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Print Gocco

Updated on November 3, 2013

the ultimate self-contained color printing system!

It may look like a toy, but the Print Gocco is one of the smallest and most versatile screen printing systems in the world! Adaptable to a variety of media, the Print Gocco has fans throughout the art world. Artists use them to produce all sorts of print and paper art along with using them for textiles and fine art applications.

The company that originally made this product discontinued them but that hasn't stopped these funky little printing machines from being favorites of a variety of mixed media artists. There is still a brisk business in the sales of the accessories needed to use them and for any remaining stock of the printers themselves!

I Love My Print Gocco

I learned how to do silkscreening in art school, but a Print Gocco made that fairly-easy process even easier, and it does it on the scale of the average home project.

Made in Japan, the Print Gocco comes in two sizes, one which handles up to 4x6 and one which does 8.5x11. I have one of the smaller-sized ones and it's all pale blue. It's a tiny printing press of sorts, with a snap-on light bulb hood for exposing really small silkscreens. The screen is held in place by a cardboard frame. You spread ink on one side of the screen and when you put image and paper in the right places, just pressing down on the Gocco handle does all the printing. A neat rocker-bed mechanism makes the printing part work and you can fairly easily print up production runs of 100s with one screen.

I've printed lots of greeting cards with it, little tags and I even do a run of custom, personal business cards every now and again.

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