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poem about the beauty of a woman

Updated on April 21, 2016

The beauty of a woman h2>

it is the heart and soul. div>

it is the body and mind. div>

the woman is like a delicate voil b> div>

perfumed mystery div>

her dancing is the most beautiful kingdom it offers .. div>

Such a caress div>

the beauty of women, b> div>

it is not in her clothes she wears. div>

or the image she projected. div>

that's what she is who defines div>

the beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes because she is the door leading to his heart div>

or where love reigns .. div>

simply being a woman .. div>

... The most beautiful things in life are not seen but are felt with the heart .. div>


Poem: She stands before me, it makes me the effect h3>

And here is my chance, what happiness, what div> boon

A look, a smile, amazed me here div>

She noticed me, you see it's perfect div>

It is in this silence, being almost imperfect div>

Questions, doubts, it is the fear of wrongdoing div>

The woman reassures me, at this point satisfied div>

It is true that ensures became my breath div>

By showing its charms, while she warmed div>

A sultry spot and now you wearing div>

In the game's strengths is its best package div>

Become tigress, your body will be scratched div>

Would you have died in the arms of a fairy div>

You take pleasure in when href="" love I worry ... div>



poem: And here I like dark glass bottle h3>

We throw overboard after he had drunk div>

As the water to the neck that remain open div>

By swallowing mouthful space that kills me. Div>

And my thoughts always who swoon in love div>

To this woman smile that makes me dream so much div>

Incredible shimmering flame of my days div>

She knows my history and the shadow of my regrets div>

Here I am to expect as this insomnia div>

Flooding my hope not to dream at night div>

Starting second on the time fled div>

Not to see the world the sun of my life div>

In my dream that wakes me or I'll drown naked div>

This Angel would carry me, it would save me probably div>

In the highest peaks, missing ethers div>

I would tend him my hand for it opens my way ... div>


poem: He has a way of touching me, h4>

By his words, div>

By his caresses. Div>

Particularly, div>

For Him div>

I'm Beautiful, div>

What gives me wings. Div>

He has his way, div>

Unique and shameless div>

Wanting to be. Div>

His look has the gift Ocean div>

Upset me, div>

Me me capsize. Div>

He has his way, div>

Undressing of my emotions div>

To remove all my fears. Div>

He has his way, div>

To develop myself, div>

Dazzle me. Div>

He alone has the gift, div>

He loves me as I am ... div>



In its Golden dress h4>

It envelops my whole body. Div>

Its spring Perfume div>

It awakens my senses. Div>

Its fresh Dew div>

With pure and clear as droplets of diamonds div>

Caress my face. Div>

What a lovely landscape. Div>

Its soft and delicate breeze div>

She caresses me, div>

I wake up in my Sunday sloth. Div>

The song of the bird Me plays the melody of Happiness. Div>

The first rays of the sun illuminate my alarm clock, div>

Warms my heart. Div>

Light floods my soul, div>

Illuminates my life, div>

The one I want to live, div>

Despite the existence of this parallel world. Div>

L'Aurore ... div>

You're such the Dawn. Div>

Aurora You are my ... div>

The one I chose to love ... div>


poem: The soul is mysterious .. b> dream, but let your dreams be your master div>

think without being a thinker div>

does not remain speechless. div>

I mean -the this time div>

listen to your heart it has the right to error. div>

if you can be hard without ever being in rage, div>

you will be the only master of yourself .. div>

Life is a mystery -the penetrates smoothly div>

guards - in one hand, it is also prescieux .. div>

discovers this world there just waiting for you div>

woman of all time, breathes life. div>

no more hiding, it's not you div>

so many beauties are to discover .. div>

perfume breathing, div>

to sensually touch div>

like a caress, love .. div>

does not cease to love and admire these wonders. div>

explore this beautiful world, in all its grandeur div>

as much as you can ... div>

just, you ... div>




The time to ask me and then lie down div>

Staring at the sky, I think only she div>

A deserted her neck when her hair up div>

Unveil thousand virtues it inundates her wings div>

I still dream of her I love you laid on me, div>

Its delicate words that I will not find div>

Smiles at the edge of his lips like that div>

That end with a laugh on my beating heart! Div>

His hair fell back of his hand over his heart div>

She starts to turn to me in the head div>

An enema brain dye happiness div>

Drunk who love me, brings me back to the festival div>

This is a unique woman, rich delicacy div>

on my skin with his fingers div>

Me lying in the grass, still feeling his touch div>

I get drunk from his air that takes me in his arms ... div>




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