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* Photography - Natural Circles and Man made Circles

Updated on February 6, 2015
Titia profile image

Capturing Nature's beauty in photography is food for my soul. I live in a beautiful agricultural landscape with rows of trees and old creeks


Circles - natural and man-made

One of the assignments for a photo shoot of our photoclub was: roam the area you live in and find natural and man-made circles. I love those field photo trips with a goal, they make you look more closely to what nature has to offer.

Circles in nature? Yes, just that and when you start looking for them, you find out that nature has made a lot of circles.

Most natural forms are either round (circles) or curved. You won't find rectangle forms or squares in nature unless they have been formed by different objects.

So in this article I will show you circles in a natural and man made form. The photo in this intro is a gone to seed dandelion.

Copyright photos and text, if not mentioned otherwise: Titia Geertman

Woodpecker holes in a Pollard Willow

woodpecker nesting holes
woodpecker nesting holes | Source

Woodpeckers love to nest in dead trees

I live in an area filled with pollard willows. Beautiful trees, some are even close or over hundred years old. Some died and they don't chop them down, but leave them standing, because even dead the willows have an important purpose.

Woodpeckers often nest in them, making circle shaped entries to their nest holes. They also find all kinds of edible bugs on these trees. I found this group of pollard willows not far from my house and they all had had a visit from woodpeckers. They were not all dead though. When pollard willows are damaged, only part of the tree will become deadwood, but the living bark will go on producing branches.

My Cameras:

Most of the time I use my old Sony Cybershot 717. It's not available anymore alas. This camera had the movable lens, something I just love and won't let go.

I do own a Nikon D 5000 too, but I hardly use it.

Compared to my Sony it's a heavy weight and rather complicated. I know little to nothing about all the tech stuff and for the Nikon I really have to study that. The D 5000 has been approved and the newer version is the Nikon D 5300. A great camera, I'm sure.

A big Gnarl in an old wooden door

big gnarl in old wooden door
big gnarl in old wooden door | Source

Old wood is the perfect object for photographers

I didn't have to go too far to find this beautiful circle. It was sitting right in my own garden, in the door of the old outside toilet house. The green paint paled by age. It's gone now, because we connected the barn to the main house and the old toilet house was standing in the way, it had to go. So I'm glad I could take this picture just in time.

The stump of a leek

stump of a leek
stump of a leek | Source

Photo objects in hand's reach

When I clean veggies I throw the remains outside on the muckheap and that's where I found this stump of a leek. It was a bit dried out and it looked just perfect for my circle assignment, so I took it inside again to photograph it. I think it came out rather nice.

Fish eyes have the shape of a circle too

Fish eyes are circles
Fish eyes are circles | Source

Circles are found everywhere

Forcing yourself find certain shapes in nature, will result in looking closer to the environment around you, which of course is a good thing.

So many circles surround you in your daily life.

Circle Shaped Hedge - man made

circle shaped hedge
circle shaped hedge | Source

Sometimes nature needs a little help

This photo I didn't made on that photo shoot trip, but I made it when I was on a sheep inspection trip in the Province Drenthe, up North in my country The Netherlands.

I thought it was rather nice looking and it appeared to be a hedge, which they had clipped in the form of a basket with a round handle.

Now you know what to do with the hedges in your garden. You can clip them into a basket and sit in it.

More man made round objects

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Even a Turkey can look rather circled

white turkey
white turkey | Source

My sister's turkey

This turkey belonged to my sister and he didn't want his photo taken, so he puffed himself all up till he looked like a big white feathered ball. Sometimes you need a bit of imaginary to see circles in nature, because in nature nothing is shaped in a perfect line.

Some Spiders make beautiful round holes

spider web
spider web | Source

I'm intreged by spiders and their webs

You probably don't know it yet, but I do like spiders and specially their homes, the spider webs. I think they're beautiful and cleverly made in any way. I even wrote an article about the spiders in my barn.

Different spiders make different webs and there are spiders that make webs with round holes as an entrance to their hiding place. Whenever they feel there's something in their web, they rush out to grab it. Fascinating creatures, spiders are.

Natural Circles

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Fishing net balls

fishing net balls
fishing net balls | Source

Machine made circles

Man made circles can be found everywhere, in the streets, in the harbour, in the buildings. Other than the natural circles, the hand made ones normally have the perfect mathematic form. I love that form, it has something infinitive, a never ending line.

Concrete Sewer Drains

concrete sewer drains
concrete sewer drains | Source

Fishing Boat Buffers

rubber buffers
rubber buffers | Source

We make circles each year at Christmas which last a long time after

Wreaths for All Seasons

Of course there are the wreaths, man made with natural products. Circles of Love and Friendship through all seasons. It's a most beautiful and personal gift you can give.

Circle of Life of Mother Nature

poem circle of nature
poem circle of nature

Around and Around made by men

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Wood Circles Stacked

wood circles
wood circles | Source

Fungi circles on tree

fungi circles on tree
fungi circles on tree | Source
bridge Mechelen
bridge Mechelen | Source

I hope my article has stimulated you to look a bit closer when you go on a photo shoot

I hope by showing you my photos for this particular assignment, where we had to look for circle shapes in nature and made by man has aroused some awareness of looking closer to the things around you and see the beauty of it all. Nature has made so many forms either by the shape of the plants or by a natural frame.

In this picture you see the reflection of an arch of a bridge in Mechelen - Belgium

© 2013 Titia Geertman

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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      Some beautiful photos. You have a talent for this.

    • Greensleeves Hubs profile image

      Greensleeves Hubs 2 years ago from Essex, UK

      A useful hub Titia, showing how anyone can find photographic inspiration in almost any thing - even concrete sewer drains! Very good imaginative use of the subject matter creating fine photographs. I hope if there was a competition attached to the assignment, you won an award! Alun

    • profile image

      Colin323 3 years ago

      Great photographs, and an interesting project too, as it really makes you notice shapes you might just take for granted

    • John Dyhouse profile image

      John Dyhouse 4 years ago from UK

      What wonderful photos, I like the idea of selecting a theme and taking photos of that theme. I do this as an artist but never thought of extending it to photography, at which I consider myself a beginner

    • profile image

      photographylifestylepro 4 years ago

      Nice lens love your picture on it. Thanks for making it

    • LauraCarExpert profile image

      LauraCarExpert 4 years ago

      I really like the picture of wooden door!