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37 Unique Crafts Using Plaster of Paris

Updated on November 16, 2017
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

plaster-plaster of paris-crafts ideas
plaster-plaster of paris-crafts ideas

Alright, you want to know how to make plaster crafts for fun and profit. Start with a simple and quick plaster of paris project and see how easy it is to make really awesome works of art. Soon you'll be ready to try your hand using molds to make decorator figurines for yourself or as gifts.You'll find that you can inexpensively make beautiful figurines that look like fine ceramics.

Consider these pluses for using plaster of paris: plaster dries quickly so you can get on with painting and finishing the project, you don't need to bake the project in a kiln, and you can buy plaster of paris at a lumber or hardware store, where the price is much cheaper than buying it at a craft store.

To find the directions for making the pretty bird shown above, go to CRAFTS FOR ALL SEASONS

1. Plaster Eggs to Decorate

There are so many possible ways to decorate these plaster eggs. Consider adding a bit of wet plaster to slightly roughen the surface, let dry, circle egg with a bit of lace and add a jewelry fixing. Or, after painting the egg, spray with gloss spray for an enamel look. Find the tutorial for making the plaster eggs at My Kid Craft.

2. Plaster Dipped Flower Votives

The tutorial that you'll find at DESIGN MOM gives you all the information that you need to prepare silk flowers to make beautiful flower votives. These votives could be spray painted if color is desired.

3. Recycle Mold Bugs

The kids will have a blast painting bugs that have been made using the plastic food trays, that we buy certain pasta or cookies in, as molds. The instructions for this craft project is found at Paint a Sign.

4. Nature Impressions

Before mixing the plaster, be sure you have collected the stones, leaves, twigs, shells, marbles, or whatever you want to use in your impressions project. Directions for this outdoor craft project can be found at Art Club Blog.

5. Thumb Tacks

This is a great idea, especially if you are looking for a unique or humorous gift to give to a friend or office mate. You'll find a great tutorial for this "thumb" tack craft at DREAM A LITTLE BIGGER.

6. Wispy Ghosts

I'll certainly want to make a few of these ghosts, to make a Halloween centerpiece, this year. I love the idea that they are lighted. Go to the Ashbee Design site for the tutorial.

7. Faux Porcelain Frame

Imagine how appreciated a beautiful faux porcelain frame like this would be. Make and gift a frame like this by finding the easy to follow instructions at SUZY'S SITCOM.

8. Polka Dot Plaster Easter Eggs

Change the cheap looking plastic Easter eggs into real decorator items by going to Positively Splendid for the tutorial to make them. Imagine all the different looks you can get by using this method.

9. Cupcake Candle Holders

These cupcake candle holders would be so cute used to decorate for a baby shower or for a kid's birthday party. You'll find the instructions for making cupcake candle holders at the Songbird site.

10. Bug Tic Tac Toe

The kids will have so much fun playing tic tac toe with this leaf and bugs set. You'll find the tutorial for making this project at Susy’s Sitcom.

11. Memo Clip Holder

You'll find all sorts of ways to use this little memo clip holder. In the kitchen it could hold a recipe card, in the living room it could hold photos, etc. To see how to make this little memo clip holder, go to the ARTMIND site.

12. Plaster of Paris Gourds, Leaves and Pumpkins

13. Plaster Leaf Prints

I love so many of the projects that "that artist woman" shares on her blog, and I especially love this one. Find great, step-by-step instructions to make these leaf prints at that artist woman.

14. Footprints

Be sure to make a set of these, or a plaque, each year while the kids are little. A great remembrance of days gone by. Go to Beauty & Bedlam for the instructions.

15. Hearts and Shells

Even the teenagers will love making these items to remember the good times at the beach. Make them while on vacation, or make them when you get home and re-experience the fun. Go to Completely Coastal for the directions.

16. Letter or Number Sculpture

Talk about an easy and inexpensive way to decorate a bedroom or playroom! All you need is some imagination and you'll find it hard to quit making the sculptures. Make them to hang on the wall or to set on a shelf or dresser. Make the letters thicker by stacking the molds. Beautiful!! Go to first palette for the instructions.

17. Topiary

Although this topiary is made using skull forms, which is great for Halloween, use a suitable mold for the sort of topiary that you wish to display. Go to paper, plate, and plane for the instructions.

18. Molds Tutorial

This site gives a nice tutorial on using small molds to make plaster projects. Think of using these to make pins, magnets or tree ornaments. Go to for the tutorial.

19. Chunky Beads


Big, chunky jewelry is the "in" thing right now, so have lots of fun making your own. Find the instructions at first palette.

20. Maple Leaf Garland

Learn how to make a beautiful plaster leaf garland by finding the instructions on the sweet something design site.

21. Recipe Card Holder

This would be a great gift for Mom, Grandma or anyone who loves to cook. Imagine how proud the little ones will be to see you use this useful gift from them. Go to homecooking memories to see how to make them.

22. Free Form Sculpture

Imagine all the interesting free form sculptures you and your class can make using the instructions available at first palette. This is such a cool project!

23. Contemporary Hands

These hands are definitely a decorator's dream. To make this elegant and unique arrangement, go to Martha Stewart.

24. Leaf Casting DIY

You'll find a very nice, step-by-step tutorial on how to make these plaster leaf castings by visiting the Handmadeology site.

25. Faux Cement Candlesticks

By going to Brown Paper Packages you'll find the tutorial on how to make plain, ordinary candlesticks into beautiful, unique decorative pieces. Easy and outstanding.

26. Beetle Magnets

Make a Tic-Tac-Toe games using beetles you have made using the directions found at Deceptively Educational. Wouldn't this make a great project?

27. Air Fresheners

Make useful air fresheners for your home, gifts or to sell. Find the directions at

28. Plaster Ghost

Whether you need a bunch of these to use as place cards on a holiday table, or just to group a bunch together for a centerpiece, either way you can't find an easier or more outstanding Halloween decoration. Find the instructions at my Momma told me.

29. How to Make a Plaster Bird

30. Plaster Roses

You won't have a safe silk flower in your home once you find out how much fun it is to stiffen them with plaster. You'll find a great tutorial for making plaster roses at Songbird.

31. Nature Plaque

On the site, ordinary life magic you'll find pictures of children making this plaque. Very easy project to follow.

32. Creative Figures

Although the instructions given on the site, creative. are written in a foreign language, you'll easily be able to figure out how to make these really cute and creative figures.

33. Plaster Letters

I like the elegant look of these plaster letters. They can either be made to hang on the wall or let them lean on the mantle. Go to POPPYTALK for the instructions.

34. Sand Casting

Find out how easy it is to do this project of making a cast in sand. Susy’s Sitcom explains how to do sand casting in their tutorial.

35. Plaster Masks

You can make your mask as scary as you want by following the instructions on the SOPHIE’S WORLD site.

36. Plaster Dipped Flowers and Fruit

I think this is an outstanding project. The directions to follow for this project can be found at The Golden Fingers.

37. Embossed Venetian Plaster

I wish I could imagine a way to do this directly on a wall. Find the tutorial for this embossed Venetian plaster at craftberry bush.

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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    • Charles Karoro profile image

      Karoro Aziz 2 months ago from New York, US

      Its a beautiful writing and i love it..........please write like this more to explore how we can do better thing .love you Loraine Brummer.....thanks very much.

    • a portuguese love profile image

      maria fernandes 6 months ago from Figueira da Foz Portugal

      What a collection! Who knew?Thank you for sharing! I think I will try one or two of these ideas just to see how it goes!

    • Margaridab profile image

      Margarida Borges 17 months ago from Lyon, France

      Nature impression and topiary are of great inspiration. You can do a lot of different works base on them.

    • profile image

      chickie99 5 years ago

      always used plaster in making mountains for model railroading

    • kimbesa2 profile image

      kimbesa 5 years ago from USA

      This takes me back to crafting in days gone by! I might have to make the pretty bird, and the ghosts. Thanks!

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 5 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      @ArtzeeChris LM: What a great idea. It sounds cute and also scary looking. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • ArtzeeChris LM profile image

      ArtzeeChris LM 5 years ago

      There are some really cool ideas here. My son and I made plaster spider eggs for Halloween using balloons. You poured wet plaster into a balloon, blew up the balloon with a pump, tied it off, then you swish the plaster around the balloon to cover the entire inside of the balloon. When the plaster dries, you use an exato blade to gently cut the balloon off from the plaster and you have a huge egg. Then you break the egg open just a little bit and put led lights inside so it glows and then hot glue plastic spiders on the egg like their emerging from the egg. My sons loved it!

    • profile image

      hongrosaonline101 5 years ago

      Very nice one