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Picture Keeper-A Review

Updated on October 21, 2014
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Tips, Pros, And Cons Of The Picture Keeper

I am an avid scrapbook artist, a Mom, wife, grandmother, sister and more. Between my own camera, and the pictures of family and other pictures that I keep, my computer space fills up pretty fast with all kinds of images. Then when it starts to slow down, I get frustrated. And I have to admit that I am not as meticulous as I should be in doing regular backups

Now what do I do with those photos that I want to save? When I want to show others some of these pictures, it's not always easy to lug all my scrapbooks around. And I already have a boxes of pictures that I need to make into scrapbook pages. I am getting bogged down and frustrated. Ugh ! Then I found this really neat product called the picture keeper and I got excited!

The first thing that I really liked was the fact that This was a plug and play product. No program to install, no password to remember. It took just three steps to use it. Plug the Picture Keeper into your computer. Click Start Backup. Put it into a safe place It was so easy !

Here in Florida, where lightning hits are a fact of life, hard drives are burned out and images are lost. This product does store images safely. But other things can cause you to lose your images-fire, flood, tornado, hurricane. It sure would be great to have those precious photos to keep. On mine there is also visual images of my home inventory pictures

General Features Of The Picture Keeper - And Some Of My Thoughts On The Product

One of the downsides of digital photography is the potential to lose your pictures instantly. It happens to everyone at one point or another. One little keystroke and you can lose pictures that can never be regained. I bought my Photo Keeper as an insurance against that happening. You can never regain those precious memories. been there-done that. I have to give the Photo Keeper **** just for doing that for me !

  1. It backs up digital photos-that's the purpose of the product And to me that is exactly what I need ! Between family in New Hampshire, Colorado, South Carolina, and the locals, I need a system to download the pictures I collect from Facebook, Emails, ect. I want to keep all the pictures, but they eat up a lot of space on my computer. This would seem to be a good answer.
  2. Can be easily transported to a digital photo printer. This enables me to get the best deals and use the Sunday paper coupons. I can just throw it into my purse !
  3. Plug and play side show on any digital picture frame or TV with a USB Port Want to share some pictures with family members. Instead of showing them the pictures on a small camera or cell phone, you can a actually show full sized images
  4. You can use the photo keeper on a PC or a MAC so anyone can use it
  5. Works well with all photo organizing software's like Kodak Easy Share, Picasa, etc.I have the Kodak Easy Share and my Picture Keeper was so quick and easy
  6. With the Picture Keeper your photos are stored once only - does not create duplicates upon successive backups
  7. Can backup videos too!
  8. I use it on more than one computer Both my PC and my laptop have images stored on my Picture Keeper

Picture Keeper 4000 Picture Storage

This is the basic Picture Keeper that holds 4000 average pictures. It's a good option for anyone with medium amount of pictures to copy

Picture Keeper 4GB Portable Flash USB Photo Backup and Storage Device for Computers
Picture Keeper 4GB Portable Flash USB Photo Backup and Storage Device for Computers

4000 picture photo capacity makes this a great starter product


Picture Keeper-8000 Picture Unit

This unit has the larger capacity

If you buy a second picture keeper, the first one will pick up where the last one left off ! I love this feature. So when I go buy my next one I'll be good to go

Picture Keeper Pro

This unit is has more storage and is more for professionals or anyone who has a lots of photos to store

Picture Keeper- MAC Load And Use

For any MAC, all you have is plug it into one of your USB ports and an icon appeared on your desktop. You click on the icon and clicked on the "PictureKeeper" logo. All you have to do from this point on is click on the "START BACKUP" button . It backs up all of my photos organized as they appear on your mac (it will be organized with folders as it is on your pc or mac)! Each time you add new photos on your MAC,you plug your Picture Keeper and backup your photos (it will only backup your new photos and won't duplicate your photos from previous backups).

A Final Thought-More Uses For The Picture Keeper

Picture Keeper Makes A Great Gift

Being a scrapbook artist, I can see the definite positives and possibilities that the picture keeper has. It will save me a lot of space on my computers. And I can take my photo keeper and print as many pictures as I need. I can also see doing a home inventory-taking pictures and placing them on one unit. Then placing these units outside the home. If you are a blogger or a webmaster and take lots of pictures for business use, this would be a great storage unit for your images. If you are a photographer, this unit would be a perfect tool for storing pictures. Wouldn't it be fun to load lots of pictures on a small un it and sending it to a grandparent or parent as a gift?

I am very happy with the picture keeper and plan to buy more units in the near future. I could not find a negative issue with this product. What has your experience been? Thanks for stopping by.

How Has The Picture Keeper Worked For You? - Or are you still on the fence?

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