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Polymer Clay Techniques

Updated on October 8, 2014
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The author is an amateur artist and photographer that loves to travel with her husband of 37 years.

Polymer Clay Techniques and Tutorials

I love to work with Polymer Clay! So impressed by the artists that create such beautiful artwork and art pieces out of Polymer clay.

It seems like every single day I find a new technique I want to try with polymer clay but then when I go back to find it, I forgot to save it. Many times I forget the name of that specific technique.

This lens is my place to save all the different techniques and tutorials as I find them. I will even be happy to share this information with all of you. But please, to save yourself the trouble of finding this later, add this lens to your favorites. Bookmark it.

I will continue to add ideas and techniques as I learn them.

If you have ideas or legitimate links to polymer clay tutorials, please feel free to share them in the guest book below and if they are legit (no spam please) I will add them to this lens.

The photos of the Polymer Clay jewelry on this page are my own designs. Beads by L'hox.

You can create your own beautiful jewelry too!

by Beads by L'hox

How I made Cosmic Waves

Created by Linda Hoxie

Cosmic Waves was created from one of my failed attempt at making a flower cane.

I took the multi-colored scraps and rolled them out into a long log.

Then twisted the cane to swirl the colors.

Rolled each of them into a ball, then take a piece of glass (I used a piece of glass out of an old photo frame, that I taped the edges with painters masking tape so they wouldn't be sharp) and place it over the ball of clay.

Swirling the ball with the glass I watched the colors slowly swirling.

When I liked the look of the swirls, I flattened each ball to make the disc's for the earrings.

Made holes with toothpicks at the top, then paired it with a similar colored scrap ball.

Techniques #1-4 - Natasha beads, gold leafing beads, Mobius Beads and Mokume Gane

This is an awesome and quick demo of some different Polymer Clay techniques. She shows you the following techniques:

1. A simple way to use scraps and make them into Natasha beads.

2. A very cool gold leafing affect for tubular clay beads.

3. How to make Mobius Beads out of Polymer Clay.

4. Then an awesome affect for beads call Mokume Gane.

The second video shows a second way to do Mokume Gane. I also have a Tutorial with photos on how to create wearable art beads using this Mokume Gane technique.

A huge box of white polymer clay, mix with color - Create softened colors that are beautiful

You will use a lot of white for mixing different colors in your creation, it also works well with naking the photos as well as great contrast when layering clay for different techniques.

Aspire by Beads by L'hox

Aspire by Beads by L'hox
Aspire by Beads by L'hox

How these Aspire Earrings were made

by Linda Hoxie

I created these Aspire Earrings using the Mokume Gane technique shown on this page.

I sliced off tiny thin sheets from the Mokume Gane colored stack and placed them on waxed paper.

Then I took some solid color polymer clay (these were made with a white background), rolled them into two equal size balls of clay. Then placed thin slices of the Mokume Gane clay randomly all over the balls of clay, letting the solid color peak out from the background.

(I have created my own glass clay making tool using the glass from a picture frame that I taped with masking tape along the edges to keep it from cutting my fingers. It works fantastic for rolling my clay and for flattening it into discs. Underneath I use an old ceramic cutting board to roll it on.)

So I took my glass tool and like the above earrings I flattened them into the size of disc's that I wanted my earrings to be. Poked holes in the top with a toothpick for the wires.

I took one additional ball of white clay, covered it with the thin slices of mokume gane clay and rolled it into a log. Cut that log into two pieces and drill a hole in the center for the wire.

2. Techniques 5-8 - My favorite websites to get Polymer clay ideas

Below you find the following techniques and tutorials and so much more for making incredible polymer clay beads.

5. How to make polymer clay butterfly wing beads.

6. Desiree's HowTo make Lentil Swirled Beads

7. HowTo Make a Casablanca Bead

8. Marie Segal's Secrets of Abalone 2

9. Eugenia'sFaceted polymer Clay Beads Tutorial

Under the Sea Earrings by Beads by L'hox

Under the Sea Earrings by Beads by L'hox
Under the Sea Earrings by Beads by L'hox

Polymer clay tools on Amazon - For your browsing pleasure

Handpicked tools by me that might be useful for you when working with clay.

Clay Rolling Machine
Clay Rolling Machine

I love my clay rolling machine, wouldn't want to be without this, if you invest in anything besides clay this would be the tool you need.


3. Technique #10 - How to make Millefiori beads

9. Here is an artist tutorial showing the technique for Milefiori beads out of polymer clay. What does Millefiori mean? It means "many flowers"!

Wearable art by Beads by L'hox

Wearable art by Beads by L'hox
Wearable art by Beads by L'hox

4. Technique 11: Making Faux Rocks and Gems from Clay - How to make faux turquoise and more

I tried this with making fake opals, they came out really cool looking but not quite opals. I need to work on my skills a bit for creating these.

My birthstone, must try these.

I love Turqoise, it is my favorite color.

She does a good tutorial on how to make faux, turquoise.

Interesting technique used here.

Celebrate Earrings by Beads by L'hox

Celebrate Earrings by Beads by L'hox
Celebrate Earrings by Beads by L'hox

Wild by Beads by L'hox

Wild by Beads by L'hox
Wild by Beads by L'hox

5. Technique No. 12: - Mica and Polymer clay equals magic

They make it look like magic, it takes time and practice though.

This is the one I tried with the opal look.

Oceans Peace

Oceans Peace
Oceans Peace

A Pasta Machine is a must. - I love mine

What I love about the Pasta machine is the blending action. I bought mine at Joanns and got a great deal with a 50 percent off coupon in the paper, but if you don't have one close online works well too.

6. Technique No. 13 - how to transfer an image onto clay here - Watch carefully, it is not as easy as it looks

My first attempt at this I went a little too far when taking the paper off the back of the photo and took a bit of the ink.

There is a very fine line between perfection and oops in this process!

Best of luck to you.

Pendant called "Free" by Beads by L'hox - (Free is the name of the artwork not the price)

Pendant called "Free" by Beads by L'hox - (Free is the name of the artwork not the price)
Pendant called "Free" by Beads by L'hox - (Free is the name of the artwork not the price)

Dreams by Beads by L'hox

Dreams by Beads by L'hox
Dreams by Beads by L'hox

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please share your thoughts and comments below.

Do you love making jewelry like I do yet?

Happy Jewelry making my friends!


Thank you!

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    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 14 months ago from Superior, Arizona

      Polymer clay can be used for so many things. I have made little canons for my model ships. Great information!

    • karMALZEKE profile image

      karMALZEKE 4 years ago

      I enjoyed the videos on making the jewelry. Great lens.

    • GreenfireWiseWo profile image

      GreenfireWiseWo 4 years ago

      Great lens. Love the ideas and info. Thank you!

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 5 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      I have experimented with Polymer clay a little bit, but not a lot. I have never made jewellery. Yours is lovely. I have made embellishments for mixed media art projects and I am currently making art dolls of out polymer.