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42 Best of Paper Mache Craft Ideas

Updated on January 4, 2018
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

Finding projects for making paper mache crafts was a more time consuming activity than I anticipated. There are many examples of paper mache crafts that you can purchase, but a lot fewer of them that give directions on how to make the project.

In this article I will share with you the paper mache crafts that I found, in my search, that not only included a nice picture of the end product, but also a good tutorial on how to make the craft. The name of the site that features the craft is included and will take you directly to the paper mache craft featured.

Most kids love to work with newspaper and paper mache paste and although the craft can be a bit messy, the end product is worth it. By being prepared, that is, covering your work area and having a container of water handy for washing hands, everyone can have a great experience making paper mache items.

Find the tutorial for making the cute whimsical paper mache snowman shown above at Whimsy Paper

1. Paper Mache Fish

This is one of the easiest paper mache projects that I have seen. Simple enough for even the little kids to make. Go to homeschool-activities for the instructions on how to make this paper mache fish ornament.

2. Mini Paws...the Smart Cat

We have Mini Paws, the smart cat, in the school library and the kids love her. If you would like to make a cute cat her, go to Kids & Glitter for the tutorial.

3. Party Lights

Imagine how your room or patio would look decorated with a string of thes party lights. To make colorful paper mache balls for a string of thirty lights costs only about three dollars according to the crafter making them at Reese Dixon.

4. Big Bird

Who wouldn't love to invite this Big Bird to their birthday party? When you make Big Bird from paper mache, you can make him any color you choose. Find the tutorial for making this cute, but big, bird at DLTK’s HOME.

5. Butterfly Puppet

Think of all the beautiful colors and designs that you can paint on your own butterfly puppet. This is a great project for kids to make at home or in the classroom. Find the instructions for making this butterfly puppet at montessori by hand.

6. Creepy Caricatures

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy making creepy caricatures. I think this would make a great project for a Boy Scout camp. Check out the instructions on how to make these caricatures at Awesome Sauce & Asshattery.

7. Easter Bunny

Get the kids together and make Easter bunnies that they each can treasure. Find directions for making this bunny at Kids & Glitter.

8. Pretty Peacock

This pretty peacock is going to be one of the first ones I make. I love this little beauty because of it's beautiful colors and its whimsical look. To make one like the one shown, go to Nishya Creations.

9. Paper Mache Puppy

Not only is it fun to work with paper mache, you also get a nice piece of décor. Especially if you've made something like the bright and colorful puppy like the one shown here. The tutorial for making one of these dogs is found at HOUSE INSIDE OUT .

10. Fish Pinata

The kids will love this little fish pinata. Celebrate a birthday by making this pinata for the kids to break for the candies inside. You'll find the tutorial for making this pinata at About Family Crafts.

11. Little Paper Mache Angel

12. Faux Apples

The rough, folk art look of these apples make them perfect as a centerpiece. This is an outstanding paper mache project from, where you'll find the instructions.

13. Santa and Snowman

Paper mache clay is an addictive medium to work with. I so enjoyed making the snowman and santa shown here. Find the tutorial for making this project at Paper Mache Clay Light Bulb Snowman and Santa .

14. Tom Turkey Santa

Now here's a great folk art style turkey Santa that will be loads of fun to make. Follow the tutorial at Learning Pavilion to make this paper mache project for yourself or to give as a gift.

15. Head Case

At first I couldn't figure out what this was, but then I noticed the huge blue eyes at the very top, a huge nose and large ears. This paper mache craft is a head shaped on a bottle (neck). A very impressionist piece of art, with instructions at Kids Artists. You'll get a full view on the site.

16. Hand Puppets

Make these endearing characters with the help of the instructions that are found at ART FOR SMALL HANDS. Imagine how much fun it would be to make hand puppets of the characters of a loved fairy tale and then have the puppets act out their parts.

17. Robin Eggs

The art blog, that artist woman, has so many really terrific classroom projects and this is just one example of her lessons. I love how the little robin nests in it's own paper mache egg.

18. Airplane

Start with a water bottle and proceed to this outstanding airplane. You'll find the directions for making the airplane at CRAFTS. KIDS. QUILLING.

19. Santa Ornament

You'll be able to fill your tree with Santa ornaments that you make yourself, or you can give them as thoughtful gifts. Go to The Crafty Conundrum for the tutorial and then start early so you have plenty of time to make all the Santa ornaments that you'll want.

20. Folk Art Turkey

I can see so many ways to use this paper mache turkey. Imagine small ones as plant picks or in Thanksgiving centerpieces. Larger ones as party decorations or a table arrangement. You'll find all the instructions for this craft at Nikitaland. So cute!!

21. Buggy Bugs

Check out this site, ART FOR SMALL HANDS for the instructions and pictures of other bugs that were made. I think the kids would be very excited about making bugs!

22. Paper Mache Clothes Pin Dolls

I love the folk art look of these little clothes pin dolls. You'll find the tutorial for making them at Patchwork Posse.

23. Hatching Eggs

This would be a great school project. Find the instructions for this cute project at driftwood dreaming.

24. Diorama

Think of all the classroom uses you could find for this project. The first that comes to mind for me is for a class on American Indian villages. I'm sure you'll find the perfect use for the instructions shown at Diorama Man.

25. Paper Mache Heart

26. Egg Basket

This is a great recycling project that also makes a beautiful Easter egg basket that you'll want to save forever. Block Party Press has an easy to understand tutorial to guide you making the baskets.

27. Showy Fall Leaf

The tutorial for making this leaf is found at Craftberry Bush. I know I'll be making some of these this fall. A very nice tutorial, easy to understand and with nice big pictures.

28. Pumpkin Perfect

Pumpkin Perfect

This is one of the nicest paper mache pumpkin crafts that I have seen.

Get this beautiful and unique look by following

the directions found at INDIA’S ROSES.

Just the touch needed for Fall decorating.

29. Greek Vases

What a wonderful way to incorporate art with classes on Greek history. I'm sure the kids would love to make these paper mache vases. The tutorial for this outstanding project can be found at Art Lessons For Kids.

30. Halloween Bowls

You won't have to worry about how you're going to serve the Halloween candy to your guests now that you can make your own Halloween bowls. Follow the instructions at Alpha Mom and you'll have two really impressive bowls.

31. Meet the Snowpeople

Make all sorts of snowpeople when you follow the instructions given at MollyMoo. Just change the facial expressions and cap and scarf colors. This would make for a fun craft party project to do in October while getting ready for the winter season.

32. World View

Any project that makes learning easier and more fun, really impresses me. And this globe craft, with instructions from The Crafty Classroom, really does impress me. One of those classes that facts are learned without the student realizing it. It seems the information is easier to retain also.

33. Kids Easter Baskets

The kids will have so much fun making their own Easter baskets, and the examples here, with instructions at Red Ted Art, are a great place to start. Even with the same instructions it's always amazing how individual the projects turn out.

34. Patchwork Turtle

I think I may have to make one of these patchwork turtles for the library at school. The kids will love it and it can be included in a grouping of turtle themed books. The tutorial for making this adorable turtle can be found at About Family Crafts.

35. Paper Mache Pets

Don't let the kids have all the fun, when you get into this project you'll see how much fun you can have making these special pets. Go to Meremade for the instructions, and be sure to enjoy yourself. I love the extra paper strip fur added to these pets.

36. Sugar Skulls

This project uses the plaster strips like they use for setting broken bones. I feel that this could easily be changed to using a paper mache method. For the tutorial for this project, go to Craftster. I think this would be a great classroom project for the upper elementary grades.

37. Hunny of a Bunny

Just the perfect little Easter bunny to make a nice centerpiece with. Find the directions at first palette and enjoy making Easter bunnies.

38. Unicorn

I can imagine all sorts of animals, besides the unicorn, that would look good made like this. You'll find the tutorial at lil blue boo. I think I'd want to try making a monster head for Halloween.

39. Folk Art Birds

You'll use paper clay to make a folk art bird like the ones shown above. Find the instructions for this fun craft at A lot of the fun making paper mache crafts is painting the items.

40. Puppets on a String

Here is another project by that artist woman that I think the kids will truly enjoy making. There are even directions for adding the little costume.

41. Glitter Earth

I can see this added to a whole solar system of planets and stars. Wouldn't this make a fun bedroom décor project for a kid that is interested in the stars and planets? Find the directions for making this glitter earth at RED TED ART.

42. Pumpkin Topiary

This very attractive pumpkin topiary can be displayed inside or outside Find the directions on how to make this topiary by going to the Burton Avenue site.

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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      Haven't made anything since elementary art class. Love the snowman though.