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Photoshop Red Eye Tool

Updated on December 7, 2015

Photoshop Red Eye Tool

"Red eye" happens when the light from the camera flash reflects off the subject's retina. It can make for a disturbingly demonic image.

1.. Open the Image

Select File, Open or click the Go to Bridge icon in the Options bar to launch Bridge; then open the file you want to modify.

2. Zoom in Close

Click the Zoom tool in the toolbox to zoom in tight on the subject's eyes.

3. Select the Red Eye Tool

Select the Red Eye tool from the toolbar. You'll find it nested with the Spot Healing, Healing, and Patch tools.

4. Click in the Red

With the Red Eye tool active, click in the red area of one eye. If the correction doesn't match the size of the pupils or seems too light or too dark, undo the effect and change the Pupil Size or the Darken Amount setting on the Options bar and then reapply. When you're satisfied with the result, click in the red area of the other eye.

Fixing Non-Red Eyes

Many animals have a special reflective layer at the back of their eyes to help with their night vision. This can cause green or white eye instead of red eye. The Red Eye tool looks for red, so it isn't of any help if you want to correct green or white eye. Instead, use the Sponge tool set to Desaturate to remove all the color from the affected area and then repeatedly apply the Burn tool to the area, set to Midtones.

Red Eye Tool Video Tutorial

photo restoration
photo restoration

Using Photoshop For Photo Restoration

Digital photo restoration can save irreplaceable heirloom pictures and preserve an important part of your family history. Whether it be a torn edge, damaged corner, creases, cracks, water stains or rips and tears, Iridis Imaging provides an expert restoration service to return your photos to their original glory.

Using the most sophisticated computer software, the results that can be achieved are quite astonishing. No matter how badly the extent of the damage to your photo an improvement is almost always possible and in most cases a total restoration to the photos original quality.

Photo Restoration Example - Before And After

photo restoration
photo restoration

Wooden Letters and Wooden Shapes Websites

Below is a list of excellent wooden letters and wooden shapes websites.

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    • profile image

      FlashManElk 7 years ago

      it's amazing how simple it is to remove red eye from a photo but how often you still see it in photos on the web.