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Photo Project Idea - Circles

Updated on December 19, 2017
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Titia is interested in photography, poetry, family, art, dogs, cats, insects, wildlife, history, war, camping, writing, and the environment.

Dandelion seed
Dandelion seed | Source

Photo Project: Circles - Natural and Man-Made

One of the projects for a photo shoot of our photo club was: roam the area you live in and find natural and man-made circles. I love those field photo trips with a goal; they make you look more closely to what nature has to offer.

Circles in nature? Yes, just that and when you start looking for them, you will discover that nature has made a lot of circles.

Most natural forms are either round (circles) or curved. You won't find rectangles or squares in nature unless they have been formed by different objects.

In this article I will show you the circles I found in my neck of the woods in natural and man made form.

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Natural Circles

Woodpeckers Love to Make Their Nest in a Dead Tree

I live in an area filled with pollard willows. Some willow trees in my area are over 100 years old. We don't chop the dead ones down, but leave them standing, because even dead the willows have an important purpose.

Woodpeckers often nest in them, making circle shaped entries to their nest holes. They also find all kinds of edible bugs on these trees. I found this group of pollard willows not far from my house and they all had been visited by woodpeckers. They were not all dead trees though. When pollard willows are damaged, only part of the tree will become deadwood, but the living bark will go on producing branches.

Woodpecker Nests in a Dead Pollard Willow

woodpecker nesting holes
woodpecker nesting holes | Source

Old wood is the perfect object for photographers

I didn't have to go too far to find this beautiful gnarl. It was sitting right in my own garden, in the door of the old outside toilet house. The green paint paled by age. It's gone now, the old toilet house because we connected the barn to the main house and the old toilet house was standing in the way, it had to go. So I'm glad I could take this picture just in time.

Fungus like to grow on old trees and this one grows in circles. I just love the beautiful dark reddish colours with the white trim.

Circles in and on Old Wood

Big gnarl in old wooden door
Big gnarl in old wooden door | Source
Fungus on an old tree
Fungus on an old tree | Source

Even Vegetables Are Photogenic

Natural circles can be found close to home.

When I clean vegetables I throw the remains outside on the muckheap and that's where I found this stump of a leek. It was a bit dried out and it looked just perfect for my photo project circles.

The stump of a leek

The stump of a leek
The stump of a leek | Source

You Can Find Circles Everywhere If You Look for Them

Forcing yourself to find certain shapes in nature, will result in looking closer to the environment around you, which - of course - is a good thing.

So many circles surround you in your daily life.

Natural Circle but with a Little Human Help

Hedge Basket

Circle shaped Hedge Basket
Circle shaped Hedge Basket | Source

Sometimes Nature Needs a Little Help

This photo above was taken in the Province Drenthe, up North in my country The Netherlands.

I thought it was rather nice looking and it appeared to be a hedge, which they had clipped in the form of a basket with a round handle.

Now you know what to do with the hedges in your garden. You can clip them into a basket and sit in it.

Even a Turkey Can Look Rather Circled

white turkey
white turkey | Source

My sister's turkey

This turkey belonged to my sister and he didn't want his photo taken, so he puffed himself all up till he looked like a big white feathered ball. Sometimes you need a bit of imaginary to see circles in nature, because in nature nothing is shaped in a perfect line.

Some Spiders Make Beautiful Round Holes

spider web
spider web | Source

Looking Around for Natural Circles Is a Lot of Fun

It's always so much fun to work out a special assignment with a group of people, because every one will look upon things and see things in a different way. And you know what: long after the project is finished you still see circles everywhere.

Man-made Circles

Man-Made Circles in different structures

Man-made circles can be found everywhere, in the streets, in the harbour, in the buildings. Other than the natural circles, the hand made ones normally have the perfect mathematic form. I love that form, it has something infinitive, a never ending line.

fishing net floats
fishing net floats | Source
fishing net floats
fishing net floats | Source
Well cover
Well cover | Source
Bottle lid
Bottle lid | Source
Concrete sewer drain
Concrete sewer drain | Source

Optical Circle

Bridge in Mechelen (Belgium)
Bridge in Mechelen (Belgium) | Source

Photo Project Idea - Circle

I hope by showing my photos about natural and man-made circles will help you and maybe has aroused some awareness of looking closer to the things around you and see the beauty of it all. Nature has made so many forms either by the shape of the plants or by a natural frame.

After the Photo Project Was Done

After the photo project was done, all who took part in this photo shoot showed their pictures and it was so amazing to see how different each of us had looked upon this assignment. It's a great way of learning how to look at the little beautiful things that surrounds you.

© 2013 Titia Geertman


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