Can't get enough of DIY paper flowers? Check out these tutorials!

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    • Nimblepins profile image

      Nimblepins 3 years ago

      This is beautiful. I've just been editing my hub and after seeing yours, I am IN LOVE again with paper flowers. I am drawn to the newspaper one, but it's hard to choose which is my favourite. Thanks!

    • TheLittleCardShop profile image

      Malu Couttolenc 5 years ago

      Beautiful flowers and tutorial! :)

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 5 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      what a beautiful art. these are all really amazing

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Yeah I do have the same opinion that making paper flower is an easy as well as interesting task. Moreover I think that if it was did by creative person then it became more embellished. Apart from that, I like all the pictures you shared but I love paper roses most, thanks for sharing!

    • seashell2 profile image

      seashell2 5 years ago

      Beautiful, amazing what you can do with paper! :-)

    • profile image

      rahuls66 5 years ago

      Very artistic and beautiful indeed!

    • ptruc profile image

      Adam Turner 5 years ago

      Thanks, nice lens.