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Pine Cone Crafts and Poetry

Updated on October 6, 2014

Pinecone Crafts and Poetry

This hub has many of my original poems about pine cones. There is also lots of pine cone craft information as well as interesting facts about pinecone.

And if you want to give someone a pine cone themed gift this Holiday season, or you want a pine cone decor accent for your home, but you are not inclined to craft it yourself, I have a link for great pine cone gift ideas that are all ready to use and enjoy!


Poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

Ode on a Pine Cone

This splendid work of Nature before me sits

Its spiral of sienna chips balancing the whole

It drops to earth and wanders not from where it hits

'Tis well equipped; short spurs and tar arrest the roll

Another wondrous exhibit of the Golden Ratio

Evolved early-on in the primordial ancient woods

Looking up at me the same as to Horatio

This perfect package common in the neighborhoods

As well a food source for squirrels, voles and birds

Who chip the stiff petals to get what is hidden

A mathematical beauty deserving of these words

Crowning fruit of Nature's bounty not forbidden

Did You Know?

At least one type of pine cone (Florida Slash Pine) closes up when it's wet and opens again when it dries out. Wow!

On Pine Cone Jewelry - a poem

Maybe dangling from the ears

On winter holiday occasions

Or at the neck any time of year

Their allure needs no persuasion

The Cone of an Evergreen

The cone of an evergreen has many forms

Yet each must follow the Golden Rule

It will seed new life through sun and storms

And feed birds and chipmunks as Nature's tool

Creating Pine Cone Art

Most Folks - a very short pine cone couplet

Most folks don't live in a copse of pine

Yet may want a representation when they dine

Make Thee Something - pine cone couplet 2

Make thee something from the perfect pinecone

And gift it; share, don't be alone

Pine Cone Crafts in Video

Pine Cone Needles with Wood - This image may be purchased from


A Pine Cone is a Perfect Form

A pine cone is a perfect form

Should it fall off in a storm

It will have chances to create

New pines from Nature's slate

Pines Have Been Around

Pines have been around for ever

While peoples' time is fairly new

In our short history, however

Artistic renderings do accrue

Biggest Pine Cone?


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