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Paracord hammock or death!

Updated on August 23, 2017

How to make a paracord hammock?

A paracord hammock is the mercedes among hammocks. It is durable, colorful and will stand the test of time. On this page you will learn how to make one, why making a hammock for your garden is a must and see some amazing designs and tutorials on how to make a hammock yourself. If you like to look on the bright side of life, outside in the sun, with a cold beverage beside you and wind in your hair, laying on your hammock and seeing the worls around you do silly things it always tends to do, you will make a paracord hammock.

Repeat after me: I will make a paracord hammock to show off with, have a relaxing corner to myself and other inspirational gibberish.

Lets create!

I wrote a page about many different paracord projects you can undertake. Try it if you have the time!

Image source:

Why would you want a paracord hammock - Do you like to hang around?


Is that you i see on the picture above? All relaxed and not caring about pesky neighbours, crappy job, kids destroying your house and other scenarios you can imagine.

Indeed, the hammock is the symbol for relaxation in our culture, but it is also very functional!

A hammock is the most comfortable of beds found in the wild (comfortable and off the ground, meaning you are not in contact with the little critters that crave your body) and is used by campers for that very reason, as well as soldiers in certain terrains.

During previous centuries the hammocks were used on ships, the idea was adopted from the indian tribes.

Hammocks for two or three people exist as well.

Did you know that the hammock is also used in space to conserve space. You might not know this, but space is very limited in space.

Image source:

A hammock is a terrible thing to waste - If you build it, they will come


Building a paracord hammock is no big whoop. The things you need for one are mainly:

- time

- paracord 550, a very durable cord use by paratroopers, climbers, campers because of its durability and capacity to carry weight. Depending

- two wooden bars (spreader bars) for keeping the hammock in its original shape

- a lighter


- a tool to make the paracord hammock with (a board with nails works just fine, be sure to check the videos below for advanced techniques)

- two metal rings to help hang it on trees

Image source:

Everyone is using the hammock - And i mean everyone.


This bear is using a hammock. Does this motivate you in making a paracord hammock or just make you insanely jealous?

Image source:

Will you build yourself a hammock? - Did this 550 paracord hammock guide inspire you?

Are you getting a hammock right now?

Basic paracord netting - This tutorial will give you the basic pattern used in paracord hammocks.

This tutorial is great for those who like to make a quick hammock. I would advise you look at the other tutorial before deciding to make a hammock with this video. Although the hammock will be functional, the other two videos teach you how to make a more pleasant looking paracord hammock..

Paracord hammock tutorial - I recommend using this tutorial for your crafting needs!

This tutorial is fairly easy to figure out and does not use much preparation.

A video tutorial for the best hammock - The video below will teach you how to make the best paracord hammock available

The user who added this video went through a lot of trouble to make this hammock. It is high quality, but is does take longer to make!

I hope you enjoyed your stay. Drop a comment below and share this page with your friends!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      great article on making quick hammock....


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