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Photos of Words

Updated on May 25, 2022

Photographs of Words

Photos of words. That's it. Read on!

[Well, I was going to leave it there as a nice, pithy intro. But the Squidoo system has recently taken to demanding more content in this section. So, to stop this highly ranked lens going offline, I'm padding. This is particularly difficult for me, as I'm a copywriter. But there you have it. Hopefully I now have enough words to satisfy the ROBOT. Let's see ... ]

Sleep - You know you want it!

The warm bedside lamp vies with the cold light of day. Flecks of dreams strew a button which, if it were many times larger, could pass for a portal to some futuristic chamber. At the edges, fragmented tasks compete for attention, but it's still way too early to focus!

Push - Great advice for life!

I took a dozen shots trying to capture this word. But with the harsh inside/outside light contrast, moving background and reflective, multilayered surfaces, it was very tricky. I chose this shot over ones featuring young girls on High Street shopping sprees as it adds another dimension of meaning. Also, this bloke wasn't moving so fast! :)

Scratched - It was bound to happen eventually ...

I went to a Richmond pub for a drink. But the bar had been filled with pokies and the lounge had become a betting room. So I snapped this word and fled. I love the irony of Cage Fighter being ... scratched.

Lubricant - I think we've finally run out ...

There are some wild blocks in my inner urban suburb. Millions of dollars of real estate playing host to all manner of detritus. This can looks like it has been here for a long, long time. I'm assuming it's an oil-based lubricant, which makes the corrosion something of a miracle. How patient rust is!

Out for summer.

Gotta be in it to win it!

Are we having it yet?

photo wine glass cafe table word
photo wine glass cafe table word


photo visitor sign empty car park
photo visitor sign empty car park

Was it something we said ... ?


Don't believe everything you read!


This certainly got my attention.


You have been warned.


Ladies night.


Cave Clan members should like this one.


Roll up! Roll up!


Read (all about) it.

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It's all you need, apparently.


Should be more of it.


Time moves on. But there's no need to get ...


Come closer.


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