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Photoshop Smudge Tool

Updated on November 27, 2015

Photoshop Smudge Tool

The smudge tool is used to smear paint on your canvas. The effect is much like finger painting. You can use the smudge tool by clicking on the smudge icon and clicking on the canvas and while holding the mouse button down, dragging in the direction you want to smudge.

As usual, you have a host of options which affect your smudge located in the Options palette.

For the most part, you will use the pressure option. The pressure option modifies how powerful your smudge is. If you set it to 100%, you will wipe away all the existing paint. Set it to 20% and it will be as if you are trying to smudge dried paint.

Further, you have a few good options in the brush options menu such as "Darken" and "Lighten".

Another cool option is the "Finger Painting" option. When the finger painting checkbox is checked, Photoshop will add a little bit of foreground color to your smudge. This mimics a situation in which you actually dipped your finger in a bit of paint before you performed your smudge.

The final option, the "Sample Merged" option is used to blend colors from lower layers of a multi-layered canvas.

Smudge Tool Video Tutorial

photo restoration
photo restoration

Using Photoshop For Photo Restoration

Digital photo restoration can save irreplaceable heirloom pictures and preserve an important part of your family history. Whether it be a torn edge, damaged corner, creases, cracks, water stains or rips and tears, Iridis Imaging provides an expert restoration service to return your photos to their original glory.

Using the most sophisticated computer software, the results that can be achieved are quite astonishing. No matter how badly the extent of the damage to your photo an improvement is almost always possible and in most cases a total restoration to the photos original quality.

Photo Restoration Example - Before And After

photo restoration
photo restoration

Wooden Letters and Wooden Shapes Websites

Below is a list of excellent wooden letters and wooden shapes websites.

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