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Photography ideas for beginners

Updated on May 10, 2012

Unique photography ideas

If you are really interested in photography and thinking about delving deep into this form of the art and you just don't know where to start, I know how you feel! I have been there myself. After buying my first DLSR camera (Nikon D5000) I started looking at the awesome flickr pages with lots of amazing photos and blogs and found out that only practice can take you to the heights in photography. But you can find interest only if you can make practice fun, right? So here are some awesome and cool photography ideas for beginners. Go out and have fun with your camera!

Street Photography - Grab your camera and go out in the streets

photography ideas for beginners
photography ideas for beginners

Its pretty simple. just grab your camera and go out in the streets you see everyday and try to see things differently. Use different angles and shoot the everyday scenes in unique ways. Street photography is starter for your photography passions and take your camera everywhere you go. If you have only one good photo in a whole day then consider yourself lucky. I do consider myself lucky in I get a single good photo in a photo walk.

Street photography continued... - See things differently

Photography ideas for beginners
Photography ideas for beginners

If you are wondering how street photography will help you, here's the catch. The biggest obstacle to be good at photography is that fear of getting out with the camera and people's reaction to photographers. Street photography will help you to overcome that obstacle and be easy with shooting people with your camera. It also teaches you what is the real beauty of photography : seeing everyday things differently through your lens! Go out and shoot some awesome street photos and share with your friends!

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Photography magazines are great way to get new ideas about photography!

GO black and white - Try BnW photography for a change!

Photography ideas for beginners
Photography ideas for beginners

It is said that nothing can capture human emotions better than black and white photography. For a change, go for black and white and see how good or different your photos look. it does not necessarily have to be people your are shooting, it can be anything starting from old houses to your coffee mug! If you are good with photoshop or other photo editing softwares, play with different colors and emphasize one or two of them and have fun!

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portrait photography - shoot 20 strangers with your camera!

Photography ideas for beginners
Photography ideas for beginners

Take this challenge and shoot 20 strangers in one week. It is not easy but it is a great way to improve your photography. Go out with your camera, find your subject and talk to them before you take the photo. This will help you in not only getting good at photography but also your interpersonal skills. Play with lights while taking portrait photos and compose your photo with time. May be you can make new friends while completing this quest!

Macro photography - Tell a story with your favorite character!

Photography ideas
Photography ideas

This is a great project that you can take up and have a lot of fun along the way! Think of your favorite characters and find miniature version of those characters and tell a story with strings of macro photographs! Use your imagination and create a new internet sensation! There are a lot of photographers out there who have created great story boards with macro photography. Come up with creative ideas and shoot a story and have fun while doing and sharing!

photography ideas
photography ideas

A string of macro photography with the popular fictional character Stormtrooper!

Theme based photography - Shoot 100 photos with your selected theme

photography ideas
photography ideas

Select a theme, the one you feel like shooting photos with. It can be anything starting from early morning in the city to your favorite book stores or just the color blue! I have come up with many themes myself and one of them was shooting photos of shadows. Select your theme and take 100 photos on that theme. See how diverse ranges of things can be stringed together under a simple theme and have fun while doing the project! Here are some ideas for you : clouds, friendship, green, favorite streets, graffiti etc etc.

Food photography - Shoot photos of foods and ingredients!

Photography ideas
Photography ideas

Take photos of what you love to eat most or what you hate to eat! Foods can be great photography subjects as they can be colorful, interesting and yummy! Seriously, think about the most unusual way you can portray a cup cake on a plate! Its fun to focus on the ingredients too! and nothing beats colorful, sprinkled, yummy looking ice-cream, right?

Expressionism - A new way to express your thoughts!

Photography ideas
Photography ideas

Photo title: She: stands alone!

Photographer: Aftab

I did not know about this form of photography until I met one of the photographers who actually started doing this type of photography. Expressionism means expressing your thoughts through your photographs. That means you have to be creative enough to come up with subjects and compose the photo according to your thoughts! Good photography does not necessarily has to be something beautiful but it must have a message from you! Try expressionism in your photography!

Share your ideas! I bet yours are better!

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      6 years ago

      I loved the experssionism thing so i tried it and now i'm selling them at my schools gala


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