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Free Plastic Canvas Halloween Patterns - Books and E-Kits

Updated on September 17, 2014

Halloween Patterns

Making Plastic Canvas Crafts is on of my favorite past times. I have worked on some pretty big projects before, but setting down with a pattern that can be completed in just a little while is fun too. So while I'm looking for patterns for my self, I will share with you what I have found for Halloween Plastic Canvas Patterns.

It is not unusual to be working on crafts out of season to have several projects ready when time comes for the fall craft fairs. It is also a good idea to start a project early if you plan to use it for decorating your home. You never know when every day life can get in the way of your hobbies.

If your planning to sell your crafts or even give them as gifts, you may want to take advantage of some of the really cute FREE patterns I have listed.

All photos on this page are from products available on

Halloween Haunted House Pattern

I have built a doll house out of plastic canvas.

It was a huge project but something I am very proud of.

A smaller house like this one may be a better size to start with if you are interested in making one.



My Doll House Built From Plastic Canvas

My Doll House
My Doll House | Source

Links To Free Patterns

Free Plastic Canvas Halloween Patterns

This is the first set of free patterns that I have rounded up for you. I have gone to many sites that offer patterns and provided the link for you to the ones that are available at no charge.

There are several here that will keep you busy for some time.

Pattern Books With Halloween Plastic Canvas Patterns

Available through out the year so that you can get started early on gifts or items for craft fairs.

Plastic Canvas Is Easy For Kids

In my opinion, this type of craft is an easy one for kids to get started on.

They don't have to use sharp needles. The needles I use are tapestry needles with pretty blunt tips.

Projects can be something as small as a refrigerator magnet on up to something like the doll house I built one time.

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Downloadable E-Patterns

Mail And E-Mail Patterns

Download And Print Patterns

The following sites offer patterns that can be downloaded to print or can be sent to you by e-mail.

Books Available On Amazon

Great For Decorations

These make nice gifts and most all of them can be used as decorations.

Kits Available On Amazon

Kits For Halloween

If you are just wanting to try out working with plastic canvas and not want to have piles of yarn left over from a small project, I suggest starting with a kit that includes exactly what you need.

Have You Made A Plastic Canvas Project?

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  • Wednesday-Elf profile image

    Wednesday-Elf 3 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

    My daughter-in-law once made a large 'haunted house' in plastic canvas for her Halloween decorations. :) I usually make tissue box holders & coasters. Thanks for the Halloween pattern ideas.

  • profile image

    Ibidii 3 years ago

    Your Doll House is awesome! Great ideas here, I added your lens to my new Halloween lens. That will be my 2nd Halloween lens. Thanks for the great patterns links and Amazon links!

  • WriterJanis2 profile image

    WriterJanis2 4 years ago

    These look like they would be so much fun to make.

  • hazeltos profile image

    Susan Hazelton 4 years ago from Summerfield, Florida

    I love the projects you featured. They are so diversified. Many great ideas.

  • profile image

    anonymous 4 years ago

    I sure have made plastic canvas projects and am impressed with the ideas you have here....get an early start for a merry...I mean very spooky Halloween!

  • profile image

    MimayManalo 5 years ago

    it was very nice! so helpful, halloween is coming and this can help a lot, thanks...