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How to make a stained glass window for scrapbooking projects

Updated on January 24, 2013

Some photos are just that bit extra special

Photography is a big part of our lives now days; isn't there a proverb that reminds us that a picture is worth a thousand words?

While going a little bit snap-happy happens, sometimes we have a particular photo that just stands out from the pack, that should be displayed with some extra care and attention.

Creating a stained glass window effect for your prized photo is a very rewarding - and I must admit, very beautiful - way to accent your photo content. It can be framed to hang on a wall, or even become a highlight page in your scrapbooking projects.

It can also be a very effective gift to someone... say, a gorgeous Valentine's Day snap?

Some of you will already have encounted the scrapbooking phenonmenon, and it isn't over yet!

There are HUNDREDS of ways that you can dress up your pages, and I'd like to share one with you that I learned through another Creative Memories consultant on the very first scrapbooking retreat I ever went on.

Sourcing your accessories

Stickers are a pretty key part of making a stained glass window for your photo - unless you're one of those gifted people handy with a pen and can draw your own motiffs!

Tools Required - What you'll need to make one of your own stella creations!

There's a few bare necessities that you'll need, should you decide to make one of these amazing enhancements for your scrapbooking album, Birthday or Christmas card, or to put into a frame and hang on your wall!

  • A cutting mat to protect your table.
  • A scalpel or craft blade (scissors are too fiddly for the detail work).
  • At least two shades or colours of photosafe cardstock.
  • Photosafe sticky stuff, be it glue, tape, etc.
  • A good, sturdy table to work on, away from where you might have your elbow jogged and possibly ruin your work or cut yourself (that means keeping the kiddies out of harms way, too).
  • Good light so you can see what you're doing.

How to make a stained glass window for scrapbooking - Instructional video

If you're planning on working along with the video, recommend watching it all the way through first, then you can watch it again as you work and pause as required.

The Right Tools - Paper and Cardstock

Creative Memories Shades of Blue Paper Pack
Creative Memories Shades of Blue Paper Pack

Good quality paper that is photosafe - can't stress this enough! Creative Memories is one of the only companies that produces completely photosafe materials - with a lifetime guarentee! It is worth forking out that little bit extra to ensure your treasured memories don't tarnish and fade.


The Right Tools - Sticky Stuff

Creative Memories Tape Runner
Creative Memories Tape Runner

The tape runner is a no-mess way to stick your shapes together, and then stick your photo down. Highly recommended!


It's about the joy of creating something beautiful

Stained glass windows aren't all that difficult to create. I caught the "bug" at the very first scrapbooking retreat I attended, and have made around 10 or so in total, some of which, like the one demonstrated, for other people.

It's a beautiful project to work on, and a delight to see the joy in people's faces when they receive one as a truly individual gift.

Give it a go! It's a work of art well worth the time and effort.

Scrapbooking materials and tools from Amazon - Get excited! Get creative!

There is soo much on the market for this type of project, you should never run short of ideas and inspiration!

The Final Product

The Final Product
The Final Product

This is the FIRST EVER instructional video I have put together, so any constructive feedback would be very much appreciated.

Also, if you would like some further explanation on anything, here's where I'd like you to put it. Who knows, someone else may be thinking the exact same question!

Please sign my book! - I'd love to know what you thought

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Well done very easy to follow. Look forward to seeing more