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TP Roll Dolls: Triplets and More

Updated on November 28, 2017
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Loraine enjoys making crafts and sharing the projects she’s developed. Her crafts include pictured, step-by-step tutorials and templates.

paper roll triplet babies craft
paper roll triplet babies craft

Three Babies and a Crib

Paper roll and toilet roll crafts are so inexpensive that they are a favorite of many mothers and teachers. You can make anything from baby dolls to wall hangings with them.

Paper rolls come with so many products that we use daily, so crafting with them is not only fun, but we're recycling!Little girls love dolls and can spend hours making believe.

This craft project, with the paper roll dolls and the crib that holds all of them, will be fun for the girls to make and then to play with. Or you can make it for them as a gift, which I am sure they will love.

The three little baby dolls are made using the roll inside a tinfoil box, and the crib is made using the tinfoil box. I'm including a pattern that you can use to transfer the baby image onto the roll or you can free hand draw the babies. I've added pictures to help explain the instructions.

The Triplets With Their Crib

The triplets, who I named after three of my granddaughters, Hayden, Hanna and Hope, are shown with their crib.

Notice that the pillows in the crib are decorated with little flowers that match the color of each baby's diaper pin and earrings. The baby's names are printed above each baby's area of the crib.

Supplies Needed:Tinfoil box with paper tubeCraft paintsCraft brushesWhite glueYarnBaby (Image to trace)Dark crayonThree pieces of 5.5" x 5.5" fabricFine tipped black SharpieFine tipped, colored Sharpies

Prepare the box and paper tube

Carefully remove the serrated edge of the box lid. On the paper tube, mark cutting lines at 3.5", 7", and 10.5". Cut with craft knife or scissors.

Paint the Box and Paper Rolls

Paint the inside of the box in whatever color you choose. Let dry. Give the inside a second coat of paint. Let dry. Lay the box open, upside down, and paint the outside of the box, two times letting the paint dry between coats.Paint the paper rolls using flesh colored paint. Let dry and repaint with second coat. Let dry.

Trace the baby image onto the roll

Print off a copy of the baby image and cut to a workable size. With a dark crayon completely color the back of the image, use a stylus or pencil to transfer the image to the paper roll.

Finish the Babies

Paint the diaper area. Let dry and give it another coat of paint. Let dry.Paint the eye area white. Let dry. With the tip of a craft brush, paint a dot of blue in the eyes. With a red or pink colored pencil, trace the mouth.

With a thin tipped black Sharpie, trace over the image lines. Refer to photo above.Use yarn for the hair. I cut a narrow piece of cardboard, the diameter plus enough to bend down on each side of the doll head to glue the yarn to. Then I glued the cardboard across the top of the head.

Add hair bows. Put a touch of paint on the ears for earrings, and with the same color paint the head on the diaper pin.

Baby Blankets

The blankets are 5.5" x 5.5" square of cotton knit fabric. (Also could use fabric from an old t-shirt.)Wrap the baby for bed.

Paint pillows in the crib.

Divide the inside bottom of the box into three equal parts (about 4.25" apart) Mark the divisions with a black marker.

Paint a railing and bars between the marks to look like a baby crib. With white paint, paint pillows for each bed.Be creative and add flowers, dots, dashes, or whatever.

I added the names of the babies above their crib area. The baby with pink earrings and diaper pin, got the pink flowers on her pillow, etc.

The Triplets in Their Crib

The Outside of the Triplet & Crib Toy

Cardboard Doll House

Find out how to make this beautiful cardboard doll house by going to the Red Ted Art site for the tutorial.

Imagine the hours of fun the kids will have playing with their tp roll dolls in this house.

TP Dolls Galore

Let the fun begin! This site, DANYA BANYA, has a load of tp dolls examples.

Isn't the little doll house super cute? So very simple, and even the littlest kids could move around it. Now if you are good at building things..... Or, maybe cut large windows out of a cardboard box.

The Queen or The Princess

Make a castle, using cardboard boxes and an oatmeal box for the turrets, and a queen or princess, using tp rolls, and you have hours of entertainment.

The instructions for making the princess is found at love to know.

Hula Girl and Mermaid, BFF

Visitors to your doll family home could be these best friends forever pair, the hula girl and mermaid.

The instructions to help you make these BFF is at mollymoo.

Angel Girl

Angel girl could be just one of a whole heavens full of angels. I'm thinking that telling the kids a story about how thunder, during a storm, is the sound of angels cleaning house. The angels are moving the beds.

To make angels from tp rolls, go to the crafty morning site for the instructions.

Christmas Critters

The kids can have a big Christmas party playing with these Christmas critters. The critters are actually little buckets made from tp rolls and decorated as critters.

The tutorial for making these critters is found at kikicreates. You'll notice that she also has Thanksgiving critters and Halloween critters.


Here comes the Cat family.......the SophistiCats. Any little kid that loves cats and kitties, is sure to love this cat family. They can use their imaginations and pretend parties with their cats.

Instructions for making the cats are found at mollymoo.

Art Angels

This will be a nice challenge for kids that love making art projects. Maybe the older kids will enjoy this craft idea. But, all little kids would probably be willing to give it a try.

Find these art angels at ALISA BURKE.

Santa Claus

When Christmas time rolls around, you'll want to add Santa Claus to the play scene.

See what is needed and how to assemble a Santa with a tp roll, at My Kid Craft.


The instructions on making a tp roll scarecrow can be found at Busy Bee Kids

The cupcake paper hat idea is so cute, and could be utilized for some of the other characters in you family of characters.


Here is a double duty tp doll get a mummy and a treat box.

You'll better understand that by going to Creative Me Inspired You to see how this mummy is also a little gift box.

Spooky Spiders

When the boys get involved, they'll want their tp dolls to be scary. So here's an idea for them.

Go to Teach Preschool to see how they are made.

Monster Bash

Staying with the creepy, scary idea, how's this project for a boy's activity? These monsters are also treat containers. Does that mean that you have to offer candy to get boys to participate?

Make monsters like these by following the instructions at Crafts Unleashed.

Pilgrims Plus

Another great group of tp dolls all in one place, are these pilgrim characters found at Creative Me Inspired You.

You'll find all the information you need to make these characters on that site.

Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs

Act out the fairy tale, the three little pigs, after making the little pig characters using tp rolls.

The tutorial for making them is found at Red Ted Art.

Super cute, super easy.

Old MacDonalds Farm Animals

You can have a sing-a-long party while making the farm animals to go with MacDonald's Farm.

Go to CRAFTS BY Amanda to learn how to make these farm animals using tp rolls.

Ahoy, the Pirates

Make a pirate ship, from a couple of shoe boxes, and then a group of tp roll pirates.

A scene will surely come to mind when you make these pirates following the instructions at ONE Time Through.

Outstanding Organizational Uses for TP Rolls

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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