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Perspective Drawing Made Easy (and Fun!)

Updated on August 6, 2013

A Guide to Perspective Drawing Lessons for Kids (and Adults That Like Funny Stuff)

The goal of perspective drawing is to make the stuff you drawing "less flat." You could spend forever with all the details that go into making that "real world" look. This guide to free perspective drawing lessons will help you get the basics, understand them well, and make your drawings look great.

Each lesson presented here is designed to be learned in sequence. If you think you already know the basics, and want to jump right into one-point or two-point perspective drawing, go for it.

Let's draw!

perspective drawing puppies
perspective drawing puppies

Lesson One

Lesson one presents the "Big Idea" about perspective drawing, and gives you a simple project to help you better understand the basics of perspective drawing. It's a great hands-on project for primary age kids receiving their first lesson on perspective drawing.

Here's a sample of what you'll find:

Perspective Drawing for Beginners | Bigger and Smaller

To make things look a little less "flat", and more like they are in the "real" world, you need to add perspective. This is a subject that you could spend oodles of time on, and still not know everything. However, the basic idea is this:

If it's close, it's bigger. If it's far away, it's smaller.

You probably already knew that, though you may not have thought to apply it to your drawing...


1) Draw lightly at first, as line that you draw dark will make grooves in the paper that you can't erase.

2) Perspective drawing is easiest when you use a ruler.

perspective drawing crate
perspective drawing crate

Lesson Two

This perspective drawing lesson presents a second "Big Idea", offering easy-to-understand instructions on drawing a 3-D Wooden crate. Draw it well and you'll effectively keep the "CRAZY GORILLA" inside!

Here's a sample of what you'll find:

Perspective Drawing for Beginners | One-Point Perspective

In this lesson we will learn about one-point perspective. The second basic idea that you will need to know about perspective drawing is:

If things are far away enough, they seem to disappear.


1) Start with the basic shape of the box, and then add the details.

2) Be creative. Add details that you don't even see in the example. These creative choices are you first steps to being a great artist.

The point at which they disappear is called a vanishing point....

More Great Lessons on One-Point Perspective

Five Ways to Draw Perspective

How to Draw with One Point Perspective

two-point perspective drawing
two-point perspective drawing

Lesson Three

This perspective drawing lesson reinforces the stuff that students have already learned, and then adds one more element - a second vanishing point. This lesson will provide you with the skills you need to get the basics down. From there you can draw building and city scenes.

Here's a sample of what you'll find:

Two Point Perspective

Here we are at our third, and final lesson on perspective drawing. Everything you learned in the last two lessons is now applied to a city scene that vanishes in two different directions. Yep, two-point perspective.

Tip: Always draw your vanishing point first. This point doesn't have to be in any particular place... just somewhere in the distance.

More Great Lessons on Two Point Perspective

Perspective Drawing for Beginners | Two-Point Perspective

Two Point Perspective Drawing

Have fun!

It's Quiz Time!

Below is a link to an image that will allow you to test your skills. First identify if the image is in one or two point perspective, and then go for it!


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