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pinterest: good or bad

Updated on December 23, 2011

Pinterest not to be taken seriously

Pinterest has created quite the buzz on the internet as the next best thing. What started as a pin board for anything that interests you, is faster and faster becoming a wasteland of stupidity. The idea is great. A community of people who share their arts and crafts, recipes vacations and interests and "pin" it, on the board for the world to see. This is great if you're a do it yourself-er and are looking for ideas. Want to decorate a wall? or come up with an interesting design? No doubt you can find it on pinterest....for now. Take a trip and need vacation ideas? Sure, no problem. The problem with pinterest is that its caught the attention of the facebook crowd. That crowd of people who race to add "friends" or post on peoples walls as often as possible.

And so it goes with pinterest. Try finding a design for a wreath. You'll get some great wreath ideas, if your specific in your search. The problem with pinterest is that people are starting to post absolute garbage. For example, I made dinner tonight, lets post the recipe and pictures on pinterest. Or, I just wrapped a present, lets post a picture of it on pinterest. The popularity is diluting the content from a valuable resource of information, hobby's or interests and turning it into another message board or "community'. For the truly informational and resource driven web surfer, pinterest offers nothing more than a way to check up on what interests other people.

As of now, pinterest is limited on server space and unable to just blindly accept new users...the downside? If you aren't a registered user, every time you click a page, the breadcrumb of where you've been disappears. For instance, if I click on a vacation idea to Jamaica, don't like what I see then click "back". The landing page has all new ideas. I have to scroll around to find what it was I originally selected and in most cases, its not even on the page anymore.

For what its worth, pinterest is a great idea, but if they don't start setting some standards on what can be posted, pinterest can hardly be taken seriously and ultimately is just a nother social media addiction for those who so willingly share their personal lives with the world.


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    • chrisrabkin profile image


      6 years ago from Naples Florida

      Pintrest has become a catalyst for driving sales from the pinboard directly to the sale page. It's a fantastic concept that uses social networking like most other sites to spread the word to the masses. Good hub but a little outdated as Pinterest has revamped their TOS and now you may sign up using the open graph connection via facebook or gmail.

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      It's a shame that what seems to have started out as an excellent idea has been spoiled by socialnetworkingnutters! But I guess at the end of the day no decent site is actually free of them -its a case of putting up with the garbage as well as the cream!!

      Great hub and very interesting! Voted up!


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