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Photos for Fun and Profit

Updated on November 28, 2014

Photos for Fun and Profit

Taking photographs can be quite a bit of fun. We often take family outings of photograph snapping. Sometimes, the subject is planned. Sometimes the object is to just look for interesting subjects. And, sometimes something unexpected happens, and that image taken at just the right time becomes a classic. So, if you are looking for a great G-rated family activity, just get a camera for everyone and go to it.

INTRO IMAGE: This is our own image. We have the rights to use it.

Being Prepared

Check Twice before Starting Out

An impromptu photography outing may seem to be a fantastic, spontaneous event, but only if all is prepared. We use digital cameras. I have been out looking for photographic subjects, and when I went to snap the first image got the message there was no memory card. Another problem is that we take many photographs, and I have already had just a few that could be added before filling my memory card. Download your card before leaving. Another problem is a dead battery, which means I did not charge mine. My son uses AA batteries, so he buys a large pack and has them available. Whether you use rechargeable batteries of throw away batteries, be ready.

Storing Your Images

... And Not in Your Camera

Computers can handle pictures, but as the number of Megapixels increases, that number or images capable of being stored becomes fewer. And, the more Megapixels your camera is capable, the better images it will produce, so you would not want to give that up. Another problem is many images slow computers. The solution is an external hard drive. Not only can it handle many images, they now can hold Terabytes of data, but it can be used to back up your computer.

Color Steam Engine

Color Steam Engine
Color Steam Engine | Source

Black and White Images

Some images, not all, are better in black and white. And with digital cameras this could be a simple setting, or even done later. I have two images of the same steam engine up on Zazzle and café Press. One is in color, and the other is in black and white. Which one sells better? The black and white image attracts more sales. Why? When steam engines were widely used, there was only black and white film, or very expensive color film. To use color makes the image look too modern, it should look like something from the period.

Black and white can also give a stark contrast, and might be used for emphasis. Another possible reason for choosing black and white is to capture the essence of the look of fog. Yes, it still has its place.

Poll A

Which do you prefer?

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Logoon, a Digital Image
Logoon, a Digital Image | Source

Comparison of Digital Cameras and Those That Use Film

The Choice Is Yours

Digital cameras can capture a nice image, and that image can be sharpened, changed to black and white, and corrected for some defects. This is easier than with film. Yet, no matter how many Megapixels you have, there is a maximum size an image can be made before pixilation occurs. Film is continuous, and does not suffer from pixilation. One could argue the size of the molecules would eventually cause pixilation, but the molecules do not arrange themselves in neat columns and rows. So, if it is a huge image that you need, opt for film.

This image our own image.

Poll B

Do you insist on digital cameras?

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Digital Cameras

Better cameras usually have a higher price.

Digital Cameras

Less expensive cameras are just right for children to use.

Make It Profitable

We use our images on both Café Press and Zazzle. Why both? Zazzle is easier to work with, but Café Press has a wider product line. I suggest you use both if you are interested in profit.

Street Musician - Notice it does not show a face!

Street Musician - Notice it does not show a face!
Street Musician - Notice it does not show a face! | Source

If I Take the Picture, I Can Use It, Right?

Well, not always. Zazzle will pull images with names of buildings on them. We had an image pulled that was taken in the New Orleans French Quarter because the neon sign House of Blues was visible. We also recommend common sense, such as not getting people in your shots where they can be recognized. We also make it a point of never publishing an image that shows a license plate number.

One that we did publish, because it shows the essence of the New Orleans French quarter, was of an artist selling his art on the fence of Jackson Square. In this case, out of respect for his original work, we shot the picture from a distance at an oblique angle, so his pieces cannot be copied by others. We also got the back of his head.

Another problem is when the image your are photographing is protected. The Royal Caandian Mint requires permission to use the images of their coins commercially. They own the image on the coin itself.

Publish carefully, and respect others.

Impromptu Shot of Riverboat

Impromptu Shot of Riverboat
Impromptu Shot of Riverboat | Source

Artist - Notice the Angle.

Artist - Notice the Angle.
Artist - Notice the Angle. | Source

Poll C

Do you agree we need to respect others when photographing?

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Our Zazzle Store

Most of the images we have shown here have been used to make a multitude of products on Zazzle, Cafe Press, or both. Please visit the site below for many other images, and more thousands of great products.

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    • profile image

      Jason 3 years ago

      I can actually reatle a lot with this excellent article, Last year, when I bid farewell to my office-mates I am actually teary-eyed and I know I will be missing a lot of people most especially some them became my closest friends, I actually made a little note with a handicraft little butterfly on it and gave it to them. Yes, saying goodbye is hard but life must go on, what is constant in this world is change, so I must embrace it as well.

    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 3 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      My wife and I both carry a good quality point and shoot cameras (Same brand so use the same batteries) with large SD cards. Nature is my big thing, while hers is people.

    • The One Stop Shop profile image

      The One Stop Shop 5 years ago

      I have always loved taking photos of nature. My powershot S90 takes great photos and has really impressed me.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      What good and simple practical advice you give out of your experience and you taught me a new word, "pixillation", now to use it in a sentences....well, I guess I just did!

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 5 years ago

      My Sony camera is the best! :)

    • profile image

      lionmom100 5 years ago

      I have a Nikon point and shoot and a Nikon DSLR. I love both of them. Currently saving my pennies for a macro lens.

    • Carpenter76 profile image

      Carpenter76 5 years ago

      Love taking photos. Since my first camera I have a Samsung camera. Best cameras ever!