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Popular Knitting Accessories

Updated on November 19, 2012

Popular and Favorite Knitting Accessories

A great gift idea for knitters. Keeping track of needles is always daunting for me. They are either in a project bag, between the cushions on the couch, or in their holder, which is the last place I look. This needle roll I received for Christmas from my daughter-in-law has really helped organize them.

Of course needles. I cannot have too many needles. Sometimes a project uses various sizes, and sometimes I'm simply not in the mood to complete a project on my needles, so I need to leave them in the work and move to another project.

I have many of the knitting needles I bought when I was a teenager nearly 50 years ago.

I have a set of darning needles I bought when I was 21. How do I remember that? The package has the price tag, "TOPS." I worked only for a few months at a TOPS department store in Colorado Springs when my 1st son was a baby. Only time I shopped there, we moved when he was tiny.

I still have a lot of pattern books from back then also. Sold some as "vintage" on Etsy a while back.

I've been knitting since I was 16. Before that I sewed a lot of my clothing. I didn't make knit clothing until recently, mostly I made afghans and baby blankets.

I'm featuring must haves for knitting on this lens.

You can buy this needle storage roll here.

The Etsy store by Lena Brown.

Here's my Etsy shop:

Very Inexpensive Supplies - MUST HAVES!

Knit a Felted Fedora - Knit the pattern then felt it in the washing machine.

Knit Felted Fedora
Knit Felted Fedora





Whatever you want to call the process.

STORAGE - Where will you keep your tools of the trade? - One of the best decisions I've made about accessories for knitting.

Office in the closet
Office in the closet

We turned a closet into an office.

See the article I wrote about this process.

My Loomin-Area

The loom is in the middle of the room instead of the desk. My yarns are in baskets in the closet and on a low shelf. My books and supplies are decorative touches to the room. The desk is in the closet.

Continuous knitting
Continuous knitting

Circular Needles

Unlike talking in circles,

knitting in a continuous "circle" makes a seamless tube.

KNITTING (or Crocheting) Project Bag - My personal treasure - almost always right beside me when I'm at the couch.

My Mother-In-Law's project bag
My Mother-In-Law's project bag

My project bag was given to me by my sister-in-law when her Mom, my Mother-in-Law died. She knew Flo and I had a lot of creative times together, and wanted me to have her craft items. I'm honored to use it nearly every day that I have a chance to create!!

More Interesting Knitting Supplies - Tools of the Trade

Aren't yarn bowls a great invention?

Yarns - There are so many types of yarn, learning what yarns to purchase can be puzzling.

Hoodie for granddaughter
Hoodie for granddaughter

I usually only buy wool or wool blends because it takes wool yarn to felt projects.

I will buy the yarn suggested if I'm making something from a commercial pattern. If I'm experimenting, I keep a tally on the amount of yarn it takes to make the finished project, in case it turns out nice.

Yarn weight, ply, color, fiber content, length, flexibility and care should all be considered when starting your own design project. If you can afford to experiment, do. If you can't then read, read, read.

Most yarn labels have important information on them that will assist in completing a project.

This pattern from Berroco called for 6 skeins of different color sock yarn from Berroco called "Socetera." At the yarn shop they only had 4 colorways. I chose to substitute the yarn called Online Wellness SuperSocke.

I made this garment - a hoodie sweater called SAIGE for my Granddaughter. She still wears it and it's been washed several times. I'm amazed at the endurance of this yearn.

Knitting Accessories

You can use and free patterns online.

Now that you have an idea of the supplies you'll need you'll also want to check out this article full of free knitting patterns and links to free pattern suppliers.

Check Out These Free Patterns.

KNIT WITH THIS FREE PATTERN Download to your Kindle.

How To Choose Knitting Needles ... - and how to use stitch markers.

Need help learning to knit, purl, cast on, increase, or decrease?

Try Knit Help dot com.


Knitting Needles Come in a Variety of Styles and Sizes

The bamboo circular needles in the photo are my favorite, easy to hold and wool yarn moves so smoothly across the needles and because of the wooden texture of the needle the stitches hold their shape, then slide to the plastic strand connecting the two needles. The connector strand comes in many lengths and the needles come in various sizes.

What is your favorite knitting needle?

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    • profile image

      Botellould 5 years ago

      Knitting is a skill I'd really like to have but sadly I have no knitting experience so I don't have a favorite needle. Knitting seems like a hard work but really calming and relaxing activity.

    • captainj88 profile image

      Leah J. Hileman 5 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

      First, I had a project bag similar to yours but I overused it and tore it all up. Miss that thing! Second, when working with balls rather than skeins, I like to put them inside an empty wet wipes container and feed the yarn through the hole. Dispenses it without tangles and keeps the ball from rolling away! Great lens.

    • DesignedbyLisa LM profile image

      DesignedbyLisa LM 5 years ago

      I crochet, so I don't have a favorite knitting needle. I really like your "looming area". Much better than my pile in the corner :)