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Passion in Art - Can You Feel it?

Updated on April 18, 2014

What is Passion in Art - Does it Scare You?

Artists struggle at times to find their own passion in art, do you? I know I do at times, it is the crux of what i hope is seen in my work. Do you long to melt into the colors of red and dance with the latest voice expressing desire? Does it penetrate your very being, till you feel you can barely breathe? Do you feel restless and think that you will never 'get there'?

As I stand before a sculpture or canvas I know what passion means to me, and yet I do so often find the very word abused and over used.

In my own search for passion art, passion images. I seek to see what passion means to other artists, maybe fulfill my need for going through a gallery. I typed said text in on google and saw image after image of nothingness. I became bored after the 5th page of square after square, of work that presented what others had decided to label as passion.

So what is it?

Why does passion in art elude so many?

Do you think that you do in fact feel blood rushing to your head at the sight of a still life? I can only express the fact that I have been searching for passion for art, all my life, it is the very core of my work, yet I know, I will never obtain its secrets.

Oh my, I guess I am on a soapbox for passion.

When I checked out the dictionary it described passion as a strong and barely controllable emotion; a state or outburst of emotion; intense sexual love; intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

Do you know of anymore over used words? How about, intense; emotion; desire?

I guess I just don't think those emotions can be stirred up, within anyone's being, while viewing a bowl of fruit.

There is a real dichotomy with art. Some want to understand it; ask it to give them more; enlighten them towards some electric realization of cosmic fortitude.

Some people seek it out to place above their couch, match its color; stay in its place never asking anything but calmness ... with no questions asked.

Well then, of course there are some questions people are prompted to ask if they are in love with those little cottages, light coming from the windows with a path leading to peaceful spots of a tired mind. People ask themselves, (and I am supposing here) "What do you think the people in that little cottage are having for dinner? Or is it a family like mine or wish I had?" Memories and nostalgia are stirred in some people, I am guessing. Is that passion though? I concede, maybe to some, but not one single bit to me.

Once, I met a man who told me that he only likes poems that rhyme. Humm, I thought... limericks then? How mind bending. I am suggesting that if you feel that way, that a poem is not a poem unless it rhymes, or a painting is only blessed if it matches your couch, that you challenge your mind to hope for more.

Within every painting or sculpture, every poem or story I create, makes me feel uncomfortable and discontent. If you are an artist, or a lover of art, I believe you want that. It is passion reaching back at you, taunting you, to feel heights you have not yet reached.

I must agree with many that while sex can and often does include passion, or at least we hope it does! I am not writing about sex per say, I am suggesting that passion, in its rawest form, should not be misconstrued as something that does not elude to something more. It should compete with ideas already set in your mind and cause you a sense of abandonment of your own being, if not for a moment.

I declare that passion is emotion that is ready to explode and there is no resting place in sight. I want that! I want every stroke on canvas to exhume that. If you are a love of art or an artist of any genre at all, you should want that too. To find a resting place in art is to find boredom in the end. Can you soften your mood with art? Can you mend your own wounds while painting a vase of flowers? Of course you can. But, seek out passion, know it, embrace that elusive treasure. It will not cause you to feel 'comfortable', no, but it shouldn't, that is not its definition. Will you ever get there? I would answer no as well.. it is just barely out of reach, so keep reaching!

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

copyright 2008

ABOUT Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

I paint and sculpt female fantasy art and map fairy tale adventures. I dream of beautiful women on canvas and art of exotic women.

I have illustrated for Hay House Inc.,"Women Who Do Too Much" CARDS, taken from Anne Wilson Schaef's book. I also illustrated for Neil Davidson, who was considered for the Pulitzer Prize in feature writing, and several other publications. My paintings are collected worldwide.

I am Represented by:

Monkdogz Urban Art, Inc., 547 West 27th Street, 5th floor, New York, NY 10001

ORIGINAL ART may be purchased through Monkdogz


TURN ON THE MUSIC of Leona Lewis

PASSION comes in many packages!

Creative Ways To Say I Love You and Different Ways to Kiss

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Passion often leads to kissing.. ya know.

Thus my poem:

Creative Ways To Say I Love You and Different Ways to Kiss

Creative ways to say

I love you

and different ways to kiss

makes me want to write a poem

or at least a list

of 101 ways to flirt

or ways to tease a guy

ways to become a vampire



I need a list of emotions

not yet spoken

by me

at least.

Lets put it all to a

love quest

let me request

of you

the same loving mercy

that I would show

to you.


when I do?

I will hold my breath

for within this lighted candle

our love

will never

be quite

the same

I do my love

see you.

I applaud our lust

I do!

So far beyond a one night's stand

past what you might imagine

be confident

my love

for you

contentment sings a completed song

and does not falter.

Hold it up to the light

past any



no matter how

sexed grand

beyond a one nights

our passion

is past

this just

for some


one night


How can I tell you

I love you

simple ways come first.

You don't need me dying in your arms



I love you

as my last



Love is in a flower

picked along a trail

love is in a cup of coffee

in the morning

or a leaf

from a single green tree

along with a note


I thought of you


and do forever

and with my heart

for you

I do



I bring you leaves

from my pocket

hold them

warm them

bring them

with honesty.

And as you look upon them

I say

every single vein

in every single leaf

know this

these leaves

are unique.

I honor them

hold them to my heart

and yet

oh my beloved

they are


in any way

as remarkable

as you.


simple kisses

yet true.

I don't want to tease you

I see no room for that

and within my kisses?

Know that I will always love you

with all my heart

and my promise to you

will say it all



predictable eye.

ABOUT Kathy Ostman-Magnusen: I am an artist, represented by Monkdogz Urban Art, New York. ORIGINAL ART may be purchased through Monkdogz:

FREE ART GIFTS,suitable for children plus prints, giclees, cards, available on my website:

The IMAGE is of my sculpture "Bleeding Wings 5"



by Katheryn Hoban

Passion is your fuel. It motivates you to press on. It propels you up the mountain of your dreams and goals. Have a passion for life, for people, for animals, for your causes and your convictions, and you will be nearly unstoppable. Be a champion for those who have great needs and can't do

anything about it themselves. Speak with passion, teach with passion, lead with passion, love with passion, play with passion, and enjoy with passion.

Someone who is passionate is intriguing to watch and to listen to. They are usually energizing to be around.

They put great care into each and every detail of

what they have passion for. A passionate musician plays

a piece over and over until it is perfection for her and

the audience. Each sound is perfectly crafted and resonates

purely, hauntingly, and brilliantly. Every song on the

album may not be perfect, and sometimes it misses the

mark, but we recognize the passion and are moved by the story told, how it was done and perhaps why it was done. Passion

draws people in, and to you. They want to be part of that

passion. They want to be motivated as you are. They want to

touch that passion, and embrace it. Passion lifts people up to a

new level, which they can feel for themselves and from you.

Passion encourages and whips new energy into people and

projects. Everyone wants to feel passion for something.

When you come to roadblocks in life, your passion

is what brings you beyond each and every halt. When there is passion involved, you have a need to move forward,

and reach beyond every expectation towards the fulfillment

of dreams and goals. If you become stopped in life, and if

you have passion for life or for an aspect of your work, dig

deep within yourself to find what really motivates and captivates

you, and then find brand new aspects of your passion or your love

that you had not seen before. You find new doors to open; you

gravitate towards other passionate people. You create new paths

with your passion and deep desires.

A person who does not have that passion can wallow in

the low points of her life, and have great trouble finding the

meaning of it. You must give meaning to your own life. You

must discover the passions of your life and work. Most times,

passions in your life develop slowly. You start by doing things

that you enjoy doing: cooking, painting, photography,

performing, etc. When you find a certain aspect that you are

really enjoying, spend more time doing it. Learn

about it, develop your interest and your knack

for it, and find ways to become more involved with

your hobby or pastime. When you start to become

passionate about something, then you want to spend as

much of your time as you can by being in and around it.

You want to learn everything that you can about your

that aspect. You want to be with other people who

have your same interests and passions. Their passion

and love fuels your passion.

Remember, small things can

become big dreams if you are passionate about them.

Take care of the small details with the same care and regard

as if it were a great big event and you will move up the

mountain with a steady sure foot.

Passionate leaders recognize passionate people,

and the details of passion, and they hire and promote

passionate workers, and create openings for those people.

You can be passionate about anything. And remember

that anything becomes something to the right person.

Small or large, if you are passionate about it, you can see

huge results; your passion can take you to great places.

You can make your living by doing what you love to do, if

someone wants to pay you for what you love to do. If you

can't find a boss that loves what you do, you can be your

own boss. Start your own company if you are passionate

enough about what you are doing. Either way, your passion

will open a new door. Other people will become aware

of your passion and your services. There are many

customers out there for your services; you just have to find,

target, and market to them.

That is not always easy, and sometimes it is very

difficult when you are creating a new niche market. But if

you can sustain yourself and grow and develop your client base

you will create the flow that you want and need, to lead the

life that you desire for yourself.

Many times you cannot do it on your own, and that is

when your passion will lead you to a partner or a team with

your same passion that can help you. Now you can do it

together as a team that is as passionate for your goals as you

are. You and they become stronger as you work together.

Your goals may change a little bit, but the same underlying

passion is still there and is being fed every day by your team.

What you thought was impossible on your own has now become a

possibility and you are rewarded for it. Your life, and their lives,

begin to be satisfying.

It is thrilling when you begin to watch your dreams

become realities, and you can all share in the victory

together. Now the team has developed a reputation of

excellence and passion. You will see that more creative and

energetic people are drawn to the team because they like what

they are seeing. Because of that, your team will be able to

do more than they could before, and do more awesome projects.

Your team will be able to scale impossible heights in a very

short period of time, and perhaps you will reach the greatest

pinnacles of success that you have ever dreamed about.

So have passion, take risks, step out in faith. Live a

passionate life, and you will attract other passionate people,

and you will fulfill your dreams. Tell yourself

"I embrace the fullness of my life." Do it. You won't regret

a minute of your life that way.

Yoga Kat--aka Katheryn Hoban is a yoga teacher and Reiki Master Teacher with twelve years experience. She teaches children's yoga ages 3-6, and Adults privately in NJ. She is the author of the book -Masters of Consciousness—A Guide Book for the Cosmic Traveler. She has created a children's affirmation CD (ages 3-6) and an affirmation CD for adults. Yoga Kat is available for speaking or writing and can be reached at or 201 970-9340 and sign up for our newsletter and See me reading from my book on youtube

Article Source:



More Leona Lewis... sharing her passion

How Well Do We Know Men's Charm and Should They Be Trusted? A Secret Romance

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


He approached me hesitantly

I understood, I did.

It wasn't as if I hadn't met others like him


I too was apprehensive

not really ready

to pursue whatever might develop

between us.

An affair?

The result?

not sure

if I was really ready to be known

by this man

and so

I braced myself.

I wore my tightly fit lavender dress

clothing that embraced me

protected me

an outfit

as skin.

It would not be easy to disrobe me.

...or so I thought.

I had a secret weapon though

if that progression to our relationship

did in fact move on.

At least I had

a protection of sorts

perhaps to my own self

I felt confused

I admit it now

to you.

I was not sure what he really saw in me.


At first glance


my said dress

my hair was brown


and even scraggly.

Yet I could be sweet

did he know?

Tis true

depending on the earth

and seeds planted

I could have a gentle mood.

Did he know?

Just how long had he scoped me out?

Had he been following me

or was I only picked at random?

When all was said and done

I was actually rather unclear

if I felt a compliment

about it all

or not.

I had indeed been picked though

one in a bushel

he had decided on me.

Ohh is that really reason

to feel complimented?


I guess

its all just a hazy


Time elapsed

and my fate was disclosed

I would be unclothed

diced and sliced

put into a pot

tomatoes on my head

then spread

on a plate full of

angel hair pasta.

I guess there are worse fates

for an onion.


The IMAGE is of my sculpture "Bleeding Wings5"

Buy it!

6 Simple Ways to Discover More Passion and Uncover Your Purpose - by Russ Small

There are a lot of wonderful, curious and unique places to travel on the Earth. Think about all the usual and unusual destinations you know about and recall if you know anyone who ever went away to do some "soul searching"? How about hearing about someone going on a journey to "find their self" "or "discover their passion"? Did you ever stop to wonder to yourself "exactly where did they go"? Is your passion and purpose a destination.

You might be confused about what you want to do in life and that is perfectly fine. What is more important is the fact that you are looking for answers, such as reading articles on discovering your passion. Is it important to find your passion? Is there any negative consequence to avoiding your true calling? The answer to both questions is absolutely! So why is finding your passion and calling so important?

Here's a quote from James Allen's classic book 'As A Man Thinketh'.

"Until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment. They who have no central purpose in their life fall easy prey to worries, fears, troubles, and self pityings, all of which are indications of weakness, which lead, just as surely as deliberately planned sins, to failure, unhappiness, and loss, for weakness cannot persist in a power evolving universe."

Having passion towards the things that you do in life will feed your soul and provide valuable insights into what you truly love. We hear the encouraging calls of those courageous adventures who travelled before us, those brave enough to battle ridicule from peers and handle personal frustrations. From the mountain tops of achievement they call out to us like Arthur Buddhold:

"Follow your passion, and success will follow you." ~Arthur Buddhold

So if the formula for success in life is really that simple, why does discovering passion seem like searching for a mythical land? Because before we can apply the power of passion in our lives, we must first understand what passion is. For example how do you find an animal that you've never seen before and don't know of any description whatsoever? The answer is you can't. It could be right in front of your very eyes and you wouldn't even know it!

Let's look at a definition of passion on the web.

Passion: passion (pshn)

1. a powerful feeling or emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger.

2. the trait of being intensely emotional.

3. something that is desired intensely.

People often mistake their visions and goals with their passion. In fact your passion, vision and goals are separate but still inter-related. A passion is a way of being, a vibration, a vision explains how you express your passion, and a goal is any outcome that brings you closer to realizing your vision.

Here are a few examples of how they all relate:

Passion: Create a happy family.

Vision: To be the best parent I can.

Goal: Take parenting courses.

Passion: Communication.

Vision: Becoming a great speaker.

Goal: Join Toastmasters.

Passion: Freedom.

Vision: Become financially-free.

Goal: Learn how to leverage money.

Here are 6 Simple Ways to Discover More Passion in Your Life:

Create a Passion Board

Creating a passion board, also known as a vision board, can be very powerful. This is especially effective if you are a highly-visual person. Creating a passion board is easy. Find out Clip out images, symbols and words that represent the essence of each of your passions. Make a collage and only add an item to it if it absolutely evokes a strong and powerful emotion within. Keep this in a place where you and only you will see it. Locations you frequent often such as your closet or personal bathroom are ideal locations for most.

Create a Passion Statement

A passion statement is not an absolute defining rule for you or anybody else to live by. In fact it is unnecessary to create rules in your life or the life of others... unless, of course, this is your rule. Passion is something that doesn't need to be ruled into existence, it needs to be discovered. Where do you adventure with yourself today? On a 3'x5' index card begin to craft your passion statement. It could be whatever you feel at this point in your life gives you meaning, how you make sense of the world, an aim to focus, or an ideal to pursue. For best results you should revise at-will and revisit this often, daily if possible.

Reflect on Your Passions

Try writing your personal affirmations and/or most passion words on your personal bathroom mirror with the same pens they use for white boards. These 'dry-erase' markers make for easy cleaning when your ready to change or tweak your words. A good thing to use if you cannot find words to write is your passion statement. Read your power phrases daily as you brush your teeth and get ready for the day in the morning. Read the mirror again as you wash up and get ready for bed. Experiment with different colors combinations until your passion appears both appealing and attractive.

Practice Gratitude Passionately

Passion comes alive where gratitude thrives. If you appreciate the ability or opportunity to do something you automatically do it with more love and attention. Write out your top 5 passions on 3'x5' index cards. Start with the words "I am so happy and grateful to be now..." or "I am so grateful now that..." then list 5 of your life's passion. Don't list them unless they make you feel incredible just thinking about them. Practice the feeling of having them. Underneath write "This or something greater now manifests for the good of all concerned". Place them strategically in your home, car, or carry them with you. Practice pulling them out often, especially whenever you feel ungrateful or down in the dumps.

Make Passionate Sleep

Your sleep is most likely the most important part of your passion equation. Passion brings out the best in you but if you have absolutely no energy then it is impossible to function at your best. To be your best you need proper rest. Be passionate about solving your sleep puzzle. What will it take for you to get an incredible night's sleep every night. Start experimenting with different things that might work. What might a sleep mask, music, ear plugs, hot tea, or warm bath do for you? Begin making small modifications at a time. Small changes can make a big impact on your overall sleep.

Build a Passion Support Team

The people you surround yourself has a bigger part to play in discovering and living your passions then you might think. A big mistake that people make is trying to discover their passions all alone. Passion is something that is meant to be shared and discovered with others. Find and surround yourself with people of vision and like-mind. Be sure to befriend people who have already pursued their passions with success. Check out groups and associations, explore mentorship, or invest in a life coach. Your support team will give you objective and invaluable advice when you need it.

Russ Small is a unique teacher in the personal development and human potential field. Russ has worked with Students, Artists, Small Business Owners, Doctors, Nurses, Life Coaches, Holistic Workers and Sales Consultants to achieve results in their personal and professional lives.

As a Calgary Life Coach Russ helps people reclaim passion, find purpose, live confidently, fall in love, build balanced and healthy habits.

Working as your Imagination Coach, he helps people break-free of their limiting beliefs so that they can live in a state of mind that will extract their best results and attract their best future.

Certified as a Subconscious Restructuring Coach, Russ employs an evidence-based 7-step process for results in depression, anxiety, motivation, stress, weight loss, eating disorders and more!

Article Source:



The Most Important Thing...


YOUR passion...

The IMAGE is of my painting "Tradewinds in My Hair" 20x24 oil on canvas, original sold but avail in prints

Your PASSION is:

See results

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