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Photoshop Spot Healing Tool

Updated on November 27, 2015

Photoshop Spot Healing Tool

Sounds pretty obvious when you spell it out right? You have spots on your photo (from digital sensor dust) so use the spot healer. I'm not sure when the tool was introduced to Photoshop, but I've encountered more than one person constantly using the Clone Stamp to take care of spots, blissfully unaware of the Spot Healing Tool.


1. On your tools palette just above the brush tool, click on the icon that you see in this post (it's a little bandage with a spot under it).

2. OR press "J" to bring up the most recently used healing tool or "Shift J" to cycle through the tools until you find the right one.


1. Zoom your photo to an appropriate level so you can see the spots clearly.

2. Make sure your Spot Healing Brush Tool is still activated.

3. Set the brush size to about twice that of the spot.

4. Set your brush hardness fairly low to ensure smooth blending.

Click the spot.

5. That's it. Bye bye. If you want to keep things non-destructive, throw an empty layer on top of your background and make sure you're sampling all layers. This is a good idea anyways so you can erase stuff or touch it up.


No, it's not the perfect tool, but it's certainly faster than doing the sample click, click, sample click, click, sample click, click thing with the Clone Stamp. The Spot Healing Brush usually fails miserably around sharp edges. So if you have spots near areas of high contrast or sharpness, you might be better off reverting back to the clone stamp.

Spot Healing Tool Video Turorial

photo restoration
photo restoration

Using Photoshop For Photo Restoration

Digital photo restoration can save irreplaceable heirloom pictures and preserve an important part of your family history. Whether it be a torn edge, damaged corner, creases, cracks, water stains or rips and tears, Iridis Imaging provides an expert restoration service to return your photos to their original glory.

Using the most sophisticated computer software, the results that can be achieved are quite astonishing. No matter how badly the extent of the damage to your photo an improvement is almost always possible and in most cases a total restoration to the photos original quality.

Photo Restoration Examples - Before And After

photo restoration
photo restoration

Wooden Letters and Wooden Shapes Websites

Below is a list of excellent wooden letters and wooden shapes websites.

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      FlashManElk 6 years ago

      any photo restorer must master this tool.