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photo magnets

Updated on October 22, 2011


Photo Magnets: Purchase clear, flat-bottomed glass gems at the craft store. They come in different sizes and I find that the larger ones tend to be easier especially if this is a gift for a child.  Make color copies and shrink if necessary either multiple photos of the child, their family members, or perhaps some of their artwork or cut up pictures from magazines of things they are interested in or favorite characters, or it could be letters or words so they can make up words or sentences. Whatever strikes your fancy or would be appropriate for the recipient. Trace around the gem onto the photo and cut out circle. Use Mod Podge to adhere photo/picture to bottom of gem. Allow to dry completely, then use either a product like E6000 or a strong tacky glue to affix a flat disc magnet to the back. (Make sure the magnet is strong enough to hold up the gem). Allow to dry and attach to any metal surface. A cute packaging idea is to paint or decoupage scrapbook paper onto an empty Altoids or Sucrets tin or even just the inside of a clean jar lid and place your magnets inside.  Word of caution! Not recommended for small children who may stick the magnets in their mouth posing a choking hazard.


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