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How To Use Pressed Dried Flowers For Decoration - Ways to Decorate With Dry Flower Craft

Updated on September 30, 2014

Pressed Flowers Decoration Techniques

Pressed flowers and leaves can be used to decorate things that you can use at home or as gifts. You can use some flowers that is able to retain their nice smelling perfumes when they are dried, such as lavender and rose flowers.

It is very easy to press flowers and leaves at home if you have the necessary flower craft equipment as well as know the techniques used in pressing flowers. Just like any other craft, pressed flowers can be arranged into a decorative designs on candles, pictures or greeting cards and any other objects you feel you can press flowers and leaves on.

How can you dry and pressed flowers? You can dry flowers by grouping the flowers into loose bunches and hang them to dry by air. The places at home that you can have good air circulation to dry flowers without central heating are the garage, loft or attic, your garden shed that is frost free or just a spare room at home.

To press flowers, you will need a flower press. You can buy one from any art and craft supplier or make one yourself. As soon as you gather the flowers, press them by using two sheets of thick white blotting paper and place the flowers and leaves you want to press between them. You then stack the two sheets in the press. Do not use plants that would not flat out when pressed.

You can use different techniques to press flowers. Be aware that some flowers or plant leaves may take longer to dry than others. Check the drying flowers and leaves after ten days to see if they are fully dried.


Things To Decorate With Pressed Flowers - Craft Using Dried Flowers

Below are the things you can press dried flowers on to create a decorative effect:

Pressed Flower Candle - Decorate Candles With Dried Flowers

To make pressed flower candle is much fun, although it is a bit challenging. You can make any plain color candle by decorating it with pressed flowers or leaves. Pressed flower candles can be made by filling a container with hot water that can cover the candle wax and not the wick. Put the candle in the hot water for about 30 minutes or so, hold the wick of the candle as you do so.

Immediately after removing the candle from the hot water, press few flowers and leaves starting from the bottom part of the candle. It is easy for the flowers to press on the candle now as the candle wax has been made soft by the hot water.

Put the pressed flower candle on another very hot water for a short period of time , this will soften the candle wax candle and seal the pressed flowers into the candle wax.

Scented Notepad With Pressed Flower

To make a scented notepad with pressed flowers, you will have to make a square sachet of clothe and fill it with lavender flower. Decorating a notepad with pressed flowers, you will arrange the flowers in such a way as to give a decorative design look.

Use tweezers to arrange the flowers or leaves on the notepad. Toothpick can be used to apply rubber base adhesive to stick the pressed flowers in place. Leave the notepad in a bag or box with the scented sachet and close the box.

You can leave the notepad in the bag or box for up to a month or as long as you think the scent will be on the notepad. This can serve as a gift idea for a friend or just a nice smelling notepad you can use to write on.

Pressed Flower Cards

You can press flowers into cards to make them look like a picture. To make the pressed flowers last longer on the card, cover it with protective film. You can buy plain folding cards from any craft supplier to use.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 6 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you Angelo52 for your comment. If you gather your flowers or leaves on a dry day and place them immediately in the flower press, they can retain their color. If you don't need the real colors, you can hang the flowers to dry in a place with natural air circulation.

    • Angelo52 profile image

      Angelo52 6 years ago from Central Florida

      Nice hub. I always thought if you dried garden flowers the colors would get lost - turn brown? But your photos show brilliant color. Even the leaves stayed green. Is this because of the pressing?