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Perler Beads Patterns and Ideas

Updated on December 30, 2014

Perler Beads Patterns and Ideas

Inexpensive Perler Beads Craft Projects can keep kids of all ages interested, engaged and thankfully occupied. Whether it's on a rainy day in May, a wintery February afternoon or during a boring mid-summer vacation lull.

The idea for what are now known as Perler Beads originated with the Munkplast company in Sweden back in the late 1950s. My personal history with the beads began sometime in the late 1960s or the early 1970s with a grade school project. Back then we called them Indian Beads, because they were marketed as decorative ornaments by sewing them onto Boy Scout and Girls Scout sashes for, merit badge projects.

The beads are manufactured by extruding plastic into narrow tubes (like thick walled straws) and then cutting them into short pieces, resulting in these plastic beads. It's kind of like making penne pasta only out of plastic. The beads can be easily threaded onto a string of yarn or used to make colorful shapes,objects and designs.

Image Source: by Kid's Birthday Parties

Plastic Beads For Perler Craft Projects

Perler Beads 22,000 Count Bead Jar Multi-Mix Colors

Perler Beads A Really Easy and Affordable Craft Idea

Perler beads have been used as a popular craft choice for many by moms and teachers for over five decades. These bead kits have been around for years and have recently gained a resurgence in popularity . Perler beads are making a comeback and we've seen a noticeable upward trend in online searches for this topic.

Ironically it could be a link to technology that has rekindled the recent popularity of this ultra low-tech craft. We've had more than an entire generation grow up through the birth of online gaming which initially used 8 bit graphic design technology. It just so happens that many of the characters originally depicted using 8 bit technology can be quite accurately reproduced using the colorful bead fusing methods developed by Perler. You will also no doubt find that the average age of the Perler crafter has likely increased by at least a few years.

The simpler more traditional Perler craft projects such as making lanyards, necklaces, bracelets, key chains, and hot trivets are still great introductory projects for some of our newest and youngest crafters. Moms and teachers love that it's still one of the more affordable craft projects.

The majority of the Perler Beads purchased through are available with the option of free super saver Free Shipping. Currently the minimum purchase amount to take advantage of free shipping through Amazon is $25.00, which will purchase a whole lot of Perlers.

By the way the Norwegian translation of Perlers is : "beads" ... go figure.

22,000 Colorful Perler Beads

Best Pricing At Amazon

Perler Beads Clear Square Pegboards 4 Pack

#1 Best Seller in Jewelry-Making Beading Hardware

Simple to use by putting your patter under the see thorugh pegboard. You can free hand and pick your own colors or follow the colors of pre-printed patterns.

Each pegboard holds 841 beads and utilizes an interlocking design to create a larger surface.

For more information including current pricing and availability follow the link. Image Credit: Amazon

Perler Ironing Paper For Fuse Bead Activities

#1 Best Seller in Fuse Beads

Perlor Ironing Paper is reusable and along with a household iron can be used for fusing together all of your Perlor craft project ideas, whether you get the 22,000 or 11,000 piece value containers.

For more information including current pricing and availability follow the link. Image Credit: Amazon

Perler Pet Parade Fuse Bead Value Activity Kit

#1 Best Seller in in Beading Kits

Perler Beads Pet Parade makes seventeen animal projects; cats, dogs, horses, turtles and whatever else your imagination will allow.

5000 beads.

Five shaped pegboards.

Ironing paper & instructions.

For more information including current pricing and availability follow the link. Image Credit: Amazon

Perler Fuse Glow In The Dark Bead Activity Kit

Perler Beads help develop eye-hand coordination, shape and color recognition, and motor skills. 2,000 Beads and Perler pegboards for making circles, stars, hearts, includes ironing paper.

Create ten cosmic designs.

3 reusable Pegboards (circle, star, heart).

Ironing Paper and instructions.

For more information including current pricing and availability follow the link. Image Credit: Amazon

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Have You or Your Kids Created With Perler Beads?

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