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Paracord dog collar instructions

Updated on May 23, 2013

Paracord dog collar instructions await!

This blog will give you the paracord dog collar instructions needed to craft your very own (well you probably are not going to wear it so lets say your dogs very own) paracord collar. It goes great with a paracord dog leash (instructions to which i also wrote in the blog below). There are many benefits of making your dog a paracord leash, which we will get into quite soon. We will see what supplies we need, what techniques to use and also acquaint ourselves with the various knotting patterns we can use to make a great looking paracord dog collar.

Join me in discovering ways of making beautiful and functional dog collars! Paracord dog collar instructions blog is here to deliver!

For an advanced tutorial, see my paracord dog collar instructions page on Paracord central.

I wrote a page about many different paracord projects you can undertake. Try it out for more information!

Check out my popular paracord bracelets blog.

Image source:

On paracord dog collars - Before moving on to paracord dog collar instructions

Image source:

As you can see, para cord dog collars can be really beautiful. With vivid colors, as well as the potential to be customized the way you want them, these collars are each their own works of art.

How can we customize a dog collar the way we want it?

- adjusting the length

- using colors we like

- choosing dog collar patterns we love

- choosing clips, buckles, rings and other ways of finishing a dog collar

- adding various decorations such as tags and charms to the dog collar

Why do we use paracord to make it? Why not some other material?

Well, to be short, the benefits of using paracord are the durability it provides (we are using paracord 550, which can hold 550 pounds. If your dog weighs more than that, get him a treadmill). It is also water and rot resistant (unlike hemp and leather, to some extent). Paracord is smoother on the skin, easy to work with and also quite affordable as well!

Below we will first find some decent paracord and various useful supplies, then move on to the crafting itself. We will learn various neat looking patterns along the way!


Crafting supplies - Paracord dog collar instructions start here!

For a paracord dog collar we will want the following:

- Paracord 550 (i suggest searching Amazon below for it)

- A lighter

- A pair of scissors (unless you are a chewy kind of person :))

- A buckle or a ring to finish the collar is recommended (but you can do without it, it is just a lot more practical)

- A dog tag or charm (this is only optional, but some charms and tags are adorable!)

Additional crafting supplies - I recommend these, but you can do without them.

The size of the buckles and d-rings for your collar should fit the desired width of the collar (depending on your dog size). If yo can not decide, the 1inch buckle should do fine for most cases.

The d-ring is there for the ease of attaching the leash to the dog collar.

The last item i feature is the standard buckle used for belts and also can be used in dog collars!

Glow in the dark paracord - Best cord for paracord dog collars.

Paracord dog collars look amazing as they are. But this glow in the dark paracord is incredibly useful for keeping track of your dog in the dark. I would recommend trying it out!

IIT 48795 Glow-In-The Dark Rope
IIT 48795 Glow-In-The Dark Rope

Glows in the dark. Great for finding your dog when taking evening walks.


Paracord dog collar #1 - Paracord dog collar instructions

The collar above is really easy to make. It is made from a cobra stitch/square knot used in many bracelet designs as well. Check out the picture below on how to attach your buckle and the video on how to knot it up! After that you are all set to begin your project! Remember to keep the knots equal if possible.

Image source:

How to attach paracord to your buckle - Paracord dog collar instructions basics

You can see how paracord fits on the buckle easily enough. The length for your cord should be measured from the size of your dogs neck. I would triple it for the first try, then see how much paracord is left and adjust the length the next time when crafting.

Image source:

A video on how to make a cobra stitch/square knot - Knotting instructions!

This video explains the way to make a cobra stitch knot. It is the basic knot for many items, so do not be scared, it is easy to make. Sadly this is a silent video, but high quality.

Paracord dog collar #2 - Paracord dog collar instructions #2

This is a shark jaw bone pattern whose origin is probably linked to the author of Fusion ties (a book about knots, also shown at the end of this blog). The video below will teach you how to make the pattern.

Aren't these collars just beautiful? Notice that they do not differ much from bracelets at all.

Image source:

A video on how to make a shark jaw knot - Check it out!

All that is different from making the previous bracelet is the knot. Attach the cord to the buckle the same way we showed up top, then continue with using this knot pattern below. The collar is very beautiful, don't you agree?

Dog collar decorations - These will make your dog collar more fun!

Below i have featured my top choices for dog collar decorations. They are basically charms, but for dog collars and with dog related motives! I love to put a metal one on a collar, it looks especially appealing on a smaller dog.

Search for dog collar decorations on Amazon - I recommend you try to search Amazon for decorations you would like.

A book about knots - I recommend this for serious knotters.

I recommend this paracord knotting manual in most of my blogs on paracord crafting. It features an immense collection of knots you might find useful. It is my go to book for knotting and i wanted it to be out there for people to see! The author made an effort to come up with some amazing knots.

Comments - Comments on the Paracord dog collar instructions blog!

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    • Sharkye11 profile image

      Jayme Kinsey 

      4 years ago from Oklahoma

      This is a brilliant idea! Not only are they a great way to make my own dog a cool collar, they would make terrific gifts for other pet owners! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i am interested in perhaps covering my dog's sturdy but no longer 'glow in the dark' collar with some glow in the dark paracord which i own. what do you think?

      jd in st louis

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My dog has a collar similar to that blue one. He likes to chew it a lot. :D

    • Natashalh LM profile image

      Natashalh LM 

      6 years ago

      I have paracord and my dogs need new collars - why didn't I think of this earlier! I agree that Paracord Fusion Ties is a very helpful book - I have Fusion Knots, too.


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