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How to Make a Paper Plate Spider

Updated on September 1, 2018

Easy Kid Paper Plate Craft: Make a Spider!

You Tube has lots of great video tutorials to learn how to make fun kid crafts.
You Tube has lots of great video tutorials to learn how to make fun kid crafts. | Source

Spider crafts for kids made with paper plates are fun and easy Halloween craft projects for your children. The materials to make these craft projects are pretty simple to find around your home and if you do have to buy some of them, they are not very costly. Cheap and easy is always a plus where kids crafts are concerned.

These spider ideas will be perfect for Halloween time. October crafts usually tend to have a Fall or a Halloween theme because it's such an exciting time of year. The weather cools off, the colors of the trees change, night and darkness come earlier than they have been. The kids might be indoors more than during the summer months and crafts help to keep them busy and entertained...and off the electronic games or the TV.

With Halloween around the corner, it's only natural that all those iconic Halloween symbols become used for craft projects. Bats, spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, vampires, and more are the most fun craft themes around during this time. I have a page of craft ideas for each one of them, and now let's get on to the fun and easy spider craft projects for kids on this page.

Paper Plate Spider Web


You will need:

  • White Paper Plates - strong ones
  • Hole Puncher
  • White Yarn
  • Bobby Pins
  • Plastic Spider Rings

And here's how you make this easy paper plate craft for kids.

Punch holes around the edges of the paper plate as shown in the picture up above.

Thread the yarn through a hole and tie a knot in the back

Use a bobby pin like a sewing needle to weave the yarn through the rest of the holes working back and forth across the plate. When you have gone through the last hole tie a knot in the yarn to tie it off. Make sure to go over some of the original webbing to add an extra dimension to your spider web.

Cut one of the plastic spider rings and slip it over some of the yarn web.

Find more great Fall craft ideas for preschoolers at Crafts For Preschool Kids.

Paper Plate Spiderwebs {Kid Craft}


These spider paper plates are similar to the ones up above. These were made by cutting out the center of the paper plate, painting it black, punching holes around the inside rim. Then take some yarn and weave it through the punched holes. Add a plastic spider and look at the beautiful spider wreath decorations you have.

Spiders are called arachnids. These insects have 8 legs and 8 eyes. These insects spin webs and some of them are amazing. I love to see a spider web right after the rain. The raindrops cling to the web and it's a thing of beauty. Spider webs are quite a beautiful thing. You should check one out someday.

Paper Plate Spider How To


Use paper plates for your spider's body, pipe cleaners for your spider's legs. Paint or color your paper plate any color you like, glue the pipe cleaners in place, glue the eyes on your spider - use two or use many...however many you want your Halloween spider to have. Did you know real spiders have 8 eyes?

Easy Pipe Cleaner Spider Halloween Craft

Colorful Paper Plate Spiders


Just look at those colorful spiders made with paper plates. If they weren't creepy, crawly Halloween decorations I would say they almost seem cheery. Your kids are going to enjoy making these.

To create this look on your paper plates you will need:

  • 2 Small Paper Plates for each spider (you can use large if you like)
  • Craft Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • 4 Pipe Cleaners or Chenilles
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • String or Yarn
  • Stapler

Paint the bottom of two paper plates and let them dry completely. Cut 4 of the pipe cleaners in half - use 4 pieces on each side of your spider for legs. Set your legs in between the two paper plates and staple them into place. Staple the rest of the plates together. Glue the eyes on...use lots of them it will look better, after all, real spiders have 8 eyes. Next poke a hole through the two plates at the top of your spider. Thread some string or yarn through it and tie both ends together to form a hanger.

That's all it takes, so get those kids working on this project and let's see how many spiders you end up with.

Spider Snacks For Craft Time


These cookie spiders are the perfect follow-up snack to your spider crafting session, your kids are going to love these cute treats. You will need some cookies, mini-Reese cups, candies like Skittles or M&Ms, licorice...that should do it. You just assemble them as shown on the picture. Yummy.

Halloween Kids' Craft - Spider Paper Craft Fun

DIY: Paper Plate Halloween Craft


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