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Peacock Fabric

Updated on May 21, 2013

Peacock Feather Fabric and Panels

Ready to decorate with peacocks? Find some beautiful peacock fabric to turn anything into a peacock themed item. If you love to sew or create things then get ready for a peacock bonanza with some gorgeous prints and material to work with for your craft project.

If you love peacocks or know someone who does then get ready to decorate.

Take a Peek at the Collection of Feathery Fabric

Fun and Flirty Fabric!

So what's on your project list? If you enjoy crafting, sewing and have fun creating things from scratch then pick out your feathery themed fabric print and use your imagination to make something spectacular.

Timeless Treasures Plume Peacocks Multi/Black Fabric By The Yard
Timeless Treasures Plume Peacocks Multi/Black Fabric By The Yard

Black with hues of peacock green along with that signature turquoise color make this pattern really stand out.


Find Your Favorite Peacock Material

A Unique Peacock Spin - White background mix

What can be more striking than a peacock? I know, a peacock themed pillow, tablecloth or something else with this feathery friend. Find some very pretty fabrics inspired by this beautiful and showy bird.

A Feathery Look a Like - What do YOU think?

Here's a funny story you might get a kick out of. Awhile back I went to visit my parents on their ranch out in the country and was very surprised to find a beautiful peacock strutting around their yard! Yes, it was real peacock. I had never seen one so close before. I really wish that I had taken a picture of it.

It turns out that it belonged to a neighbor down the road and it had wandered over!

More Peacock Inspiration for YOU - What are YOU making?

Silky Satin Charmeuse Peacock Blue Fabric By The Yard
Silky Satin Charmeuse Peacock Blue Fabric By The Yard

Here's a satin fabric that's perfect for a very fancy pillow or dress. This type of fabric is perfect for weddings and special occasions.


Another Colorful Combination

Ooh, I just love the light colors in this pretty print. If you love the peacock feather look but want something a little lighter in pastels then this might be a wonderful choice for your project.

Find Your Feathery Fabric Print!

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