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Photocat Photo Editor

Updated on September 20, 2014

Photocat Photo Editor

Photocat Photo Editor is a web based service that provides tools for editing your photos in fun and creative ways. Obviously photos and animals are the popular theme! In the examples below you will see that Photocat offers the standard array of basic photo editing features - with the addition of an excellent collage option. Between the collage, some nice holiday features and some advanced handling of large images, Photocat is a good option for folks looking for a free and easy to use Photo Editor. Also, we've included a few similar services - along the lines of, if you like Photocat you might like these services too.

Effects and Easy Comparisons - Photo Before and After


Photocat has many effects, shown above is the Art > Sketch effect which only took one click. But even more than the effect, which is common to many online photo editors, I like the ease with which you can see the before and after that Photocat offers.

Photocat built into Facebook


All of the Photocat features are available directly through Facebook - there is no difference between the web and the Facebook version. The main advantage of the Photocat Facebook is that it directly integrates and pulls your photos from Facebook. For a full range of editing I am still partial to Picmonkey or Ribbet, but for the Facebook integration Photocat is nice.


Easy Uploads

One of the unique Photocat features that I most like is small feature - but a big time saver. Today's digital cameras are, by default, creating larger and larger images and most of the online photo editors can not handle images that big. Photocat, rather than saying can't upload, simply says "hey, we'll shrink the file for you - no extra work on your part!" This saves you time, allows your work to continue faster and does not impact the quality of your photos (unless you are looking to print 4x6 foot wall sized posters!)

Portrait Effects


There are nine different portrait effects and one of my favorites is Abao which is shown above. Though you also have vintage, cappuccino, black and white, mellow, fairy and more.

Reasons to Try Photocat

PhotoCat is competing against other apps like PicMonkey, Citrify, Photoshop Express and Ribbet. Photocat seems targeted at families and kids with a very friendly interface adorable icons. If you want to work on photos with your kids - Photocat would be a great option! When i first used Photocat, I found the collage tools to be a bit rigid compared to Picmonkey but they have already added a DIY (do it yourself) option that adds much flexibility and highlights the ongoing potential for Photocat. Overall - lots of fun to work with!

  1. Ease of use - All the photos options are easy to find on the left side menus.
  2. Come on, how cool would it be to edit your cat photos with photocat ;-)
  3. Handles large digital images without you having to resize them on your own.
  4. No registration required - so there is no risk.
  5. Ongoing enhancements and new features.

Photo Editing Tools and Ideas

Other Photo Editors Similar to Photocat

Lose Weight With Photocat - Great retouching features

    • Slimming tool: warps pixels around your brush so you can knock a few pounds off your subject or improve his/her facial structure. Check out the video below to see how to effectively use this tool.
    • Spray tan: add a touch of color to your subject’s complexion, by using a brush and eraser or by applying it to the entire image.
    • Eye enlarger: enlarge eyes with one click.
    • Blush: add glow to your cheeks and chins.
    • Blemish removal: get rid of pimples, spots and patches with a click.
    • Skin Smoothing: smooth skins, partners nicely with blemish removal.
    • Eye color: change the color of your subject's iris; tip - use a small brush.
    • Red-eye removal: fix red eyes with one click.
    • Mascara: add instant eye-liner.
    • Lip tint: choose popular colors, or create your own.



Photocat Alternative

PicMonkey, a creation of several former Picnik engineers offers a simple and easy to use tool for editing and altering your images. Even if Picnik was still around, PicMonkey would be a great alternative!

The entirely Web-based editor is fast and effective, and among the cleanest interface (PicMonkey and Ribbet will be fighting for that title) for a photo editor (Web or desktop) that I've come across. In the left-hand column you see all of your options. And that includes everything from basics likes cropping and rotating to a full array of air-brushing edits. In Picnik style, you can add icons and text and throw a frame around a photo. Basic edits consist of crop, resize, rotate, as well as color tweaking and sharpening. There is also an auto adjust button much like the one that was among Picnik's top features.




Photocat offers a range of frames as you can see in the upper left of this image. One of my favorites, is extremely simple, but for some reason it really caught my fancy. Quite simply, it makes your photo look like it comes from the screen of a video camera. Seems simple, but a really nice way to touch up a photo and make it seem special/unique.

Photocat Tutorial - Look Younger in Your Photos

Ribbet Photo Editor - Photocat Alternative


Ribbet is built on the same platform that made Google's Picnik great and is an easy to use yet powerful online photo editor. You can use Ribbet for collages, touch-ups and advanced photographic effects like curves and clone tools, fonts, frames, stickers, vampire effects, beards, and an entire pond full (yes, get ready to deal with some froggy puns) of effects. Like Picnik, there will be a free and a premium version.

Photo Collages


Photocat has three main areas - Edit, Retouch and Collage. Edit and Retouch are pretty similar and are explained throughout this page. Collage is much more unique and as the picture above shows you have (on the left) a ton of layout options! Some other photo collage services are integrated with printing services, but if you want to print on your own than Photocat is a great option for your collage.

Holiday Images - Make it Snow, Make it Snow, Make it Snow


Holiday Cards


One of the nicest features of Photocat is a large collection of Christmas themed frames and cards. While many paid services (Treat, Cardstore, Shutterfly) have card options, Photocat is a free service offering make your own holiday cards. The selection is only a few cards, but it will be interesting to see how Photocat expands with upcoming holidays. In this example, I was able to load three different images into the card. The first image you load is put in all three spots, but with a quick replace option you can add additional photos.

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