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Cute Pig Fabric and Material for Sewing

Updated on July 10, 2013

Favorite Piggy Picks

If you need to make something out of pig fabric then take a look at some of the favorite selections available. What type of project are you trying to cook up?

If you are using the material for sewing, quilting or just a craft project then delve into the fun world of pot bellied pigs and little piglets! There is a whimsical print for every person who adores these cute little mud lovers.

See More Pig Sewing Materials

Cute Pig Fabric and Materials - Which pig will it be?

If you have a thing for pigs then decorate your entire home with a piece of your favorite mascot. The perfect place for these little cute creatures is the kitchen. How about creating a funny apron to wear?

This Little Piggy Went to Market..

Cute Farm Animal Fabric - A few little pigs in the background with other farm animals

Here's a pretty print that will be perfect for a quilt or perhaps making a fun pet bed! What do you plan on making with this fabric? Please share in the comments below.

Find some others..

Piggy Favorite Pick! - So adorable and perfect for projects..

Pig Fabrics that Will Inspire You to Create

What can be cuter than some little pink pigs flying through the air? While these don't really have wings, I love how this fabric has a light and airy feeling to it. This might be a great pick for a pair of kitchen curtains or a table cloth.

I Love Comments! - What do YOU think about these cute pigs?

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    • mysweetjane lm profile image

      mysweetjane lm 5 years ago

      there are some cute pig designs here!