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poème d'amour

Updated on April 21, 2016

She forgets who she is, she invents another life

connected by the thoughts in his virtual world and ephemeral it

thus escapes from reality, that it is bent as though

hard to forget, in this world is fantasy it creates a

new skin where it no longer possess any defect,

she traveled on the server and surveyed all the sets, tour

adventuress tower or queen of a light country everything is possible

in these places, inaccessible suddenly becomes reality and she

throws at heart lost in this world of appearance where nothing is

real except his wandering, she knows she can be here with

him over the low barrier obstacle, the reason disappears and

passes away to make room for the beauty of feeling, a dream

awake that no one can steal the days pass and

and like it more and more difficult to return to reality,

the night takes over the day and grew and grew to leave

a tiny space to life, his reason wanders and remains there, connected

its electrical cables, single contiguous link with his lost love,

it's like a drug, a life breath of fresh air that the

maintains still here with him she feels more alive than ever

she can not conceive of being separated from her, because she knows

not that it is ready to that, she has not yet learned to do without

his arms, his fiery eyes and more than any of his lips,

then it ignores the reason to get lost in the illusions, the

lack becomes madness, life becomes oblivion, she earth as

a frightened animal refusing to get out of its burrow, little by little

madness grows and the machine takes over the life for her

a puppet, a puppet, a voluntary prisoner who with

his love will continue to feed the server who took a liking to her

Unfortunately, as a poison it seeps into his veins become

the object of her dementia she will remain as a ghost that haunts

walls of his prison vainly seeking his lost love, wandering

constantly in an illusory and unreal world where his soul

disappear through a dark software it returns to

loop to believe that all she saw was real, prisoner of

the array will remain a lost soul ...

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