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Get FREE books delivered to your door! It's an addiction!

Updated on June 25, 2007


As a user of Paperbackswap I want to help get the word out to other voracious readers about how to get into the "swap" of things and receive free books, delivered straight to your doorstep!

The Beginning of a New Addiction....

A friend of mine introduced me to PaperbackSwap about a month ago and while she did warn me that it was addicting I had no idea just how true it would prove to be! This site is a wonderful way to fill out the gaps in your personal library and the only costs associated with the program come into play only when you mail unwanted items from your own library to others in the PaperbackSwap network. Even then, your only expense is the cost of postage.

It doesn't matter if you read romance, mystery, non-fiction, suspense, true-crime, childrens books or how-to books - PBS has over 1 million books available in any genre you can think of, for you to choose from!

If you decide to join the PaperbackSwap club, please log my user name of ReadRover, as the one who referred you so that I can earn a free swap too! Simply click the blue link above to check out their amazing site!

PaperbackSwap has recently unrolled a new site called SwapaCD that does the same thing, only for music! To check it out, click on the banner below. Again, if you decide to join, please tell them that ReadRover referred you so that I can earn a swap too!

Rumor has it that the developers of these fabulous sites are working on a similar site to swap movies and DVDs! I can't wait! The best part of being a member of both sites is that I can transfer credits I earn on either site to use on the other site as I see fit! I think I'll stockpile a few credits as a "rainy day" cache to use when they release the movie site. So... did I mention that it's addictive?

Here's what I've done in my first 30 days of membership:

  • I've mailed 31 books to PBS members
  • I've received 8 FREE books from other PBS members.
  • I joined, the sister-site to PBS where you swap music, and have received 5 music CDs!
  • My transactions through PBS have traveled over 33,500 miles so far!
  • I made a new friend with a woman who used to live in a state I also used to live in simply by filling her "wishlist" for a book about that state!
  • I've added 72 books to my PBS Wish List in hopes that someday another Paperback Swap enthusiast will offer one for "swap".
  • I've stockpiled credits to use on PBS OR their SwapaCD site for my wishlist items as well as anything that occurs to me that I might like to read or listen to.

If you're a PaperbackSwap or SwapaCD member already, please share your expereinces! If you decide to join the club, please come back and let everyone know how it works out for you!

Share your Experience!

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    • profile image

      Lisa dibble 2 years ago

      I love reading horror, thrillrrs, crime anything exciting as i dont get out much. Thankyou guys. Xx

    • profile image

      angela fries 2 years ago

      Will love to read the books

    • profile image

      angel Bradley 2 years ago

      Thank u

    • profile image

      Janel medley 2 years ago

      This really sounds exciting!!! I have books to go through but, willing to give up some. Thankyou for this chance.

    • profile image

      Shelton Brady 3 years ago


    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

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