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Pinwheel 4 to 9 Patch Quilt Block

Updated on January 24, 2016

Disappearing 4 Patch And Pinwheels

Instead of making more disappearing 9 patches, as I did in my other lens, Pinwheel Disappearing Nine Patch, I have decided to make a Disappearing 4 Patch with Pinwheels.By looking at the photo, it appears that I would first have make a small pinwheel block, then make 4 half square triangle units, and then make 4 square units with 2 colors of fabric. That's 3 separate units to make for just one block. For me, that's too much like work. I am going to show you how I made this table topper, starting with a 4 patch unit made into pinwheels. I have used 4 different colors of fabric that have the same pattern.All photos are taken by me.

5 inch quilting ruler
5 inch quilting ruler

Sewing Half Square Triangles-Step 1

Using My New Quilting Tools

Since I only needed 4 HST Units, I used this method to make them. I placed two 6 inch squares right sides together, and then using my new Fons & Porter Quarter Inch Seam Maker, I drew a line on both sides of the ruler. Those lines are the sewing lines. After they are sewn, you can use this ruler to mark the cutting line. This is done by placing the center yellow line on one of the sewing lines and marking. Then cut on that line. I then used my new 5 inch square ruler to square them of to exactly 5 inches.The 6 inches squares I used may have been a little too big, but I am a person that likes to be safe, and have enough fabric to make what I want. I am showing the blue fabric here, as I just received my new tool after the green fabric had already been made up into units..

Making Pinwheel Units

Step 2

After I made the 4 units of half square triangles. I then arranged them into pinwheels. When they were sewn together, I had 9.5 inches by 9.5 inches. This unit should now be squared off to a number that is divisible by 3, which will be 9 inches.Now you are going to make 4 equal cuts of 3 inches, as shown in the photo gallery below.

Dritz R641 Omnigrid Ruler Set, Squares
Dritz R641 Omnigrid Ruler Set, Squares

I like having the 4 inch and the 6 inch squares in this set.


Cutting Your 4 Patch

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Two Different Colors Of Blue

I chose the 2 shades of blue fabric for the next unit. It is shown here sewn together ad then cut into 4 new pieces, which can now be arranged into a nine patch block

Blue & Purple Fabric

This unit is made with the purple & blue fabric. It is the same darker blue that I used with the lighter blue fabric. It is also the same purple that was used with the green. These photos may have been taken in a different lighting situation, and that is why it looks red instead of purple.

Blue & Green Fabric

And finally, the green & blue fabrics were made into pinwheels. This is the same green that is used with the purple fabric.

Ways To Arrange Your Cut 4 Patch

Click thumbnail to view full-size

9 Patch Layout

As you can see from the photo I chose to used the arrangement where the Half Square Triangles were moved from the corners and into the center sides.I have arranged all all block units into the same pattern. You can also arrange each color into a different arrangement, and come up with some very interesting and impressive layouts.I have not yet sewn the pieces together, but when I do I will post the final size of this table topper.

Disappearing 4 Patch Quilt Block Poll - Another Layout

Have You Ever Made The D4P Quilt Block?

See results

The Final 9 Patch Layout

nine patch layout
nine patch layout

Instead of sewing the 4 block units together, I decided to make another 5 pinwheel blocks to make a nine patch out of everything, by placing the 4 pinwheel 4 to 9 patch units in the four corners.I started out by using a 5 inch square to make the Half Square Triangle Units as shown in step 1. After all the seam allowances, and trimming to make everything square, the size of this project should have been 21 inches by 21 inches, but it only turned out 18 inches by 18 inches, and that was my fault, by not knowing how to square off a block.After following some not to clear instructions from an Internet site, without any results, I finally used my 6.5 inch square ruler and squared them off.There is not too much trimming in steps 1 and 2, but after you make your 4 cuts and have to make 9 patches out of them, then there is more to trim to make everything square up properly. There is also a lot of matching up seams with this pattern.Although I am very happy with the end result, I would make this pattern again, with a few color changes I did not have any more of the green or purple fabric left. so in the top left corner, I had to use the dark blue with the turquoise blue, which ended up having a dark blue butt up against the dark blue of the pinwheel block. I have since gone to the fabric store and found a darker green in the same fabric, and also a lime green color. Oh, well, they will go with the orange and yellow I have left over. I also just realized that I could have used a different layout.Lessons learned after making this pattern:~~~Learn to square up a quilt block~~~Since I liked this fabric so much, I should have purchased 6 or more colors , and buy less of each color, which would have resulted being the same price.```When making pinwheel blocks, make sure they are all made using the same layout. I ended up having one made that was opposite of the first one I made. Hey, 4 out 5 is not bad. right? ~~~Here is a site where I finally learned out to square up a quilt block: Square Up Your Quilt Block


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi Edith, Thank you for liking my Historical Charlton Heston Movies review. I tried to make a pinwheel quilt for my granddaughter. It came out OK. I did not have a rotary cutter nor an of the other great tools you have here. I sure wish I did. She liked the quilt for a few years and then did not like pinks any more so I got it back as I told my daughter not to throw out any of the bigger home made items I made for the kids. So I have it. It is made with all synthetic materials. I have extra material and so I need to replace one or two of the triangles that have holes in them. Great lens on quilting! :)

    • maryseena profile image


      6 years ago

      I had no idea that there are tricks and shortcuts to complex quilt designs. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • notsuperstitious1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Edith Rose 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @lionmom100: Thank you, and thanks for visiting my lens.

    • profile image


      6 years ago



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