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Plastic Canvas Crafty Ideas

Updated on July 1, 2014

I love plastic canvas

In school I used to have craft classes. I was trained in various crafts like sewing, knitting, plastic canvas arts, gown making and carpentry. I also underwent a special course in glass gift article making. I love the plastic canvas because it is a simple object that can be shaped into many number of crafts. All you need is a pair of scissors, needles and different color threads. I have made multicolored clutches, tissue holders and gift baskets out of it. It is easy and fun. It does not require specialized training. If you are creative, then the sky is the limit for the patterns you can knit using this. It does not take much time and can be done in installments too if you have trouble sitting at a stretch.


My First Object

I was first introduced to this piece of technique when I was in the seventh standard. In our school every year we were trained on an new art form till the ninth standard. As each year progressed, the difficulty level of the art slightly increased. This was done as an extra curricular activity and we were assigned marks for this art class too. My first object with this technique was a beautiful clutch. It was a pattern of pale pink roses on a white mat.

My mother's younger sister is the creative brain in the family. She is an expert on knitting and sewing. Though I was introduced to plastic canvas in my school, I was encouraged by her to explore new techniques with the yarn. She taught me the process of uniform stitching and asked me to try out abstract patterns, patterns without any particular symmetry. Her whole house is decorated with her crafts and like me, she too is fond of this canvas art. She makes beautiful craft objects with simple everyday objects like a hat, a cooker ring or small wooden sticks.

What is a Canvas?

Plastic canvas is a light weight craft material using with knitting yarn. It is very flexible and can be used to create a variety of objects like small boxes, purses, toys and gift items. It is available in standard A4 size sheets. It can be readily cut into any shape with a simple pair of scissors.

It has uniformly spaced holes through which yarn can be pulled in and out. Depending on the number of holes and the hole size there are different varieties of canvas. It is available in a large number of colors. It is slightly rigid making it very comfortable to work with.


There are specialized yarns available in the market to be used for this purpose. There are a large number of shades available. You can choose any color you want for any pattern you want. We have to use appropriate colors for realistic patterns. Be very careful in choosing colors if you are tracing a particular character. Yarns are available as simple yarns and shining yarns. Check out which suits your purpose before buying it.


A book mark is one of the easiest applications of this craft. This is an exercise for beginners who are interested to know more about this.

You can make your own bookmark in these simple steps.

Cut the plastic sheet in the size you require.

Refer a ready made book mark if you are not sure about the measurements.

If you are opting for a symmetrical design then you need not sketch it for reference.

Use more than a single color to make your bookmark attractive.

Tissue holder

Now you know how to make a bookmark. It is the easiest work on plastic canvas. Now let us go for a little improvement. You can try making a tissue holder with it.

Cut the appropriate length of canvas five times

You will have six pieces to join together with two opposite pieces of identical length.

You can choose whether you want a rectangular tissue box or a square tissue box.

You need to cut out a center hole of the standard size seen in tissue boxes sold at stores.

You can make out the same design on all the six sides or make a different design for the top as per your creativity.

Arrange your tissues inside and put it on display.

Your home made tissue holder is ready!


You can use the same procedure as above to make a flower vase.

In this, the length is a little different.

The slit in the middle should be a little thin.

You can use it to arrange small flowers and showcase it in the dining table.

Have you made anything out of plastic canvas?

See results

Handbags and Clutches

Since the canvas is very flexible, it can be bent in any direction you want and can be cut into any shape you prefer.

The procedure is more or less same for all the makings, but you have to be careful with the measurements in case you have multiple smaller bits of canvas to be joined.

A small bag can be made from this. Shown here is a bag with identical pattern but nevertheless it looks good on finishing.

The base is not fixed. You can cut it into a wide base or a narrow base however you like.

The same way, handmade clutches can be made. You can either give it to the shop for lamination and zipper for the clutch after designing the canvas or make a simple clasp yourself. I followed the former method as it would be long lasting.

For Kids

The canvas can be cut into very small pieces and then joined together after patterning as a very entertaining project.

This is a great way for kids to learn crafts. Also this type of craft is easy to master and safe to handle for children.

In this photo a great bee is created from a simple plastic mat. You can make any number of objects like this as the canvas is very light and flexible. It is great for simple patterns.

In case you want to stick some lighter object on the mat for beautification, you can do so with a little fevicol.


Are you bored of all the gifts in the store? Why not make your own gift for your loved ones.

For those who are not confident of stitching directly on the mat, you can draw a rough outline with a marker and then stitch on it.

These gifts are ideal for any occasion since the patterns convey the meaning rather than the shape.

Given here is a set of cute Christmas gifts.


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