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Pipe Organ Mouse Pads

Updated on April 12, 2013

From enormous to tiny, ancient to modern - pipe organs make fascinating subjects for mousepads

Mousepads are here to stay - sorry for those detractors who claim they are a thing of the past! Not a bit of it. I don't NEED one, but it's all about having something of yours to colour your working/living space. Imagine your work cell (aptly named, huh?) where everything is corporate, and in many cases, you are not allowed to depart from the bog standard bland blah of off-white walls, and muddy green carpets.

So personalize your little bit of territory with a mousepad!

They are just great for giving as gifts too - affordable, and doubtless you can find a design that suits even the most awkward member of the family. (Except maybe great uncle Humph; a sad case, he doesn't believe in electricity so don't even try talking computers...)

My other organ is a Cavaillé-Coll
My other organ is a Cavaillé-Coll

Who would like a Cavaillé-Coll?

(well, who wouldn't?!?)

Unfortunately many of us trundle along with our humble little one or two-manual organs, dreaming of the colours and power of a much larger instrument. Although size isn't everything, it helps when it comes to pipe organs. Cavaillé-Coll knew a thing or two about building organs but he didn't always make enormous ones. Little house organs were as much a part of his stock-in-trade as the more famous ones such as that in St Sulpice in Paris. But as a by-word in the organ world, Cavaillé-Coll stands for quality, beauty and unique, unforgettable sound.

Which is why I came up with this latest little design on my mousepads. "My other organ is a Cavaillé=Coll" with a picture of the typical little English church organ you will find in a myriad of churches around the world.

If you would prefer a Rieger, Mander, Klais, Casavant or an instrument by any other organ builder, you only have to change the text before buying your mousepad! Ah, so simple :-)

Organ mousepad photo gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Golden organ pipes mousepadAngels on the top of organ pipes in Chester CathedralLudlow Parish Church organ, UKOrganists are Great mousepadOrgan manualsOrgan pipes of the Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City.My Bach;s Worse than my biteI'd rather be playing my organ mousepad - a cartoon featuring an organist happily playing away at his console.Fulda Cathedral Rieger pipe organBirmingham Town Hall Mander pipe organ
Golden organ pipes mousepad
Golden organ pipes mousepad
Angels on the top of organ pipes in Chester Cathedral
Angels on the top of organ pipes in Chester Cathedral
Ludlow Parish Church organ, UK
Ludlow Parish Church organ, UK
Organists are Great mousepad
Organists are Great mousepad
Organ manuals
Organ manuals
Organ pipes of the Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City.
Organ pipes of the Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City.
My Bach;s Worse than my bite
My Bach;s Worse than my bite
I'd rather be playing my organ mousepad - a cartoon featuring an organist happily playing away at his console.
I'd rather be playing my organ mousepad - a cartoon featuring an organist happily playing away at his console.
Fulda Cathedral Rieger pipe organ
Fulda Cathedral Rieger pipe organ
Birmingham Town Hall Mander pipe organ
Birmingham Town Hall Mander pipe organ
Rieger organ, Christchurch Town Hall, New Zealand
Rieger organ, Christchurch Town Hall, New Zealand

My favourite of all time

- but for a very poignant reason

This is a sad, sad story - our beloved Rieger pipe organ, that was installed in the Christchurch Town Hall in 1997, was silenced on February 22nd in 2011 after a series of devastating earthquakes. It won't be forever, as the silence is mainly because the building is too dangerous for public access, but we do miss this beautiful pipe organ so much. We are the lucky ones however, as so many of the organs in Christchurch have been either completely destroyed or so damaged that recovery is unlikely given the cost.

So this mousepad is for them, in a way, And so that you may never take your own pipe organ for granted.

See the next module for a video made of this superb instrument.

Video of the organ featured in my favourite of the week - This week: The Rieger organ in the Christchurch Town Hall

A chance to hear what you are seeing! One of the organ world's great fun pieces, the Sortie in Eb by Lefébure-Wély, played on the Rieger organ in the Christchurch Town Hall, New Zealand, by Martin Setchell. Footage also shows interior pipe work, including the Swell and pedal divisions of the organ.

Vote for your favourite mousepad - What do YOU want in a mousepad?

Mousepads - I love 'em!
Mousepads - I love 'em!

I started giving mousepads as presents to friends early on in the computer revolution. But part of the problem was figuring out what ones really hit the spot for those particular people. For organ lovers and musicians in general I found almost any kind of pipe organ image was appreciated - partly because you just don't find these in shops. But the famous organs probably stood out as being the most popular by my customers - I guess you are always safe with an image of, say, the Cavaille-Coll in St Sulpice in Paris! But in this poll you can voice your own preferences, and this might help others decide what they think will go down well with their recipient!

What do you want in a mousepad?

See results
Maybe the angels on top of the pipes would help bless your work?
Maybe the angels on top of the pipes would help bless your work?

BTW, just in case you doubted it

Some people say that using a mousepad really doesn't do much for your (ah, how would people express it these days?) surfing or computing experience. Yes, that's it: experience. Read this from Wikipedia:

"The three most important benefits of the introduction of the mousepad were higher speed, more precision, and comfort for the user. A secondary benefit was keeping the desk or table surface from being scratched and worn by continuous hand and mouse rubbing motion. Another benefit was reduction of the collection of debris under the mouse, which resulted in reduced jitter of the pointer on the display.

When optical mice, which use image sensors to detect movement, were first introduced into the market, they required special mousepads with optical patterns printed on them. Modern optical mice can function to an acceptable degree of accuracy on plain paper and other surfaces. However, some optical mouse users (especially gamers, designers, and other heavy users) may prefer a mousepad for comfort, speed and accuracy , and to prevent wear to the desk or table surface.

Well, I say hear! hear! to that. Although I use an optical mouse, I find the only surface that reads well enough is either my mousepad or the specially finely textured vinyl cover of my desktop. But here's the big reason why photos of organs make specially good mousepad surfaces, even for optical mice: the optics have plenty of variation in colour and tone of the intricate and highly detailed images from which to take the readings. Simple as that.

So get your pipe organ mousepad today! (and make Churchmouse happy....)

mousepads on Amazon

As usual, the mighty Amazon coughs up some marvellous stuff about pipe organs!

I'd love to have your feedback - and especially if you have any suggestions for a particular organ you would like to see featured among my designs!

And yes, this is where you send me a comment if you are entering my competition from

Pipe organ mousepads guestbook Comments

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    • profile image

      2pipes 6 years ago

      I like the "Press any key..." design!

      We were pleased to catch up with you both in Palmerston North recently. We are enjoying Martin's latest CD. I must talk to him sometime about fitting "It's Been a Hard Day's Night" to one of Bach's trio Sonatas..........

    • JoyfulPamela2 profile image

      JoyfulPamela2 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      Wow, these are really awesome looking! =D

    • profile image

      Andy-Po 6 years ago

      Thanks very much for visiting my mousepad lens. I have always been fascinated by pipe-organs and my Dad likes to play Bach whenever he is allowed to get his hands on one and I have even had a go myself (I'm unfortunately not a proficient keyboard player however)


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