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Poetry and Paintings By Ladydove

Updated on September 20, 2013

Poetry & Paintings

I am an artist at heart. My lens reflect this. I attempt to create mini-galleries in my work here at Squidoo. But sometimes life gets in the way. Raising twins as a single parents can put creativity on the back burner. Diapers to change... homework to do...etc...

I am no techie and had a difficult time getting my paintings online, the resolution is not great. This is simply a smattering of my work.Some of my favorites are not available. I hope you enjoy my mini~gallery.

Autumn Winds

The artist feels the medium

come to life in his hands...

flowing thru his fingers.

Autumn Winds


Flaxen Spray

God created flowers so that he could use all the colors in

the crayon box at once.

Big Kitty

Big Kitty

~Ode From Mother Earth~

To those who will listen

Oh beloved children of mine...

Heed my cry,

If you shan't

I'm apt to die

I've given bountifully to all who seek,

Each beautiful gift lovely & unique...

~Glistening dewdrops sparkling in glades of early morn

~Misty showers to quench the parch of your tender corn

~Majestic oceans to harvest & reap

~Great riches of gold I've allowed in your keep

~Painting the skies in etheral to delight

Why does it seem you ignore my plight?

I''ve cooled your brow on a hot summer day,

But still with my gifts you want me to pay.

Please save me my children while you still can

I've given to you all that I am.

Universal Connections

Blazing a trail through the linear path of time

Threads interwoven

The sun shines on a still pond

The wind whispers a soft message

A tiny caterpillar inches forth

towarde his glorious incarnation

The tapestry of existence

We dream parallel dreams

All colors blend into one

They fragment


casting brilliant shades

& shadowed hues



drops a pebble into a pond

A man reflects

A child wonders

The eternal framework of humanity

~Universal Connections~



Be my lady

Lay yourself bare

Impart the grace that lies


Unfurl thy silkiness

Petal by petal

Unveil thyself

Moment by moment

Reveal thy radiant depths...

Splendour In The Sun


You immortalized this sun drenched gem of nature's bounty

~Centuries later~

We gaze upon your work

in shopping malls

& tenement halls

What did you try to say to me?

How you loved

aureolin warmth

crimson ripe

cobalt skye




Curl your toes color

Where did the heartache derive?

Would your sorrow have been lessened

Your grief easier to bear

If you could have known

Everyone would know your name


Come Be My Lady

Every woman is a rose.

Every little girl

is a bud in bloom.

Kindred Spirits

While traversing the byways & highways...

the pathways & bridgeways...

of this rocky journey we call life

As often as gazing upon a harvest moon...

undulating with a mystical red aura

As rare as a shooting star...

blazing a glorious path through the heavens

As wondrous as a lustrous seashell...

nestled among the sparkling sands

As pure as freshly fallen snow...

blanketing the earth in crystalline perfection

As intriguing as leafing through the pages of magical lore...

A stranger enters into the midst...

a fleeting glance

a casual hello

An imperceptible, indefinable, instictual knowing...

The unspoken message conveyed...

Alas, a kindred spirit.

Mystic Beach

Mystic Beach

May the light

Shine upon you...

Bringing you happiness


& Joy

May the crystalline water

Purify your soul

& quench your thirst for wisdom...

May you walk with grace

Upon your choosen path...

& the winds of good fortune

frolic & delight you...


Thru the looking glass

I peer

I awaken

As if from a dream

A ray of light illuminates

Dancing butterflies

Surreal rainbows

Sweet emotions flow

Casting prisms of spectral colors

Slicing thru the linear continum

Piercing the heavens

On the magical quest

The stairway to eternity

Heaven on Earth



You can order my prints at my gallery at Zazzle. Simply go to 62

Watercolor Art Set Includes 35 Complete Painting Essentials In A Convenient Wood Carrying Case

Yasutomo Pearlescent Watercolor Set, 21-Colors

Loew Cornell 1021095 Simply Art Watercolor Cakes


Copyrighted Material

Please note this material is copyrighted. Please do not share without my pemission.

I hope you enjoyed visiting my mini gallery today. Please leave a comment. I love hearing from my guests.

Ladydoves Poetry & Paintings

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    • Phillyfreeze profile image

      Ronald Tucker 

      6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      I loved visiting your beautiful art gallery and reading your beautiful Poetry..."Autumn Winds" and "Come Be My Lady" are my two favorite pieces...splendid color contrast and composition...Ladydove62, I am glad I stumbe upon your exquisite gallery. All the best, Phillyfreeze69.


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